Growing magic mushrooms with different methods

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Imagen de hongos varios
Image of various mushrooms


The benefits of magic mushrooms to treat depression and other 21st century problems are no longer a secret to many of us, but since the documentary “How to Change your mind” was published On Netflix, many people have discovered the benefits of eating magic mushrooms to treat mental disorders of all kinds. Where to find monguis or wild magic mushrooms is a question that many of us ask ourselves but only a privileged few have the answer, since they are not so widespread in nature and only usually leave at certain times of the year, normally after the spring rains and when it begins to get hot.

On the other hand, dried magic mushrooms are banned in most parts of the world, although in the Netherlands, Jamaica, Brazil, and some states of the USA and Canada are legal, those who live in other countries have difficulty buying magic mushrooms legally. So what can we do to get psilocybin that can help us improve our mental state and seems to be miraculous to treat various diseases? As with cannabis users, the best thing in this case is to produce our own magic mushrooms, so we thought it would be a great idea to create an article explaining how to grow magic mushrooms simply and in a very short time, so I advise you to get comfortable to enjoy this reading that may interest you.



🧐 Magic Mushroom Grow Kits



The magic mushroom self-cultivation kit is the easiest way to get psilocybin, since they come prepared with everything you need to grow monguis and you don’t have to buy anything separately. The magic mushroom growing kits are made up of instructions for growing them, a bag with an air filter that serves to provide the humidity they need, 2 metal clips to close the bag, and a special tupperware container that contains the mycelium with the spores. inoculated, where the mycelium will develop and the mushrooms will fructify when the temperature and humidity conditions are met.

With the hallucinogenic mushroom growing kit you can get your first harvest in just 15 days, and the best thing is that as a general rule they can give you between 3 and 5 harvests or even more, depending on the variety, the growing conditions, and the way of harvesting mushrooms. There are magic mushroom kits of many different varieties, Cubensis B +, Mazapatec, Moby Dick, Thai, Treasure Coast, Amazon, etc. Each one of them has different effects and sensations, but all are cultivated in the same way. Monguis mushroom bread is perfect for people who don’t know how to grow magic mushrooms, since you only have to follow a few very simple steps.


How to make hallucinogenic mushrooms with a commercial grow kit


1-Take the tupperware out of the box, remove its lid to clean it well, and save it for later because you will need it later.

Saca el tupper de la caja
Take the tupperware out of the box


2-Take out the air filter bag that comes with the hallucinogenic mushroom bread, add 2 fingers of water inside and a jet of hydrogen peroxide.

Saca la bolsa con filtro de aire
Take out the air filter bag


3-Cover the sides of the substrate tupper with tape or aluminum foil and insert it inside the bag with water (this is done to prevent lateral growth).

Couvrez les côtés du conteneur de substrat
Cover the sides of the substrate tupper


4-Check that the bag is vertical and with the opening facing up.

que la bolsa quede en vertical
Check that the bag is vertical


5-Close the grow bag by double joining the ends and keep it closed with the help of the metal clips that the magic mushroom bread brings.

Cierra la bolsa de cultivo haciendo un doble
Close the grow bag by double


6-Place the entire grow kit in a warm place, around 23-24ºC. that it does not give direct light but that residual light reaches it (A greenhouse is ideal for this mission).

Coloca todo el kit de cultivo en un lugar cálido
Place the entire grow kit in a warm place


7-Spray water daily on the inside of the bag, not on the substrate, only on the walls of the bag to maintain internal humidity.


Pulveriza agua a diario
Spray water daily on the inside of the bag


8-Every day after spraying water it is good to ventilate, you can help yourself with a cardboard fan, shaking from the top of the bag.

es bueno ventilar
 It is good to ventilate


9-Maintain the parameters of light, temperature and humidity for 15 days, monitoring daily until the first mushroom heads appear.

vigilando a diario hasta que aparezcan las primeras cabezas
Monitor daily until the first mushroom heads appear.



✅ Growing magic mushrooms from scratch


People who can’t or don’t want to buy magic mushroom grow kits, because they prefer to do the whole process from scratch themselves or it’s cheaper than ready-to-grow mushroom bread, can also grow magic mushrooms in no time. In this case, it would be necessary to have all the necessary accessories and tools, and the most delicate step is the moment of inoculating the spores in the substrate, since there may be a risk of contamination of the magic mushroom culture, let’s see it carefully.


What do we need to grow magic mushrooms by ourselves?


  • Greenhouse or propagator
  • Warming blanket
  • Magic mushroom spores
  • Syringe to inoculate the spores (optional)
  • Pressure cooker or casserole that can withstand high temperatures
  • Glass jars
  • Foil
  • Elastic bands
  • Substrate or mixture of vermiculite with rice flour or coconut fiber
  • Sprayer
  • Thermohygrometer
  • Perlite
  • Latex gloves
  • lighter
  • Alcohol


Todo lo que necesitamos para el cultivo de setas mágicas en imágenes
Everything we need for the cultivation of magic mushrooms in pictures


Greenhouse or propagator: A large tupperware or transparent organizer box can also be used, but the greenhouse or propagator for cuttings is special because ventilation and humidity can be regulated thanks to the small windows on the top of the lid.



Buy Propagator

Heating blanket: If you use a heated greenhouse, you won’t need it, and neither will you if you grow the mushrooms in a warm environment with a stable temperature, but it is highly recommended to place a heating blanket under the greenhouse to maintain the necessary heat throughout the process.


Manta Calentadora

Buy Heating blanket

Magic mushroom spores: Magic mushroom spores could be compared to marijuana seeds, since they contain the genetic information of the variety of mushrooms that we will grow. Commercial hallucinogenic mushroom spores are presented in a solution to facilitate their inoculation.


Syringe (optional): It is optional because some brands of spores include it in their products, so you would not need to buy one. It is used to inoculate the spores in the substrate where the mycelium will develop, and it is a step that must be carried out carefully so that the culture is not contaminated.


Pressure cooker or casserole: It is used to disinfect the substrate where the spores were later inoculated. This is done because there may be pathogens in the vermiculite, coconut fiber or other types of substrate, and they could cause contamination that could ruin our harvest of monguis.


Glass jars: In the glass jars we will put the mixture of substrate where the necessary mycelium will later develop for our precious magic mushrooms to bear fruit. These jars are placed in the pressure cooker at a high temperature to ensure complete disinfection.



Buy Vermiculite

Substrate: Coconut fiber can be mixed with vermiculite in equal proportions in a glass jar covered with aluminum foil held with a rubber band. Subsequently, this substrate must be disinfected by putting the jar in a pressure cooker or casserole that can withstand a lot of heat. Another option is to mix vermiculite with brown rice flour, but in this case in a jar with a ratio of 3 parts vermiculite to 1 part brown rice flour, and place a small layer on top before sealing it with foil. of aluminum foil fastened with a rubber band. The mixture of brown rice flour and vermiculite make up the PF TEK technique (Psilocybe Fanaticus Technique) and is the most productive, fast and effective.


Harina de arroz integral

Buy Brown rice flour

Sprayer: It is used to moisten the walls of the greenhouse of the cultivation of magic mushrooms, because for its perfect development it is essential to maintain a high relative humidity. With crop kits or commercial mushroom breads the sprayer is also used, in this case to wet the inside of the bag with air filter.



Buy Sprayer

Thermohygrometer: It is essential to be able to check the environmental parameters of the crop at all times, because the balance between humidity and temperature is crucial to achieve very fruitful harvests of hallucinogenic mushrooms. If it does not have a probe, it will have to be inserted into the propagator, but the ideal is a thermo-hygrometer with a probe because you can only insert the probe and leave the device outside to more easily consult the data.


Termohigrómetro Digital con Sonda

Buy Thermo-hygrometer with a probe

Perlite: It is used to create a layer of perlite at the bottom of approximately 2.5 cm at the bottom of the culture to maintain internal humidity and favor the perfect development of our precious hallucinogenic mushrooms.



Buy Perlite

Latex gloves: No matter how clean and neat you are, it never hurts to put on latex gloves to avoid cross contamination. It is recommended to wear gloves at the time of inoculation of the spores, at the time of harvesting the mushrooms, and every time actions are going to be carried out or the crop is manipulated


Alcohol: Very important to clean and disinfect the tools we use and the work area where we carry out the actions.


Lighter: It is used to burn the tip of the syringe before each use, to ensure proper disinfection and to avoid possible contamination.



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🎯 How to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms step by step


1-Make the mix of substrate: Many types of substrate can be used to grow magic mushrooms, but the most recommended are the ones we have seen before, that is, a mixture of vermiculite and rice flour (PF-Tek) or a mixture of coconut fiber and vermiculite. If you choose the first, I recommend using 250 ml capacity glass jars, adding 150 ml of vermiculite and 50 ml of brown rice flour all mixed, and on top place a layer of approximately 20 ml of brown rice flour. Once the jars are full, they must be closed by placing an aluminum foil lid fastened with elastic bands, making sure that it fits well and will not uncover. In this layer of aluminum you have to make 4 or 5 holes with a needle or similar, and then place another sheet of aluminum as a cover, covering the previous layer and holding it with elastic bands as well.


2-Sterilization of the substrate: Place a pressure cooker on the stove, pour water to cover about 2.5 cm and introduce the jars that we have previously prepared. Close the pot and place the exhaust valve so that the heat is concentrated. After approximately 15 minutes you can gradually raise the temperature up to 100ºC, but you have to do it little by little so that the glass of the jars does not break. From this moment on, it must be left for 45 minutes to ensure complete sterilization.


3-Inoculation of the spores: Once the substrate is sterilized, we take out the jars and let them cool down to proceed to the next step. Before starting the inoculation it is important to put on latex gloves and clean the work area well with alcohol to avoid possible contamination.

Esporas Ecuador

Buy Spores Ecuador Innervisions

If they are commercial spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms such as those from Innervisions, they are already prepared in their syringe, but if they are others such as those of the Sporemate brand, they will have to be transferred to the inoculation syringe.

Esporas Atlantis “Georgia”

Buy Spores Atlantis “Georgia”

First we remove the upper layer of aluminum foil being careful not to remove the one that contains the holes, we remove the syringe containing the spores well, and we introduce its needle through one of the holes that we have previously made, ensuring that it is inserted into the substrate inland. The next step is to slightly press the plunger of the syringe to pass a small amount of spores, and this must be repeated in each of the holes of each jar to distribute the content among various areas of the substrate. To give you an idea, with each Innervisions syringe you can inoculate between 5-6 250ml jars, and with each Sporemate bottle there is enough for about 10-12 250ml jars. Between inoculation and inoculation, it is recommended to shake the syringe vigorously and burn the tip of the needle with a lighter, and once each jar has finished inoculating, we must replace the lid with aluminum foil that we removed at the beginning.


4-Incubation and development of the mycelium: Once we have all the jars with the inoculated spores, we proceed to the incubation phase. It is about putting the jars in hot and dark conditions to activate the mycelium and for it to colonize the entire substrate, and for this they can be placed in a container or a dark bag like the ones we usually use to throw away the garbage. You have to try to keep the temperature stable at about 27º C, but any range between 21º C and 28º C is fine, taking into account that between 21º C and 25º C it develops more slowly than at 26º C or 27º C. If all goes well In 3 or 4 days you will see how the precious mycelium begins to appear, which at first looks like a shiny white area that normally appears on the vermiculite, and little by little it spreads until it covers the entire contents of the jar

In the case of seeing green, gray, black, or other colored spots, it is very possible that it has been infected for some reason. This process usually takes between 15 and 30 days, depending on the temperature and the variety of magic mushrooms being grown.


5-Formation and growth of the primordia: When we see that the substrate in the jars has been colonized by the mycelium, we move on to the growth and formation phase of the primordia, which are concentrations of mycelium where the magic mushrooms begin to grow. It is about putting the jars in a place where they are around 21º C and where they have between 4 and 12 hours of soft light, which can be a low consumption light bulb, a fluorescent light, a remote LED, or the light hint of the sun personally, I leave them in a room with the window open but with the curtain blocking the direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the first primordia may take between 5 and 10 days to appear, although on some occasions they may need up to 25 days or more

If you see that it takes more than 3 weeks, you can give it a cold shock to activate the mycelium, and this consists of putting the jars in the fridge for approximately 10 or 12 hours, and after this time you can give it the conditions of 21º C again and soft or indirect light.


6-Fruiting of hallucinogenic mushrooms: This is the best part of the crop, where we will see our favorite mushrooms. To facilitate the growth of magic mushrooms, the contents of the jars must be transferred to a container that has a translucent or transparent upper part, and a greenhouse or a large tupperware can be useful, but it is highly recommended to use a propagator or heated greenhouse because It is very practical to achieve the desired temperature. At the bottom of this container you have to put a layer of about 1.5 cm of perlite or expanded clay balls. Then you have to moisten this layer with water with the help of a sprayer, it is not necessary to soak it but it is important that it is well wet.

Then we carefully remove the aluminum sheets that cover the glass jars, and pour their contents onto the layer of perlite or expanded clay that we have previously moistened. If we see that not everything falls, we can hit the jar a few times to help evacuate it, but we must try not to break any formation of primordia. Subsequently, the greenhouse is covered and placed in a place with the conditions of 21º C of temperature and indirect sunlight or artificial light. Once a day it is advisable to open the lid of the greenhouse to air it out, something that we can optimize with the help of a fan or by hand with a fan or similar. We can also take advantage of this moment to check the state of the layer of perlite or expanded clay, since it must always be kept moist.

If it is necessary to moisten it, use the spray with clean water, being careful not to wet the mycelium or magic mushrooms. The mushrooms grow very fast, if all goes well in the next 7 or 10 days we will see the first flush appear, although it can take up to 15 days in some cases. You have to be careful because it is recommended to harvest when the mushrooms begin to open their hat.


7-Harvesting magic mushrooms: It must be clear that each mushroom bread or each substrate inoculated as we have done previously can give 3, 4, 5 or even more flushes or harvests, but for that you have to collect all the fruits at the same time. time or practically simultaneously, since it is more interesting than gradually harvesting the hallucinogenic mushrooms. The problem is that not all mushrooms grow and open the cap at the same time, so you will always see some big ones that have just opened the cap, other medium ones that are about to open it, other small ones that will not be at their optimum point yet , and even smaller ones that do not develop well and are called abortions.

It is recommended to harvest before the hat is completely open, the reason is because when they are completely open and tear the veil that joins them to the bottom, they release the spores that can mean a loss in the yield of subsequent harvests. The way to harvest the magic mushrooms is very simple, you just have to grab them by the base of the foot, turn between 90 and 180 degrees, and pull gently to try not to drag part of the substrate, as this can mean less production in subsequent flushes.

The first harvest is usually more abundant than the following ones, and for them to come out it is enough to keep the bottom layer of perlite moist and the correct environmental parameters, but some mycologists and hobby growers apply tricks such as giving it a cold shock or moistening the substrate in a glass jar or similar for 12/24 hours to increase performance. In the following batches you have to repeat the entire fruiting process, and after each harvest you can choose between eating the mushrooms fresh or drying them, as many people do.


8-Drying magic mushrooms: How to dry hallucinogenic mushrooms? This part is very simple, and although there are different methods, the most common is to place the mushrooms on a separate cloth, rag or towel so that they do not touch each other, in a dark place, and put a fan at low or medium power pointing towards them to create a draft.

Ventilador Pinza

Buy Clip-on-Fan

It is recommended to change the rag or cloth that you put underneath to avoid accumulations of humidity, and it can also help to turn the mushrooms once a day to achieve a homogeneous drying. Depending on the relative humidity, the temperature, and the power of the fan, the complete drying process can last 3 or 4 days, and to be sure that they have dried completely and do not contain moisture inside that can create problems, when If you see that when turning the mushrooms they have a hard and rigid touch, you can try bending them, since it is verified in a similar way as in drying cannabis, that is, if the stem of the mushrooms breaks when bending, we can conclude the drying phase


9-Storage and conservation of hallucinogenic mushrooms: How to store dried magic mushrooms? The ideal is to do the same as we do with our favorite herb, that is, put the mushrooms in an airtight container and place it in a dark place, away from heat and humidity. When not stored in this way they can lose potency over time, especially when exposed to light or heat.

If they are exposed to humidity, it can be even worse, since it could mean that they rot. If they are not going to be consumed in the short or medium term, they can also be frozen for as long as you want, but make sure to put them in the freezer in a container that contains silica gel or a desiccant that helps maintain minimum humidity.

Contenedor de Conservación CVault

Buy Container conservation CVault


🚀 Advantages of growing your own magic mushrooms compared to buying them


The advantages of growing your own magic mushrooms are multiple, even more than growing your own marijuana, but here we are going to see the most important ones from our point of view:


  • Security: Buying magic mushrooms online means trusting that the supplier will send you the variety you have ordered, something that cannot be verified in any way. This can cause several problems, since each variety has a different potency and therefore a specific recommended dose, and if we are not sure which variety it is, it can be very dangerous.
  • Potency: When you grow your own magic mushrooms you can follow the entire process that we have seen in this article and perfectly preserve the harvest to keep its potency intact, since if we buy them we cannot know how they have been preserved and they may have lost part of their psilocybin content and therefore also its potency.
  • Shipping: When you buy mushrooms in an online store they have to be sent home, and sometimes during the trip they can be exposed to heat or humidity that can degrade them. If you grow your own mushrooms you can have them at all times, avoiding problems that may arise during shipping.
  • Economy: A hallucinogenic mushroom growing kit is much cheaper than buying ready-to-eat mushrooms, since each mushroom bread can give you 5 harvests or more, so you get much more quantity with less money, in addition to obtaining all the other advantages that we have seen.
  • Satisfaction: Nothing tastes better than what you grow yourself, be it tomatoes, strawberries, cannabis, or magic mushrooms. When you follow the whole process and see the first mushrooms appear, the satisfaction you feel is not comparable to anything else.



👌 Where to buy a hallucinogenic mushroom kit?


If you want to get hallucinogenic mushrooms as we have seen in this article, the most interesting thing is to buy a hallucinogenic mushroom bread online, since it comes prepared with everything you need and with the spores inoculated into the substrate, so the mycelium grows very quickly and mushrooms bear fruit in just 2 weeks. If you want to buy a good magic mushroom kit, stop by our store and in the magic mushrooms category you will be able to choose between different varieties at the best market price. If you prefer to grow them from scratch as we have also seen today, I recommend you enter the category of accessories for growing magic mushrooms, but if you don’t feel like preparing and disinfecting the substrate, you have the possibility of buying a commercial rye mushbag, which can be presents ready to inoculate the spores of your favorite varieties


Mushbag de centeno

Buy Mushbag de centeno



✨ Conclusion


Growing magic mushrooms is much more interesting than buying them ready to eat. In this article we have seen how easy it is to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms, since in a short time you can achieve several harvests and have psilocybin reserves for several months. If you want to learn more about these mushrooms, you can read the magic mushrooms guide on our blog, and if you liked it or learned something you didn’t know, I would appreciate sharing this post so that other people can learn too.



⭐Frequent questions


Can you smoke magic mushrooms?

As power you can, but you will not get pleasant effects or similar to those that are achieved when ingested. Psilocybin degrades when exposed to high temperatures, therefore at the time of combustion caused by smoking, a large part of the active substance of magic mushrooms can be lost. Although there is no research on this, users who have tried this method state that it does not produce remarkable effects or directly cause nausea and discomfort.


How long does it take to grow magic mushrooms?

With a commercial grow kit it only takes about 15 days to have the first harvest, and from then on new flushes can be collected weekly or every 10 days or so. If you decide to prepare the substrate, disinfect everything, and inoculate the spores yourself, it may take a few extra days, but in no case does it take a lot of time.


Where are magic mushrooms legal?

In more and more places, after many investigations, different properties of psilocybin have been published that are causing the legalization of this substance in some countries. In the Netherlands they have been legal for many years, in Brazil they are not prohibited either, as is the case with another psychedelic such as ayahuasca in this South American country, in Jamaica magic mushroom shops began to open in 2021, just like in The Bahamas that in addition to selling psilocybin you can also buy ibogaine or DMT. In January 2023, Canada’s new psychedelic law was implemented, and in the province of Alberta it appears that the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, and other substances will be allowed. Finally, in the United States there is a real psychedelic revolution, and for some time the use of psilocybin began to be decriminalized in cities like Denver and in entire states like Oregon. In various places in California, a movement is also emerging that will eventually legalize or normalize the use of all psychedelic drugs.


-Psilocybin decriminalization in the United States
-Legal Use of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Begins in Oregon

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