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Electronic and magnetic ballasts 

Dear Growers

In recent years, lighting equipments have been adapting its efficiency to provide cannabis indoor growers with technological alternatives that mean lower electricity consumption and improved crop yields.

The digitalization of the electrical components has allowed us to design electronic ballasts, so that, due to the recent demand of these equipments, in PEV Grow we are committed to explain very briefly their characteristics, in order to you are able to choose wisely your best alternative.

The technology of the electromagnetic ballasts (the usual ones) is based on the magnetic field generated by a coil of conductor wire, through which an electric current circulates. The core of this coil is formed by metal sheets, which work together with a starter and a capacitor.

This is the reason why we observe a high heating of this type of ballast, reducing efficiency, in fact, sometimes overheat, although many models have protection against overheating, so that they turn off the bulb automatically, if the built-in sensor notices that the ballast elements exceed a certain threshold temperature.

They're also very heavy ballasts. In 600W equipment, electromagnetic ballasts exceed 6 kg.

In electronic ballasts we find a more advanced technology

These ballasts incorporate a circuit controlled by a chip that generates current in the form of high frequency pulses, in fact, in the market, you can find ballasts from 10 to 60 KHz output frequency, and sometimes higher.

These ballasts are much lighter in weight, because they don't have installed any heavy coil with a capacitor, as happens with electromagnetic ballasts.

Besides, they don't radiate that tremendous heat that makes them so inefficient.

A great advantage of electronic ballasts is the possibility of regulating their energy consumption by means of a potentiometer, so that, since they do not depend on the rise and fall of potential of the electrical network, we keep the electric pulses constant to the bulb, during the complete cycle of cultivation.

All this means that the bulb maintains a constant intensity spectrum, without variations...

Almost like the sun!

All so that you can enjoy the best yield of your crop...

At PEV Grow we have the latest in electronic ballasts, with big brands such as Agrolite, Nanolux, Bolt, Lumatek adjustable, Quantum, VGT adjustable, Digital Phantom, Solux Spectra... etc....

Dare you to change to the more advanced technology of Electronic Ballasts?