The best THC-free CBD products 2023

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Image of people levitating, meditating in relaxation after consuming THC-free marijuana
Image of people levitating, meditating in relaxation after consuming THC-free marijuana


A few years ago it was unthinkable that weed users could choose a non-psychoactive type of cannabis, because one of the main reasons they smoked marijuana was precisely to enjoy its high. But since the medicinal properties of CBD and other cannabinoids were discovered, more and more people prefer to taste the taste of buds or concentrates without feeling the classic euphoria or psychoactivity, but taking advantage of their therapeutic benefits. In this article we are going to expose everything you need to know about marijuana without THC, and I am sure that after reading it you will understand why it has become so fashionable in recent years.



⭐ What is marijuana without THC?



Although it is called THC-free marijuana, it actually contains a small concentration of this cannabinoid, but it is so small that it does not cause psychoactive effects, that is, it does not get you high at all. So why is this type of cannabis so interesting? For various reasons, the first is because despite having practically no THC, it contains other cannabinoids that can be beneficial for our health, such as CBD flowers that have a relaxing, anti-inflammatory or analgesic effect.

In addition to buds rich in cannabidiol, there is also THC-free hashish, pure CBD isolate, e-cigarette liquids, terpenes of many different flavors, CBD oil, Wax, Moonrocks, Charas, Pollen, and many other cannabis products that contain less than 0.2% THC. Little by little, cosmetic products, smokeable or even ingestible, are appearing on the market, rich in different cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, or CBDV in addition to the famous CBD.



⛳ Marijuana without THC Is it legal?


In Europe, the sale of cannabis products is allowed as long as they do not contain a THC level greater than 0.2%, but there are some countries that allow a higher concentration, such as Italy that sets the limit at 0.5% or Switzerland that does. set to 1%. It is very possible that in a short time we will see the legal limit for all of Europe increased to 0.3% THC, since it would still be non-psychoactive. However, not all products can be marketed for any type of use or consumption, and in recent years we have seen steps forward and then backwards, as occurs with the ingested use of cannabis without THC.

In December 2017, the O.M.S. published a report stating that CBD is neither addictive nor harmful to health, confirming the many therapeutic properties of this cannabinoid. For this reason, cannabidiol does not have to be on the lists of substances controlled by the United Nations, and its consumption, production, processing and sale can be free throughout the territory of the European Union. For this reason, marijuana is legal in Spain and the rest of Europe as long as it does not exceed the limit of 0.2% THC.



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✨ Marijuana without THC to smoke


In some countries a real industry has been created around smoking marijuana without THC, although it should be clarified that it is not the best way to benefit from the properties of cannabinoids medicinally, since smoking is not healthy. Many people prefer to smoke CBD flowers over tobacco, not to get high or take advantage of the benefits of this cannabinoid, but to enjoy the flavor of the herb without changing their state of consciousness.

Some medical marijuana patients use vaporizers (Click here to buy vaporizers for cannabis)  to consume CBD flowers and be able to take advantage of its properties quickly and less harmfully than when smoked, since with this form of consumption the effects can be felt much faster than when ingested. Although the majority of CBD products are made from certified industrial hemp plants, during the last five years cannabis varieties have appeared that contain less than 0.2% THCbut with a much better aroma and flavor than the varieties of hemp of a lifetime.



👌 Effects of marijuana without THC


It must be made clear that not all marijuana without THC produces the same effects, since it depends on the cannabinoid profile contained in the buds. Most THC-free buds on the market are CBD-rich flowers, but you can also find CBG flowers, CBN oil, and other products that contain minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBDV, and others.

CBD flowers are THC-free marijuana buds that, thanks to their cannabidiol content, cause a relaxing effect on the body and mind. It’s not the same type of relaxation that regular cannabis produces, as it doesn’t leave you feeling stranded or leveraged, it’s more like having a cup of tea or chamomile. In some cases it can cause slight drowsiness, relieve pain, calm anxiety, improve stress states, and also facilitate and optimize rest.

Non-THC marijuana products that contain CBN can be considered powerful sedatives, and have anticonvulsant, antiemetic, and mild analgesic properties. To relieve pain, the best are products rich in CBC, and luckily there are more and more available on the market. This cannabinoid has not been studied as much as others, but it seems that in addition to being an analgesic, it is antidepressant and anticancer. CBDV, for its part, seems to have effects similar to those of CBD, and despite the fact that it has hardly been investigated, there is a lot of hope for it because it seems that it could be used to treat childhood autism.


Does marijuana without THC get you high?

Not as such, it must be understood that the cannabinoid that is high is mainly THC, although there are also other psychotropic cannabinoids such as THCP, THCV, HHC, Delta 8, or Delta 10, among others. Marijuana without THC does not get you high, which is why CBD flowers are also called cannabis or light marijuana, but in a certain way the interaction between terpenes and cannabidiol “tricks” the brain and some people report having been a little high.

When consuming marijuana without THC, everything is perceived from a different point of view, but this seems to have to do with its relaxing effects, which many people associate with the high. This can also be interesting to relieve stress and anxiety caused by recurring bad thoughts, because in addition to calming the mind, CBD seems to also make you see problems from a different point of view. In low doses relaxation is mild, but in high doses it can cause a lot of sleep, which is why many people use marijuana without THC to sleep.

On the other hand, we must take into account the placebo effect, which in this case is given by all the liturgy that involves crushing a bud with a grinder, taking out the cigarette paper, rolling the marijuana and smoking it. This added to the identical appearance of the bud, its aroma, the taste when consuming it, etc. It kind of makes us think we’re stoned, but it really has nothing to do with the effect of high-THC cannabis.
Summary of the effects of THC-free cannabis
Summary of the effects of THC-free cannabis




🚀 THC-free cannabis products


  • CBD oil: Without a doubt, the star product is CBD oil without THC, since it has transcended the cannabis sector and is currently consumed massively, even by people who had never been interested in marijuana. They are sold with different concentrations of cannabidiol, and in some cases they are combined with terpenes to increase the entourage effect.


Aceite de CBD ARAE 10ml

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  • CBD Flowers: Marijuana without THC is increasingly in demand, both by cannabis smokers who want to enjoy its flavor without getting high in order to better cope with day-to-day tasks, and by tobacco smokers who prefer this product over your cigarettes. Some people buy THC-free hemp buds to make oil, cream or tea.


Cogollos de Cañamo

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  • Hashish without THC: The texture and color are practically the same as any hashish, and being a concentrated product, it contains more CBD than buds. There are several different types, pollen, charas, and hash without THC of specific varieties such as the famous Amnesia. The texture can change depending on the genetics and the extraction method used.


 Cogollos de Cañamo

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  • CBD Moonrocks: If you don’t know what they are, I advise you to take a look at this article where we explain what Moonrocks are, but to give you a slight idea I will tell you that they are a combination of several of the products that you can see in this list, since to make them they use CBD flowers that are bathed in CBD oil and then coated in powdered CBD hashish. They are called Moonrock for their moonstone-like appearance, but there is a variation called Ice Rock that is daubed in isolated CBD to make it look similar to ice.


Moon Rocks CBD

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  • Isolated CBD: Pure CBD without THC is the one with the highest concentration of cannabidiol, since it can exceed 99%. From a medicinal point of view, it is the most powerful product, with a whitish color and an appearance similar to crystal powder, it is the best choice for patients who need to consume a large amount of cannabidiol


CBD Puro (Cristal)

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  • Terpenes with CBD: By combining cannabidiol with terpenes greater effectiveness is achieved, and the best thing is that this format is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. It can be consumed directly as a liquid for electronic cigarettes, but can also be added to food, drinks, extractions, cosmetics, etc.


E-Liquid ARAE CBD +Terpenos

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  • Cosmetics: There are all kinds of THC-free cannabis cosmetics, from creams to massage oils, serums, ointments, etc. CBD has been included in many skin care product formulas, and even some of the most prestigious brands in this industry are using this cannabinoid to improve the properties of their products.


Trompetol Extra CBD

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✅ Where to buy legal marijuana products?


I’m going to give you some advice, stop by our CBD Shop category and see all the products based on legal marijuana that we have for sale, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you want to buy legal marijuana buds or CBD flowers online, you are in the right place, because at Pevgrow we have the best CBD flowers on the market, both those grown indoors and outdoors, and we also have Moonrocks, pre-rolled cigars , and even Mix Trim, which is a mixture of marijuana without THC chopped and ready for use.

List of THC-free cannabis products
List of THC-free cannabis products




🔥 Conclusion


In this article we have seen what THC-free marijuana is, its legality, effects, and the best products on the market in this regard. From our humble opinion, this type of weed and non-high cannabis products have come to stay, because they have several advantages over traditional cannabis, and just as there are consumers of alcoholic beverages who prefer beer to whiskey, there are smokers who do not want to be high all day.



🎯 Frequent questions


What is marijuana without THC called?

A few years ago, cannabis with a THC content of less than 0.2% was called hemp, because industrial hemp meets this requirement. But since all the medicinal properties of CBD were discovered, work began on breeding varieties with a cannabinoid profile where THC was no longer the protagonist, since the production of cannabidiol or other cannabinoids was encouraged. For this reason, today the best term to refer to marijuana without THC is Light cannabis or only medical marijuana.


Does marijuana without THC test positive?

It depends, a blood, urine or hair test can give a positive result even if cannabis with a percentage of THC greater than 0.2% has not been consumed, because in these controls the substance is detected even if it is a very small amount. On the other hand, drug tests or drug controls that are carried out on drivers do not usually give a positive result except if a lot has been consumed, although honestly we only know of a few specific cases in which this test has been carried out. However, it is best to buy products without THC in specialized or trusted stores to be sure that they do not exceed the legal THC limit.

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