Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

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What are the best marijuana seeds to grow outdoors? This question does not have an easy answer because it depends on many things, such as the latitude of the garden, the specific microclimate of the region, the time of the growing season, or the grower's personal tastes in terms of flavors, effects, etc. In this category you have at your disposal the best commercial cannabis seeds for outdoor cultivation, but in order to choose the most suitable ones for your region, you should first read the following paragraphs.

Best outdoor marijuana seeds

Planting marijuana seeds outdoors is much easier than indoors, since nature itself is in charge of providing light, air, CO2, humidity, and in some cases even irrigation. But you have to understand that not all cannabis varieties are suitable for all climates and microclimates that occur throughout the world. The best marijuana seeds for growing outdoors are the landraces or specific pure varieties of each region, but this presents several problems, because it is very boring to always harvest the same weed, there are not landraces in all areas, and above all because the vast majority of today's commercial genetics are polyhybrids.

However, there are hybrids and polyhybrids of all types and for practically all climates on the planet, and in general it could be said that the best marijuana seeds for outdoor crops are those with the greatest resistance to stress so that they can withstand changes in temperature. or insect attacks without suffering much, those that are capable of giving a high yield without much care, and especially those less vulnerable to attack by fungi because outdoors it is very common for the buds to get wet from rain or dew of the night.

Feminized outdoor marijuana seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are the most widely grown outdoors at the moment because it is the most widespread format, but they really are as good as regular seeds can be. There are feminized marijuana seeds for outdoor sativas, indica, hybrids, etc, and they have the advantage that all the plants will be female, so you don't have to eliminate male plants that also need resources and space.

If you are not sure what type of feminized seeds may be better for outdoor cultivation in your area, I will tell you that pure sativas do not finish flowering in cold climates and in many temperate climates because winter arrives before they mature, and they are only suitable for tropical, subtropical and equatorial climates as a general rule. On the other hand, autoflowering seeds tend to stay small in equatorial, tropical and subtropical regions because they do not have days with many hours of light, therefore they start flowering with a small size and do not produce much. Indica cannabis seeds also tend to run small in these climates, but not as much as autos. In temperate regions, almost all varieties can be successfully grown outdoors, but the height above sea level and the specific microclimate must be taken into account because on some occasions night temperatures can be very low. Sativa marijuana seeds are better for outdoor cultivation in rainy regions because these plants can withstand humidity much better

Outdoor autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are better for growing outdoors in very cold regions or with a short summer because they can better withstand low temperatures. These plants descend from the ruderalis subspecies, which comes from high latitudes between Hungary, Russia or Siberia among other places, and this is the reason why they can withstand the cold so well. The best cannabis seeds for outdoor cultivation in winter are autoflowering for the same reason, but be careful! We are talking about temperatures that do not drop below 8 or 10º C.

The 3-month-old marijuana seeds are special for outdoors because their rapid cultivation avoids many of the possible problems that can appear when we grow outdoors, such as wind or heavy rain that breaks branches, hail that can kill plants completely, frost, fungi, insects, etc. If you are looking for small-sized marijuana seeds outdoors and thus go unnoticed, autoflowering seeds may be the best option, since they are usually the shortest. If you want fast cannabis varieties to grow outdoors but don't like autoflowering ones, you can also try fast version marijuana seeds, which are photoperiod but express flowering.

Marijuana seeds for outdoor with maximum production

The most productive marijuana seeds outdoors are mainly sativa hybrids and polyhybrids, especially those that show the vigour, branching, and speed of development of sativas combined with the thick, compact, and heavy buds of indicas. Haze hybrids are usually perfect for achieving high yields of buds in outdoor crops, whether on terraces, guerrilla or orchards, but the best results occur when they are planted directly in the ground and have many hours of direct sun per day.

Within the autoflowering varieties, the auto XXL seeds are the ones that normally give the highest production in outdoor crops, in this case when they are grown from late spring to late summer and have a large amount of quality substrate. If you want to see a good list of high-yield automatic flowering varieties, I invite you to read this article that talks about the most productive autoflowering varieties.

Buy feminized, regular, autoflowering, fast version and rich in minority cannabinoids outdoor marijuana seeds

If you were looking for cannabis seeds to grow outdoors for sale, you have been very lucky because you have come to the best website for this mission. In this category you will find the best seeds to harvest weed outdoors with the best results, take a look at the descriptions of the varieties and choose the best one for your climate.

Frequent questions

When to plant marijuana seeds outdoors?

All the varieties of marijuana on the market can be classified into 2 types, photoperiod and autoflowering, and it must be borne in mind that with the photoperiod you can grow outdoors each season, but with the autoflower you can grow several annual harvests, on all in those mild climates that allow it. Autoflowering seeds perform better the more light they receive, and for this reason the best time to plant them is at the end of spring, because in this way they can take advantage of the time of the year with the greatest number of hours and intensity of sun.

To choose the optimal time to plant photoperiods, you must know their genetics, because indicas begin to flower much earlier than sativas, so seeds are usually germinated earlier so they have enough time for vegetative growth. To give you an idea, the best time to germinate indica seeds is in early spring, but if they are pure sativas it is better to wait until late spring or even early summer to germinate, otherwise they can get too big. If you live in Europe, I advise you to take a look at our outdoor growing calendar so you can determine the best time to plant.

How to grow cannabis from seed outdoors?

As I told you before, growing outdoors is much easier than indoors, but it would take a long time to explain here, so the best thing you can do to delve deeper into this topic is to follow this link to see how to plant marijuana outdoors on a terrace. If you prefer to grow elsewhere, I leave you with our marijuana cultivation manual so that you can have a guide at hand at all times.

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