Terpenes: what they are and how they influence marijuana

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They are responsible for adding aroma and flavor to marijuana but not only that, also depends on them, the effect that cannabis that we consume, produce some effects or other in us. Hence all growers are interested in this topic.

The world of marijuana is as extensive as curious. Hence arouse the interest of many people interested in the genetics of plants, whether or not cannabis consumers. Extensive, because to know it well are needed many hours of study and implemented and also increasingly are expanding more, which pleases us pleasantly, but also because the own marijuana plants offer themselves hundreds of varieties of flavor and different aromas. And this is precisely one of the curiosities of this type of plant and one of the things that draws more attention to farmers or scholars in the field.


Aromas and flavors that, usually, often naming the variety itself and something that, in such quantities only occurs in the cannabis plant. Hence, it is something special and what we want to focus today because, of course, this phenomenon has an explanation by the name of terpenes. What are the different varieties that exist and what the consequences or effects thereof focus are today’s post. We begin!

What are terpenes?

It is molecules found mainly in citrus fruits and conifers or course in marijuana. These molecules are, firstly, responsible for giving the aroma and flavor that will take our cannabis plant, but on the other hand, it also aims to influence the effect that the latter occur in our bodies when inhale or eat. In fact, the terpenes are secreted by plant glands responsible for producing the THC and CBD, acting synergistically with the cannabinoid (although very important in plant characteristics, they provide flavor, something that does make terpenes).

Such is the importance of terpenes in the plant, which many people, especially patients trying to cure their diseases through marijuana as an alternative or natural complement, the effect is different to one variety or another of marijuana have levels of THC and CBD similar. This is because the terpenes are responsible to modify those results, and its very interesting development in the use of cannabis to treat different types of disease or infirmity study.cbd-vs-thc-300x233

Today, they have come to classify a total of 100 different varieties of terpenes, hence the explanation of why there are so many kinds of plants from different marijuana smell, taste and effects that occur in humans, as the psychoactive aspect relates.

On the other hand, it notes that the terpenes are not only limited to the functions mentioned above (aroma, taste and side effects), but are also responsible for protecting this plant unwanted invaders. And it is that while the marijuana plant can not move or have arms or the like to cope with such pests, thanks to the scent given off terpenes, can be protected from predators that could cause concern for the health of our plant.

In such cases, terpene acts chasing the predator mentioned, because of the smell. At other times, however, that smell is precisely responsible for attracting other pollinating insects, so as to ensure its reproduction. Similarly, terpenes, there also are being developed because of stress and others to retard plant growth. As we said, a whole world ahead to study only an essential part of the development and life of a marijuana plant!


Finally, it is necessary to mention in this section the importance of terpenes in the production of essential oils extracted from the marijuana plant and are used in alternative natural treatments like aromatherapy to treat different types of disease or infirmity mildaceites or severe, as it could be cancer, for a patient to improve mood, get to have a restful sleep or relax, among other benefits.

For these essential oils with the highest quality possible, it is best to do nothing but collect the plant, the higher level of oil. However, once dried and being a very volatile product, the oil can provide the plant loses much of its essence. Therefore, if we want to get our product marijuana plant, it is an aspect to be considered from the beginning.

Types of terpenes

As we mentioned earlier, today more than 100 varieties of terpenes are known and each provides aroma, flavor and different effects to humans. As we can not mention the list, we do is we would like to name some of the most common and the characteristics of each of them:


Lemon: citrus flavorings as its name suggests and are ideal to soothe your mood in times of stress, and improve your mood, if you find yourself down or overwhelmed. You can find this terpene in variety OG Kush , as well as Lemon Haze, whose name indicates its aroma. Both are available at our grow shop online


Pinene: that as is clear from its name, the plant gives a pleasant aroma of pine and its effects are recognizable as being ideal to cure catarrh, especially those where the bronchi are affected, having expectorants and broncho dilating properties. This type of terpenes can be found in varieties such as Skunk, Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer, among others. All available in Piensa en Verde.


Linanool: whose aroma is floral, soft and nothing cloying, acting as a natural antidepressant and anxiolytic when applied in aromatherapy, inhaled or ingested marijuana that contains it. This type of terpene is being used, at present, to treat certain cancers. The same can be found in varieties such as Amnesia Haze or LA Confidential, among others.


Myrcene: it has a musked aroma and is relaxing and soothing. This type of terpene can be found in varieties such as: Pure Kush and Himalaya Gold, both available in our shop marijuana seeds.


Caryophyllene: which gives the plant a nice spicy aroma, remerbered pepper or clove at times. It is an excellent natural gastric protector, besides acting against gastritis or ulcers. It has antiinflammatory properties and can be found in varieties such as Hash Plant.


Borneol: a flavor reminiscent of mint. Some say that even the mothballs. The properties of this terpene possible to reduce the feeling of tiredness in humans, as well as combat stress periods. The same can be found in plants such as: Super Silver Haze.


Eucalyptol: in this case, the name indicates the aroma and gives our marijuana plant the eucalyptus. In terms of its effects, it is said of it that helps reduce sore throats. But not only that, it is also good for concentration, especially in times where stress or anxiety caused by it can excel and improve the internal balance of the person. Similarly, it has been shown to have antileukemic properties, which is used in the treatment of different cancers. It is easy to find in such seeds sativa.


Such terpenes are, as mentioned, some of the easiest to find marijuana plants, but the variety is infinite and far superior to that of the known hundred we mentioned earlier, if we consider that each of these 100 varieties of terpenes, can be drawn “subvarieties“.

That is to say; which, for example, cannabis varieties containing lemon terpenes, aroma vary depending on the degree of maturity reached achieve plant .
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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