Sexual desire and cannabis. Much more related than you imagine

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Image of a female mouth about to lick a bud spread with cream
Image of a female mouth about to lick a bud spread with cream



It is now official. A recent study published in the Sexual Medicine journal by Dr. Genester Wilson-King has shown that daily use of cannabis can significantly increase the desire and the effects of pleasure.

According to the scientific community, people (especially the female population), who consume cannabis regularly, can have greater sensations during sexual intercourse.

Cannabis helps control cortisol levels, which cause increased anxiety in people. For that reason, its regular use allows to maintain a “homeostasis”’ in the body that inhibits the production of cortisol and increases the hormones in charge to provide pleasure, among them dopamine and serotonin.

This sounds interesting, Do you want to know more?👉 Keep reading:



🧐 Cannabis increases pleasure in sexual relations according to recent studies.



Have you ever felt that, after consuming cannabis, your pleasure during sex has increased?
Are your orgasms longer and more intense when you use cannabis?

This is not a coincidence. These sensations are caused thanks to the cannabinoids. The psychoactivity, combined with a relaxation of your nervous system makes the anxiety disappear and you reach the maximum possible climax during sex.

Infographics on study showing that cannabis increases pleasure in sex
Infographics on study showing that cannabis increases pleasure in sex*

Recently, an exhaustive study published by the “Sexual Medicine” magazine, affirms that the people who use cannabis on a regular basis, have better orgasms, high excitement and generally more sexual satisfaction during their relations.

This study is the first made with these characteristics and has been carried out thanks to a deep survey that tested the role of cannabis in sexual satisfaction.

This study was conducted on 452 women between the ages of 30 and 49. Of which:

– 72.8% used cannabis more than 6 times a week.
– Among the 81.6% with a stable partner, 46.7% of the respondents smoked the flowers with a high THC content directly.

Researchers have evaluated the Increased Female Sexual Function Index FSFI (by which women’s sexual satisfaction is measured) including increased desire, excitement and satisfying orgasms.

It has been concluded that the variety of cannabis consumed is not important for an increase in sexual satisfaction, only the frequency of consumption.

The authors of the study have not determined exactly what causes this increase in pleasure. However, they have discovered that there is a direct relation between the endocannabic system and the sexual functions in women, increasing their arousal in a direct way.

In 2017 another study was made in which users of cannabis had 20% more sexual relations than nonconsumers. Within the feminine population of regular cannabis users, they had relations an average of 7,1 times per month, in comparison with women who did not consume regularly, whose average oscillates in only 6.



🎬 How can cannabis help you in your sexual relationships?


Increased libido

The delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the THC cannabinoid, is the maximum responsible for the part associated with the excitation is enhanced with its use. This is especially notorious when we spoke of the feminine brain, where its increase is still greater.


Cannabis reduces anxiety levels

The use of cannabis to control anxiety has been proven. This fact can be related to an increase of the relaxation during sexual relations.

All this makes it possible to enjoy sex more actively, have more satisfaction, desire, as well as improve the quality of orgasm, which increases exponentially.


Intensifies sense perception

The use of cannabinoids makes our brain more sensitive to environmental stimuli. For which, a simple touch on our skin can be perceived with greater intensity than if we had received it without having consumed any substance beforehand.


Strengthens couple’s bonds

The use of cannabis during sex makes our mirror neurons more active. The mirror neurons are the ones in charge to empathize with the other people and to make us participants of their necessities. Satisfaction lies not only in obtaining pleasure, but also in the very satisfaction of giving pleasure to our partner.

Image in which you can see a couple having sex
Image in which you can see a couple having sex*


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🎯 Also in masturbation


During the last year, several studies have been conducted on sexual pleasure and masturbation. Showing very favorable data about it.

In a remarkable way, pleasure during sex was highly intensified when using cannabis, both with partner relations and through masturbation.

In turn, the orgasm duration was also increased in a resounding way.



✅ Conclusion


As you have been able to verify, among many of the benefits of the consumption of cannabinoids, sexual pleasure is one of the most important podiums.

Now, you know another of the main characteristics of the use of cannabis.  And certainly not just an ordinary feature, right?😜

According to the last studies made up to now it has been proven that regular use of cannabis can make sexual relations in women more satisfactory.

Cannabis, thanks to its natural properties, avoids the formation of hormones in charge of producing anxiety like cortisol. A regular use of Cannabis makes our body relax and our perception of pleasure increases, thus achieving an increase in sexual satisfaction.

In addition, according to experts in the subject, cannabis can increase your self-esteem, your libido and improve significantly the links with your partner.

Therefore, the use of Cannabinoids is associated with an increase in the sensation of pleasure and orgasms in sexual relations.😜👩‍❤️‍👨


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