The Best Varieties of Magic Mushrooms of 2024

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Colorful illustration of animated mushrooms on a winners' podium, with the largest mushroom wearing a crown in first place.
Colorful illustration of animated mushrooms on a winners’ podium, with the largest mushroom wearing a crown in first place.


Magic Mushrooms have been part of spiritual and recreational rituals since ancient times. Their popularity has grown exponentially, not only for their ability to provoke psychedelic experiences but also for the interest in their potential therapeutic benefits. Choosing the right variety is crucial, as each offers different effects, durations, and intensities. In this article, we will explore the best varieties of Magic Mushrooms of the year 2024, thus providing a detailed guide for those interested in this fascinating world.



Pink Buffalo



Pink Buffalo is unique for its origin, reported in Thailand. It is distinguished by its resilience and its ability to produce a large number of spores, which facilitates its cultivation. Users value it for its intense visual effects and a deep sense of connection with nature, offering a vibrant and enriching psychedelic experience. Its reputation as one of the best is based on its powerful emotional and spiritual impact, making it a popular choice for those seeking a deep and contemplative psychedelic experience.


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The Yeti Mushrooms are appreciated for their rarity and exceptionally potent effects, making them stand out among other varieties. It is known for providing intensely introspective and spiritual experiences, accompanied by a powerful sense of euphoria. Its ability to induce a deep state of reflection and well-being makes it one of the best for experienced users looking to explore the limits of their consciousness.


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Red Boy


Red Boy is recognized for its characteristic red caps and robustness in cultivation, adapting well to different conditions. What makes it one of the best is its balance between visual and emotional effects, providing a complete experience that satisfies both novices and experienced psychonauts. It is ideal for those seeking a gentle yet profound introduction to the world of psychedelics.


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The McKennaii Magic Mushrooms variety, named after the famous ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, is noted for its potency and the depth of experiences it induces. This variety is chosen by those looking to challenge their perception and explore deep states of introspection and creativity. Its ability to inspire profound philosophical journeys and creative visions positions it as one of the best for experienced users.


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Moby Dick


The Moby Dick Magic Mushrooms variety stands out for its exceptional potency and its ability to produce transcendental experiences. Known for its intense psychedelic effects and its skill in inducing states of deep reflection and revelation, Moby Dick is ideal for those in search of spiritual transformations. Its popularity is due to the intensity of the experience, marking it as one of the best for those who wish to explore the limits of their consciousness.


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Golden Teacher


One of the most revered and sought-after varieties of Magic Mushrooms by enthusiasts and beginners alike. Its name not only refers to the golden color of its caps but also to the profound lessons and revelations that many users report after its consumption. The effects of Golden Teacher are known to be particularly gentle; visually, one can expect geometric patterns, intensified colors, and an altered perception of time and space.


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Considerations When Choosing a Variety


Choosing a variety of Magic Mushrooms should be done with care and knowledge, as each offers a distinct experience. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Potency and Effects: Varieties vary in potency and the types of psychedelic effects they induce. Some, like Yeti, are known for their intensity, ideal for experienced users, while others, like Golden Teacher, are milder, perfect for beginners.
  • Desired Experience: Reflect on the type of experience you seek. If you desire a deep exploration of your psyche, varieties like Moby Dick may be suitable. For a more social and playful experience, Pink Buffalo might be a better choice.
  • Duration: The duration of the effects also varies. Consider how much time you are willing to dedicate to your journey. Some experiences can last several hours.
  • Cultivation: If you plan to grow your own mushrooms, some varieties, like Red Boy, are more tolerant and easier to grow than others. This can be a deciding factor if you are a novice grower.


Comparative Table of the Best Magic Mushroom Varieties

Variety Reasons for Being the Best Potency Main Experience Recommended for
Golden Teacher Easy cultivation, profound spiritual and visual experiences. Moderate Introspection and spiritual connection Beginners and spiritual explorers
Pink Buffalo Intense visual effects, connection with nature. High Visual and nature Seekers of intense visual experiences
Yeti Rarity, potent and introspective effects. Very high Deep introspection Experienced users
Red Boy Balance between visual and emotional effects. Medium-High Complete experience Beginners and experienced
McKennaii Potency and depth of experiences. Very high Philosophical journeys Experienced psychedelic adventurers
Moby Dick Exceptional potency, transcendental experiences. Extremely high Deep reflection and revelation Advanced spiritual explorers





Choosing the right Magic Mushroom variety is a crucial step to ensure a safe, enriching experience aligned with your personal expectations. Each variety offers a unique world of perceptions, thoughts, and emotions, from deep introspections to vibrant visual journeys. Whether you’re looking to explore your consciousness, connect with nature, or embark on philosophical trips, there’s a variety for you. Remember to research, prepare adequately, and above all, respect these powerful organisms and the experience they offer. In this article, you’ve seen some of the best varieties of Magic Mushrooms of 2024, but if you want to delve deeper into this topic, I invite you to read this other article that talks about the effects of hallucinogenic magic mushrooms and truffles.



FAQs about the Best Magic Mushrooms


Which Magic Mushroom is best for beginners?

Golden Teacher is highly recommended for beginners due to its moderate potency and for providing profound spiritual and learning experiences.


Which is the most potent Magic Mushroom variety?

Moby Dick is known for its exceptional potency, ideal for experienced users seeking deep transcendental experiences.


Which Magic Mushroom variety offers the best visual experience?

Pink Buffalo or Golden Teacher are famous for their intense visual effects and for fostering a deep connection with nature, making them ideal for those seeking a visually rich experience.


Is there a recommended Magic Mushroom variety for introspective experiences?

McKennaii and Yeti are known for their deep introspective and philosophical experiences, recommended for experienced users interested in exploring their consciousness.


How can I choose the right Magic Mushroom variety for me?

The choice should be based on your personal goals (spiritual exploration, visual, introspection), level of experience with psychedelics, and the desired duration of the experience. Consider starting with medium potency varieties if you are a beginner.

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