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1000W Lighting Kits

The 1000W lighting kits have become very fashionable in the United States, and I think it's because of their love of doing everything big, since in Europe we traditionally use lighting kits with a maximum of 600W, since 1000W means a very considerable increase in the bill and the heat to which you submit your varieties.

Therefore, if you want to use a lighting kit with 1000W, you must have a very large growing cabinet like the Mammoth, and unify all the lighting in a powerful kit is a good decision, but frankly it is not useful for traditional crop cabinets.

Lighting kits equipped with 1000W bulbs emit a lot of heat because they are the only ones, whose amount of lumens are comparable to those emitted by the Sun. They can cover cultivation spaces of up to 1.5m x 1.5m in which you can grow between 24-28 adult plants.

600W Lighting Kits

The 600W Lighting Kits have consolidated in recent years as the standard and most used lighting spot for indoor crops by growers around the world. The main reason is that its Price/Production/Consumption ratio is the best in the market.

With a 600W lighting kit you can cover cultivation spaces or cupboards, up to 1.2m x 1.2m. This power is usually the chosen one, for professional indoor crops, since the economic difference with a 400W system is practically not noticeable, while the production difference favours the scale in favour of 600W lighting kits.

In your trusted online Growshop, you can find a wide range of configurations, so you can choose the 600W lighting kit that best suits your needs and those of your crop:

- 600W lighting kits with conventional electromagnetic ballast: Limited performance but the cheapest in the catalogue.

- 600W lighting kits with adjustable electronic ballast: Characterized, among other things, by reducing electricity consumption, it incorporates security systems that prevent voltage peaks and short circuits, etc.

- 600W lighting kits with open ballast and quick connections: This is the most affordable and recommended option for large crops, thanks to its versatility and comfort when it comes to installation.


Discover all the possible settings, and the different models and brands that manufacture the best 600W lighting kits, at PevGrow, your trusted Growshop.

400W Lighting Kits

Los Kits de iluminación de 400W son perfectos para los cultivadores más novatos. Iniciarse en un cultivo de interior, no es tan fácil como parece, no es sólo meter una semilla en una maceta y ponerle un foco encima, sino que existen una serie de materiales especializados, como lo son las lámparas de cultivo.

Estos Kits de iluminación de 400W simulan a la luz solar que debe tener toda planta de marihuana para crecer fuerte y sana, y conseguir explotar su máximo potencial. Los kits de iluminación de 400 W pueden abarcar un espacio de cultivo o armario de 1,20 m x 1,20 m. Es muy importante tener en cuenta una serie de recomendaciones para que la instalación de tus kits de iluminación de 400W se realice con toda seguridad, ya que es muy importante evitar posibles accidentes y riesgos de cortocircuitos o incendios.

- Verifica que todas las conexiones se encuentran en perfecto estado

- Utiliza cables resistentes y proporcionables al calor al que van ser sometidos

- No sobrecargues toda la entrada de corriente en una sola línea, así evitarás cortocircuitos.

- Si vas a sustituir alguna bombilla, es de vital importancia que apagues por completo el suministro eléctrico.


Encuentra ya, en tu Growshop online de confianza, un amplio catálogo de kits de iluminación de 400W de las principales marcas del mercado.

250W Lighting Kits

The 250W lighting kits are perfect for initiated growers, and is that more and more regular cannabis smokers, decide to enter the field of self-cultivation of marijuana, and not all have the same space, so, if your space is small quiet, because we have the best solution for you, the use of a 250W lighting system is your best option.

You can make your own growing wardrobe if you are a handyman, with recycled materials, for example, but if you do not have much time and simply want to grow, you can find a wide range of growing cabinets, in our section of growing cabinets and greenhouses. With 250W spotlights you can cover a cultivation space of 0.8m x 0.8m, so that you can allocate 1 m2 of your house, you can have your own cultivation of cannabis.

Remember that no matter how fast you want your seed to grow, every marijuana plant needs hours of rest, therefore, we always recommend a lighting period of 16 hours and 8 hours of darkness. You will be able to accelerate its process of growth with other techniques, but it is of vital importance that the seed has darkness to be able to rest and that its growth is even better.

From here we want to recommend that you have patience, love and pamper your plants, and they will undoubtedly reward you with very good harvests. In PevGrow, you can find different 250W lighting kits.

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