Mineral fertilizers for marijuana plants

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fertilizantes y minerales
fertilizer and minerals

The proportion of minerals in our plantation will have a strong, healthy and abundant crop.

All plants need for optimum growth dosage of chemicals found in fertilizers that can be inorganic or organic. In this case we are concerned of mineral fertilizers that provide part of the nutrients that the plant needs, while organic nutrients but also provide all improve the quality of soil in which the plant is located.

As we said, here we go to occupy mineral fertilizers. The most important minerals for plants are phosphorus and potassium. The first of these should be present in all phases of our culture as it encourages root development, improves water absorption and promotes the formation of stem tissues also improves buds and seeds quality and makes marijuana grow with great vigor. For one part, the potassium is responsible for cell division and is more resistant plants on the ground to be strong in case of drought or extreme cold. Potassium also active photosynthesis (responsible for the growth of the plant). If the dose of potassium in the plant is properly the properties of flavor and aroma of marijuana will be improved.

How to notice the lack of minerals

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If our plant lacks phosphorus notice that the leaves are getting yellow and are falling, therefore, the plant may die. If the stems and other plant parts take on a purple hue, the plant is also telling us that lack this mineral. Also, if the plant is also lack of potassium leaves begin to yellow from the edges inward, leaves and branches will become weak and the plant withers.

falta de potasio y fosforo

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Additional Help

It is important that the plant has an adequate level of minerals as a deficiency of them could result in death of the plant and an excess block the absorption of other components.

To ensure Phosphorus we can resort to Phosphorus Boost Miner, a potent stimulator of flowering that significantly increases the quantity and quality of the crop. Phosphorus Boost Miner is an essential for cannabis plants since it greatly increases the size of the buds and increases the production of resins and essential oils. It participates in metabolic processes, such as photosynthesis, energy transfer and the synthesis and breakdown of carbohydrates.

potente estimulador de la floración
Potent stimulator of flowering

Our plantation also appreciate, that we help to grow with the PK Boost Ionic / Stimulating flowering / Rich in potassium and phosphorus, is a great stimulator with the right amount of nutrients, iron and other solutions that guarantee excellent results in crops. This product has phosphorus and potassium, which will improve the metabolism and absorption of nutrients, and provide a successful harvest of cannabis.

Estimulante de floración /Rico en potasio y fósforo
Flowering stimulator / Rich in potassium and phosphorus

HESI Phosphorus Plus can also help us get a spectacular plantation as it provides necessary balance in the flowering phase of our plantation.

equilibrio necesario en la fase de floración
Balance required in the flowering phase

We can also use products that regulate potassium in our plant, such as Ph Plus Plagron / pH regulator potassium hydroxide containing 25% potassium hydroxide, with which we can increase the yield and quality of each harvest. In addition, the product also protects against pests, diseases and environmental stress.

protege contra plagas, enfermedades y estrés ambiental
Protection against pests, diseases and environmental stress


Another important mineral for plants is magnesium, is the central atom in chlorophyll and has a direct impact on the absorption of solar energy. We may know that our plantation lacks magnesium if the tips of the leaves turn brown and curl up. Magnesium deficiency can be corrected by adding magnesium Miner in irrigation. This mineral, as part of the group of essential plant nutrients, is fundamental in photosynthesis main constituent of the chlorophyll molecule.

el magnesio, átomo central de la clorofila
Magnesium, central atom of chlorophyll

Finally, the corrector Lack of magnesium and sulfur: Epsonita (. 500 g) help to maintain optimal levels of magnesium.

Corrector de la Carencia de Magnesio y Azufre
Corrector of Magnesium deficiency and sulfur

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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