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Yeti Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, a mutant strain that has been gaining popularity in recent years. With this mushroom bread you can get several harvests with a single investment and in your own home, since it comes prepared with everything you need, and you just have to give it the ideal environmental conditions for them to develop.

What are Yeti magic mushrooms like?

Right now it is one of the varieties of mushrooms with psilocybin most demanded by mycology fans around the world for its exoticism, and especially for its potency. As with other magic mushrooms, the The origin of Yeti mushrooms is somewhat uncertain, it is believed that it may be a variant of True Albino Teacher, although many people think that they are related to the famous Penis Envy due to their original penis-shaped morphology. They are very striking mushrooms due to their very thick body, with a very fleshy white trunk, which acquires bluish tones due to its high concentration of psilocin and psilocybin.

The greatest peculiarity of this type of psilocybe is its way of producing and spreading spores, since its hat does not open like most mushrooms. Its growth in general is slower than that of other Cubensis, and although it may seem a negative trait it is not like that, since it allows it to produce a large amount of psilocybin that would otherwise be impossible. But the fact that it takes a little more time to fruit means that there are more possibilities of contamination and other problems of the crop, so we think that if you have not grown other mushroom breads it is better that you start with other faster varieties.

How are the effects of Yeti magic mushrooms?

In a power rating they are 5 out of 5, so they are considered one of the most powerful varieties of magic mushrooms on the planet. The effects are very visual, in the style of the Golden Teacher but with greater power and duration. Introspection can be very intense, so having a sober caregiver who can guide consumers through a bad time on the road is recommended.

They are not psilocybes for beginners, to be able to fully enjoy the Yeti experience you need some previous experience, and above all a suitable set & setting. It is important to treat these substances with great respect, they are not for everyone or for all times.


In some mushroom kits a supplement is already included in the tupperware and in some kits you can find a bag that contains the supplement separately, in these cases you just have to add them to the tupperware and with a disinfected spoon you create a layer on top of the tupperware , thus we will achieve an exceptional surface for the appearance of the primordia, they are the first visible component of the fruit of a fungus.

Magic mushrooms - Instructions (PDF)

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If you are one of those psychonauts who always wants to go one more step in mental travel, Yeti mushrooms will take you to places where very little people have been before. Use our magic mushroom dosage calculator to calculate the safest dosage, and be responsible for not having a bad time.

Sale to persons under 18 years of age is prohibited.

The breads are seeds for exclusive use for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental study

They are not for agricultural or food use. PevGrow is not responsible for the illegal use of these breads or seeds by third parties.

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