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Dear cannagrowers, welcome to our Reflectors section in our Lighting Kits category.

If you are looking for a reflector for your HPS or MH equipment you are in the right place.

The function of the bulb reflector is to scatter and diffuse as many lumens as possible directly to the plants in such a way that it increases the efficiency of a bulb without reflector, thus multiplying its yield potential in an indoor crop.

In this section you will find different types of reflectors, starting with the basic smooth or coated reflector, the suitable one for removing excess heat as "cooltubes", Diamond reflectors and of course the well-known "Adjust a wing" reflectors with heat diffuser incorporated in their professional models.

Don't forget that there are some equipments that already have the reflector and the ballast incorporated, as it is the case of some LEC Lighting equipments (Xtrasun is one of the most sold); these equipments you can also find them with self-cooling.

In the case of LED lighting equipment, you should know that they do not have a reflector, since they are based on a direct LED light beam on the vegetal mass. You can find high intensity LED lighting equipment also with Wi-Fi control technology in our corresponding section of the PEV Grow catalogue.

If you need any clarification, a specialized technician will help you to solve any doubt, we consider important the choice of a good reflector to get the maximum yield in an indoor cannabis crop.

Enjoy your indoor!

Have a nice harvest!