VDL Portable Air Conditioner 3
VDL Portable Air Conditioner 3

VDL Portable Air Conditioner

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The portable air conditioner from the VDL brand is released to solve a big problem that indoor marijuana growers have, the heat. With this small device you will lower the temperature of your grow room or closet, so that the plants can dedicate all their energy to what is important, to produce quality buds.

How is the VDL portable air conditioner?

There are actually 2 different models of VDL brand portable air conditioner for indoor crops, a smaller one with 1700 frigories with an air outlet, and another a little larger, with 3000 frigories and 2 outlets Both are compact and very powerful for their size, and contain a water tank that must be refilled every time it runs out.

The VDL 1700 model is small and very light, nothing like the typical air conditioners or air conditioners that we are used to seeing on the market. It measures 47 cm x 29 cm x 59 cm, weighs 25 kg, and has wheels, so it can be moved and transported without any problem. One of the advantages of this air conditioner is that in the upper part it has an outlet with 125 mm mouth to connect the air inlet tube to the crop, and it can fulfill the role of an intractor, with an inlet flow of 230m3 / h. It does not generate much noise, around 52 decibels, and consumes 1700w to be able to generate the 1700 frigories that will cool the environment so that you can achieve the highest production in your crops for self-consumption.

The model VDL 3000 offers an air flow of 400m3 / h and 3000 frigories, measures 40 cm x 43 cm x 85 cm and weighs 42 kilos, but it also comes equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement. It consumes around 3000w when it is in full operation, and its noise level is 54 decibels. It contains 2 air outlets with 125 mm nozzles to be able to connect them with the tube that puts air into the crop, but they can be expand with fittings perfectly.

How do I use the VDL portable air conditioner?

Best of all, you do not need an installer, since simply connect the 125 mm flexible tube to the air outlet they carry, fix it with clamps and / or adhesive tape, fill the water tank, and plug it in. cable to the network. These air conditioners work continuously, what does this mean? Well, they have the advantage of continuing to function after a power outage, unlike other penguins that when they recover the electricity they remain off.

If you have a climate control unit in your crop, the ideal is to connect the VDL air conditioner, so that you can set a maximum and minimum temperature, and in this way that it is automatically connected according to the room I need it.

Technical specifications of the air conditioner VDL 1700

  • Cooling power: 1700w / 1700FG
  • Refrigerant gas: ECO R290
  • Cold air flow: 230m3 / h
  • Noise level: Low 52db
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Size: 47cm x 29cm x 59 cm
  • Cold air outlet: 125mm

VDL 3000 air conditioning technical specifications

  • Cooling power: 3000w / 3000FG
  • Refrigerant gas: ECO R290
  • Cold air flow: 400m3 / h
  • Noise level: Low 54db
  • Weight: 42Kg
  • Size: 40cm x 43cm x 85cm
  • Cold air outlet: 125mm

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Heat will no longer be a problem in your indoor marijuana cultivation, not even in the middle of summer, because with these air conditioner models you will have the perfect temperature at all times, and your plants will thank you by giving you a spectacular harvest.

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