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Grow light kits are basic for the indoor cultivation of marijuana plants, since they are responsible for providing the necessary light for their correct development. At Pevgrow we have a wide variety of indoor grow lights of different models and technologies, from the classics to the most modern lights for indoor cannabis cultivation. Thanks to our experience of more than a decade in the grow shop sector and more than 2 decades of successful harvests under artificial light, we can recommend to each grower the light they need to achieve the best results based on their interests and personal needs. .

If you only need a ballast, a bulb, a reflector, or any other component, you can look in ourcategory of grow lights where you will surely find what you are looking for, but if what you need is a complete lighting kit for your grow, here you have a lot of different combinations already prepared so that you only have to choose the one that best suits your budget.

Advantages of buying a grow light kits

  • They are cheaper than buying all the parts separately
  • No danger of incompatibilities
  • They come with all the necessary components so you don't have to buy anything separately
  • Contain the specific components they need to function
  • There are many different combinations to choose from

grow light kits of different technologies

Do you need an LED grow light? Do you prefer the classic HPS of a lifetime? Do you want a low consumption lighting kit to spend less? Here you will find grow lights of all types and technologies with the best quality/price ratio, and if you need information or advice you can ask us without obligation, we are here to help you decide.

HPS technology has been demonstrating its power in indoor cultivation for many years, but they emit more heat than newer ones such as LEC kits, which also consume a little less, although not as little as low-energy CFL lighting kits. The new indoor LED lights are more efficient than the previous ones, they emit hardly any heat, and the best thing is that they consume very little, so right now they are the best in general. The only problem with the latest generation LEDs is that they are more expensive than other technologies, but it is an investment that quickly pays for itself thanks to the energy savings and the extra production and quality they provide.

The best indoor grow light kits for different interests

HPS lighting kits (high pressure sodium) and LEC kits come with a ballast, bulb and reflector, but can be very different from each other depending on wattage, make or model. The ballast can be magnetic or electronic, the former cheaper and the latter more efficient because it increases power, has a much longer useful life, and plants are less stressed by the speed of discharge. The HPS kits bulb can also be specific for flowering, mixed, or growth with HM (metal halide) technology and if you choose an adjustable electronic ballast you can also choose the power of the bulb. The reflector can be open or closed, cooled, and within each one there are different models to choose from, from the cooltube lighting kit, which was the first closed, to the most complete ones such as the Raptor or Growlite OG. Among the open reflectors you have some lighting kits that come with the classic smooth or granulated reflector, even those that have proven to be the best in this category, the famous Adjust-A-Wings.

If you are an old school grower and prefer the HPS lighting kits but don't want to waste time making connections, you also have the Dimlux, Apolo, or the double-ended Phantom kits available, which come already assembled and ready to go. This type of lighting system has the ballast glued to the reflector, but there are no low-power ones because they are usually fixed at a great height, so there are 600w and 1000w. If you prefer LEC over HPS and want a similar model, take a look at the Solux brand's adjustable Spectra LEC lighting kit, it is dimmable and has no competition in terms of quality/price.

In the case of putting energy consumption first, you have 2 options, either choose low-consumption indoor grow lights, or go directly to LEDs. The problem with low-consumption lighting kits is that they are not the best option for the flowering phase because the buds do not take on much weight, and most of them are useful above all for the vegetative growth phase and the maintenance of mother plants and cuttings. If you want to combine energy savings with great light output, a long useful life, and a type of light that increases the production of buds, resin and essential oils, do not hesitate and choose the latest generation LED lights for indoor cultivation, the best right now. Within these lights for growing plants indoors, there are many different models to choose from, so I'm sure you'll find just the one you're looking for.

Sale of cheap grow light kits to grow indoors

You will see that there are lighting kits of all prices and for all pockets, so the best thing you can do is take a look at these subcategories where you will see the best lights for indoor cultivation of all the technologies available at the moment. Keep in mind what you have read here and choose the one that suits you best, but do not deprive your plants of quality light, because without a good grow light they cannot give you the best harvest.

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