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Air dehumidifier 

In the Grow Shop Piensa en Verde, we know that a very high relative humidity in cannabis crops can be a problem.

If there are more than 50% in the flowering phase there can start to appear fungi and pests, so I want to help you with this range with cheap dehumidifiers of different powers, to cover any indoor space.

All the dehumidifiers that we commercialize are refrigerants, they absorb the air of the room with the aid of a fan, then it's a channel through a system of cooling. After this process the air absorbed by the gadget gradually accumulates in the filling tank. The processed air is returned to the room again at room temperature. These dehumidifiers' types are the best and most used for their great value in money.

What to do with the water extracted by the dehumidifier?

I'll give you an idea of ​​what to do with the water you collect from your humidifier, if you mix it with fertilizers you can use it to water your marijuana plants.

Do not use this to irrigate directly because it's usually very acidic.