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Outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Cheese flavor aroma

Cheese flavor aroma



Feminized seeds marijuana

Feminized seeds marijuana


Reduced price! Cheex


At PevGrow, we are proud to introduce a new creation from the prestigious Seed Makers seed bank, Cheex. A strain that descends from Skunk, giving rise to a peculiar and unique variety in the market.



This wonderful variety is feminized and hybrid, with a 50/50 balance between indica and sativa which makes it possible to reach a height between 0.8/1.5 m indoors and 2.2 m outdoors, faster and more effective results and greater consistency in their buds.



This weed is characterized by its high productivity, since it has a period of rapid flowering, in just 60 days you can obtain indoor production of high quality due to its long tails and resistant buds, on the other hand, in its outdoor cultivation you will notice results around the first half of October with amounts of 700 g per plant, no doubt you will be very satisfied.

In spite of these incredible characteristics, we recommend that, above all, you do not expose it to a very strong heat and use a product that protects it from different threats, such as fungi, and for this we recommend Propolix.


Aroma and taste

Cheex seek to conquer your senses by delighting yourself with a great aroma and flavor.

Are you a fan of a good cheese? This weed can offer you smells that will make you believe you are tasting a good cured cheese.

If on the other hand you are more than conquered by the palate, don't worry, due to your descendants of Skunk, it will provide you with intense and exquisite flavors that will make you never want to stop drinking it.



Are you a nervous person? Having trouble falling asleep or relaxing? Don't worry, buy this variety and your problems will be over because, due to its Sativa-Indica combination, it will give you a relaxing effect on your body and mind like no other.



Cheex is a strain suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but we would like to make a number of recommendations.

Indoors, we recommend that you use 20 litre pots to grow 5 plants. For best results and use a LEC lighting system due to its ratio gr/w and apply the rule of 18/6h in growth and 12/12h in flowering.

Outdoors, we recommend using a good quality substrate, such as worm hummus or bat guano. It is also important that you provide good quality water for the necessary supply of nutrients.


At PevGrow we only have one purpose, the satisfaction and happiness of our customers, that's why we always offer the best products. Don't hesitate, Cheex won't let you down.

More info

Technical data sheet

Bank: Seed Makers
Type: Feminized
Genetics: Skunk
Phenotype: 50/50 Indication- Sativa
Flowering period: 60 days indoors
Internal height: Between 0.8 and 1.5 m
External height: Between 1 and 2.2 m
HN Outdoor Harvest: Early October
HS Outdoor Harvest: Early April
Outdoor production: 700 g per plant
Indoor production: N/A

Data Sheet

FeaturesHybrid seeds
BanksSeed Maker
Flavor and aromaCheese

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