Bubble Hash Bags

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Discover the secret of cold THC extraction with these Bubble Hash Bags! If you are a cannabis enthusiast and want to obtain top quality resins, these nets are your best ally. At Pevgrow, we offer you a wide selection of Bubble Bags for you to experience the magic of cold extraction and enjoy the purest and most potent resins. Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of extraction? Join us on this journey and discover everything you need to know about Ice-O-Lator cold extraction nets and how to use them to obtain exceptional results!

What are Bubble Hash Bags?

Cold hash bags are a set of high quality mesh bags specifically designed to perform cold extractions and obtain resins of the highest purity. They contain small holes that have the mission to filter the cannabis resin that remains in the water thanks to the cold. Each bag or nets has a different size in these holes, and they are placed one on top of the other so that the different head sizes of the trichomes are trapped in the different nets.

How are Bubble Hash Bags used?

The use of  Bubble Hash Bags is quite simple and rewarding. The cold extraction process is based on separating the trichomes (resin producing glands) from the plant material, using water and ice to perform a filtration by trichome size. Here we explain the process step by step:

  1. Prepare your material: Start with a good selection of high quality cannabis flowers. You can use fresh or dried buds, but they have to be well frozen to get good results.
  2. Prepare the water and ice: Fill a bucket with cold water and add ice to cool it further. The cold water will help keep the resin solid during the filtration process.
  3. Arrange the Ice-O-Lator nets or bags in order: Make sure you have all the bags on hand and place them in order of size, from largest to smallest. Each bag has a different net pore size to filter out the resin particles.
  4. Mix the material with water and ice: Put your buds in the bucket with cold water and ice, and stir with the help of a blender or by hand with a wooden spoon. The cold water will loosen the trichomes from the buds and the crystals will separate by particle size when using the extraction and filtration bags.
  5. Filter the mixture: Hold the extraction screens so that the larger one is on top and the smaller one is on the bottom. Pour the mixture of water, ice and buds into the larger bag and begin to shake gently.
  6. Watch the magic: As you shake the bags, you will see the resin begin to seep through the screens, becoming trapped in the smaller bags. Each bag will hold different particle sizes, allowing you to get different qualities and grades of trichomes.
  7. Collect and dry the resin: Once you have finished shaking, remove the extraction bags one by one, starting with the smallest. Collect the resin that has been trapped in each bag and let it dry properly before enjoying it.

Bubble Hash Bags characteristics: Quality and efficiency in every extraction

Cold extraction bags are distinguished by their excellent quality and durability. They are made of high-density polyester nets that guarantee an effective filtration and a long useful life. Also, their carefully elaborated design allows an optimal extraction of trichomes, maximizing the quantity and purity of the resin obtained.

Bubble Hash Bags Types: Find the Perfect Set for Your Needs

There are different sets of Bubble Bags available on the market, each with a specific size and number of bags and micronage. They normally have a capacity of 4.5 litres, 19 litres, and 90 litres, although they can also be found in other sizes. Within the number of bags per game or kit, there may also be various combinations. Let's see the most popular:

  • 3-bag kit: Ideal for those seeking simplicity and efficiency. Includes one large filtration bag (220-240 microns), one intermediate bag (70-90 microns), and one final collection bag (25-45 microns).
  • 4-bag kit: Perfect for those who desire a greater selection of qualities and particle sizes. Includes one large filtration bag (220-240 microns), one medium filtration bag (160-190 microns), one intermediate bag (70-90 microns), and one final collection bag (25-45 microns).
  •  5-bag kit: Recommended for those seeking a more precise and specific extraction. Includes one large filtration bag (220-240 microns), three medium filtration bags (120-160-190 microns), one intermediate bag (70-90 microns), and one final collection bag (25-45 microns).
  • 7 and 8-bag kits: The most complete set for cold extraction enthusiasts. Includes a wide selection of bags with different micron sizes to achieve ultra-precise and customized extraction.

    Buy THC extraction to make Bubble Hash Bags at the best price online in PEV

    Explore our selection of extraction leggings and choose the set that best suits your needs and preferences. Experience the magic of cold extractions and discover the purity and power of the resins obtained with these incredible tools. Remember that the cold extraction process requires patience and practice. Have fun experimenting and enjoy the results of your own creations!

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