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Serious Seeds: Feminized varieties that will surprise you

PEV Grow is proud to present another of the Dutch legends in the world of cannabis. This is the premium grade marijuana seeds bank,  Serious Seeds. Its foundation dates back to 1994, in a time when the cannabis sector was in its infancy and Dutch society was beginning to consolidate the golden age of coffee shops

Its founder, Simon, a specialist in growing and development of strains with very high THC content, wanted to make Serious Seeds a world reference, better known for its quality than for its number of genetics.

In the present day, this seeds bank is one of the Dutch banks that maintain this mentioned quality punch, producing cultivars with a stability and consistency very difficult to match. Also in the last years, the seeds bank have developed hybrids with special characteristics that, undoubtedly, have been recognized and reproduced by the best breeders in the world.


Serious Seeds feminized varieties catalogue:

Serious Seeds was one of the first Seed banks which raised THC levels above 20% in some of its chemovars. We can never forget what strains such as Serious Seeds AK-47, Serious Seeds Chronic and Kali Mist Strain have meant for a whole generation of breeders and Spanish Grow Shops, since they are genetics that have served all them as a starting point for development and research to produce new hybrids.

Thanks to all this work, in less than a decade, new cannabinoid ratios and new combinations of terpenes were established, while agronomic improvements were introduced. Its commercial products were in the beginning regular seed formats, but Serious Seeds has gradually adapted its products to the market demands by also developing feminised seeds (Serious Seeds Feminized) as well as a new Rudelaris-like strain as Serious Seeds White Russian, an autoflowering format.

Besides the already mentioned cultivars well known by all of you, its quality compels us to make mention of other of its top genetic, such as:

Biddy Early:

A strain especially developed for outdoor crops. Very resistant to pests and fast growing, it complies with short flowering cycles, offering crops of great production and quality even in cold climates. It is a robust genetic highly recommended for novice growers.

Bubble Gum

Very recognizable by its potency and sweet smell, it produces buds completely covered with crystals. A plant from Indiana (United States) and imported by the greatest cannabis gurus to Holland, has been a winning sativa of many awards such as High Time Cannabis Cup in eleven times, plant of the year in 2006 in the magazine Soft Secrets, and a Third Sativa award in Expogrow 2016 in its feminized seeds format.

White Russian:

Another legendary Indica Monster. An extraordinary and very wise crossbreed between two legends as AK-47 and White Widow. Also winning prestigious prizes like High Time Cannabis Cup in 1996 and Cup Best Bio Grass in 1997. A good choice for medicinal users with high THC due to its remarked painkiller action.


Other hybrids from the last generation very advisable by which deserve special mention are plants as Serious Seeds Double Dutch, Serious Seeds Motavation, Serious Seeds Serious 6, Serious Seeds Serious Happiness, Serious Seeds Serious Skunk.

In recent years, and with the growing trend of cannabis for medical use, as well as regulations have been adapting for this purpose, Serious Seeds has continued its evolution towards the development of genetics with cannabinoid ratios more adjusted to medicinal uses.

It is undoubtedly the best quality in marijuana seeds developed by authentic specialists ... you will notice the difference! Do we help you to grow them?

Serious Seeds: the best seeds with therapeutic effect

This time we are proud to introduce to you, the high CBD seeds from the Serious Seeds seed bank, you are going to hallucinate Cannalovers!

Serious Seeds, is a seed bank highly regarded and revered at European and even worldwide, based in Holland, where since 1994 their varieties create trends and are a classic in all Coffee Shop.

Today the cannabis market is an element in constant evolution, and the result is that today, the varieties with high content in CBD, have increased their demand a real barbarity, and all motivated by recent and reputed scientific and medical studies, which have been carried out in the last decade and which show that the consumption of CBD brings many medicinal benefits, and that it is even being used in traditional medicine to treat conditions to which it can not provide a solution, such as spasms caused by epilepsy, reduction of attack episodes in diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, etc..


Discover the catalogue of high CBD seeds from Serious Seeds:

This is why the breeders of Serious Seeds have set to work, and have created two varieties with high CBD content, perfect for lovers of medicinal properties of cannabis, and not looking for a psychoactive effect, but relax and enjoy.

CBD Chronic

Firstly, the CBD Chronic, whose origin is the result of the combination between Chronic and Remedy, which comes well loaded with CBD getting a THC ratio: CBD 1:1 perfectly balanced. It behaves great, showing very good resistance to fungal pests, although I always err on the side of foresight, and I like to use a fungicide such as Agrobeta Total Fungi, which is 100% organic and is also suitable for powdery mildew, mildew and Botrytis.


CBD Warlock

You can also try the CBD Warlock, a true wonder, descended from Warlock and Cannatonic, which gives it those high amounts of CBD and is perfectly balanced with the THC achieving a 1:1 balance. This weed has very balanced effects and therapeutically recommended for multiple sclerosis, arthritis, glaucoma and epileptic seizures, all with an exquisite aroma and flavor, with fruity, sweet and spicy nuances, which will undoubtedly delight all of you. In both indoor and outdoor crops, SOG and SCROG techniques come great to get the maximum yield, and in both cases you have an article in our blog with which you will be able to know step by step which are the techniques you need to be a success. Be careful and outdoors I always recommend you use a good preventive to protect it from attacks of insects.


Enjoy these impressive works of art at PevGrow. Discover the medicinal properties of cannabis from the hand of Serious Seeds, enjoy them!

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