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LEC lamps (Light Emitting Ceramic) are based on the old Metal Halide (MH) lamp technology, but replacing the light generating element of the light spectrum, the quartz of MH lamps, with a ceramic material.

This confers a very high efficiency because it provides with great effectiveness bands of luminous intensity within the photosynthetic light spectrum.

That is to say, they imitate the sun, giving the plant radiation within the near ultraviolet (UV) very necessary for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids and also within far infrared (FIR), allowing the plant to change to flowering stage in a more natural and efficient way, without delays in the cycle, to take full advantage of the potency and yield of your cannabis.

That's why it's essential to wear sunglasses to enter into your indoor when you have this wonderful light installed!

But let's talk a little bit about the technique!

In our catalogue of LEC components you can find 315 W equipments of power, equivalent to 600 W HPS lamps, but with the peculiarity that neither you nor your plants will notice the heat of a LEC lamp.

This gives you the added advantage of greater pest control, which as you all know is attracted by humidity and heat, but also allows you to better control the contrast of temperatures between light on and light off. A softer contrast will have a direct effect on the quality of your resin and the size of your buds.

You will be able to get up to 1.6 g of buds per Watt, without losing lumens until the fifth crop (between 4 and 6 crops), which gives it an autonomy, or life span, twice longer than high pressure sodium lamps (HPS).

Spending per type of growing focus
Production per type of growing focus

The price per gram has been estimated by calculating the maximum production that is expected to be obtained on average with these types of growing lights, i.e. 15.8 oz. (450 grams) with 315w LEC, 14.1 oz. (400 grams) with 300w LED, 14.1 oz. (400 grams) with 400w HPS, 5.3 oz. (150 grams) with 200w CFL and 21.2 oz. (600 grams) with 600w HPS.

*Kw price calculated to date: May 2020

This is measured with a parameter that you can find in the technical specifications of the equipment; the FPP or Photosynthetic Photonic Flow...

What is Photosynthetic Photonic Flow?

Photosynthetic Photonic Flow (PPF) is used to measure all the light emitted every second by a light source; your marijuana LEC.

In other words, the PPF tells us how RFA or Active Photosynthetic Radiation is emitted by a light source per second. This RFA, is the radiation that plants see...

Plants do not see the light as we do, in fact, for them, visible light is only a small part of what they see.

Your plants are not blind! Kick them off with your LEC!

This RFA is expressed in photon micromoles/second. Like lumens, PPF gives no indication of the amount of photons actually reaching plants. You can see that our lamps have an RFA of 550 millimoles/W.

If you want to know the amount of light that reaches your plant you must know the parameter PPFD or Photosynthetic Flow Density.

What is Photosynthetic Photonic Flow Density (PPFD)?

The Photosynthetic Photonic Flow Density allows to measure the totality of the light that reaches one plant per second.

PPFD is determined at a measurement point at a specific location in the plant, and is expressed in photon micromoles per second and square meter.

They're lumen-related units, and their equivalence is:

1PPFD=59 Lumens (for LEC 3200K lamps). Our lamps emit 36,000 lumens.

Our LEC lamps have 3200K colour temperature.... but...

What is color temperature?

The colour temperature is generally defined by a Kelvin classification (absolute temperature degree scale) and assigned the symbol of the K unit.

Kelvin ratings are commonly listed in low energy fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. Grid voltage halogen and incandescent lamps generally do not carry color temperature information, but they typically produce a warm white or white color between 2700k and 3400k.

The international colour code is often used to indicate the light temperature of a lamp.

Colour temperature

This code is a three-digit number.

The first digit refers to the chromatic rendering index (CRI): if it is 8, the CRI is between 80 and 90, if it is 9, it is between 90 and 100. The next two numbers are the colour temperature (up to the nearest hundred) divided by 100 kelvins, so that if the temperature is 6500 K, the number is 65.

The bulbs in our equipment have a CRI of 90. You'll see it in the technical specifications!

You may find all this information a little bit complicated, but we think that every good grower should have some basic knowledge of lighting elements, though you must not worry about it, because you will have more detailed information in our blog or in our cannabis guides.

And if you have any doubt... you already know... we are waiting for your questions!

Enjoy the equipments!

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