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Low-consumption lighting kits such as CFL (compact fluorescent light) are a perfect option for indoor marijuana cultivation during the vegetative growth phase. It is also a very appropriate light technology for the maintenance of mother plants, rooting cuttings, or giving clones growth before changing their phase. We have specific low consumption kits available for the growth of cannabis plants, others that have a bulb with a specific spectrum for flowering, and others with a dual or mixed light spectrum, which are used for both the growth cycle and flowering. . Within each type of light you have different powers available so that you can choose the one that best suits depending on the dimensions and characteristics of your grow tent.

Advantages of low energy lighting kits

  • Low heat emission
  • Specific light spectrum for each phase
  • Very low energy consumption
  • They can get closer to plants than other technologies
  • They have a long useful life and without losing effectiveness
  • Easy installation
  • Less need for irrigation

Buy low consumption CFL kit to grow indoors at the best price

There are so many different wattages packed into compact energy efficient kits that it's impossible not to find the one you need. Within the fluorescent for growth, the 105w CFL kit is the cheapest and consumes the least of all, and can illuminate an area of ​​60 x 60 cm, just like the 125w. Then you have the 150w CFL kit that is suitable for a surface of 80 x 80 cm, but if you need to cover a larger area you can choose the 200w or even the 250w CFL kit, which are suitable for 1 x 1 M cabinets. From there you can place several CFL lighting kits taking into account the measures that each model can cover.

The CFL flowering kits have the same powers as the growth kits, but those with a dual or mixed bulb start at 150w of power. Some people grow with the dual, but there are many growers who start with a specific growth bulb and once flowering begins they change it to one specific for this phase. All the low consumption CFL lighting kits come with an E40 socket and a reinforced reflector so that the socket does not bend due to the weight of the bulb. They also come with the necessary wiring with a European connection so you don't have to buy anything separately, so now all you have to do is choose the one you prefer.

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