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Outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Blueberry flavor aroma

Blueberry flavor aroma



Autoflowering seeds marijuana

Autoflowering seeds marijuana


Offer! Auto Blue Seed Maker


PevGrow is proud to introduce the new variety of Seed Makers, the Auto Blue. This strain is a non photo-dependent version of the well-known Blueberry, a true myth of cannabis that gives this new weed its great taste and powerful Indica effect.



Auto Blue is an autoflowering, feminized and hybrid seed, with a clear predominance of Indica 70% versus Sativa 30%, which grows with the traditional form of Christmas spruce typical of the Indicas, whose branches will be loaded with resinous buds. In addition, it is marked by a bright green foliage that is really beautiful.



The production of Auto Blue is high in relation to the short flowering period it has, because in just 55 days from germination, we can harvest a good number of buds both in outdoor and indoor crops, where in the latter case is estimated at 40 grams per plant.


Aroma and taste

Its incredible taste of berries, will cause an incredible feeling of pleasure, which you never want to end, all combined with a pleasant aroma that gives it freshness and makes it a weed that will certainly be loved and idolized by many.



Auto Blue, provides very relaxing and narcotic effects thanks to its Indica genetics, which you will notice intensely from the first puffs. It is perfect for you to smoke it at the end of the day, after a hard day of work and stress, forget about the problems and travel free to the island of pleasure, we already have until home, because we made so many trips that we decided to settle down.



Suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops, highlighting its ease of cultivation by any grower, whether novice or expert, taking into account only that we must control the amount of fertilizer, as it is sensitive to over-fertilization. In addition, Auto Blue is a true Spartan, as it does not let itself be intimidated by any attack of fungi or other pests.

In indoor cultivation, we recommend the use of 9 litre pots to get the most out of it, accompanied by a LEC lighting system as it will help us to obtain maximum yields.

In outdoor cultivation, our experts recommend that you use a definitive 18-litre pot, applying the famous pot on pot technique, so that you do not have to transplant it later and can stop its growth.


Discover now in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow, the new Auto Blue, a variety that will undoubtedly be part of that select group of strains that have conquered the heart of the cannabis world.

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Technical Data Sheet

Bank: Seed Makers
Type: Autoflowering feminised
Growing method: Indoor / Outdoor
Phenotype: Mainly Indica
Genotype: Blueberry x Ruderalis
Flowering: 55 days
Height: 0.7-1 m indoors and outdoors
Production indoor: 45 gr per plant.
Outdoor production: High

Data Sheet

FeaturesHybrid seeds
BanksSeed Maker
Flavor and aromaBlueberry

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