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Soma Seeds, an activist who has been fighting for more than 40 years


We are proud to announce, a signing that will undoubtedly add a lot to our repertoire of seeds, nothing more and nothing less than the catalog of feminized varieties of Soma Seeds, a real gift for your senses!

Soma Seeds was created by a Rastafarian called Soma, more than 40 years ago, his main obsession was to get a product of very good quality, without damaging the environment, so from the beginning and until today, Soma Seeds only makes organic crops, and whose varieties adapt to any type of environment.


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As good connoisseurs and loyal fans of Soma Seeds, we have taken the liberty of presenting our private selection to you, Here we go!


Amnesia Haze

A true classic from the Soma Seeds catalogue, which was awarded for its excellence with the 1st prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. It is characterized by having some really addictive organoleptic properties, which catch you from the first puff.

Its effects are very powerful and will literally make you forget about the problems, but beware because if you are not an expert smoker you may feel it overwhelming, Watch out!



It mixes the multiple hybrid Jack Herer, with a Korean Big Skunk to form a plant, that will give the sweetest buds of the catalogue of Soma Seeds. In indoor growing, it reacts very well to SOG growing technique, although both branches and height have to be controlled. In just 9-10 weeks flowering period, you can collect up to 550 gr per m2.In outdoor crops, with a good dose of sunlight, you can collect up to 600 grams of buds per plant, marked by a brutal quality.



His birth is the result of the combination between Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani and Hawaiian, giving rise to an extraordinary weed, a very simple crop and loves for its impressive qualities.

Its aroma and flavor is unmistakable, when you give the first puff, its sweet aroma intoxicates you and combines with a traditional Afghan hashish flavor, really beast.

Its effect is very relaxing at body level, while providing an open mind, perfect for forgetting everything after the children have gone to sleep, it will be your little secret!


All these varieties and many more, are already available in your trusted online Growshop, I invite you to dive into the vast sea of feminized varieties that Soma Seeds has prepared for you, because although it is very difficult to choose one of such a conglomerate of cannabis stars, there is one that will come as a ring to your finger, what are you waiting to discover? Enjoy the seed catalog of this Dutch breeder at the best market price in PevGrow! Where else?

Soma Seeds, quality recognized for 40 years


Welcome Cannalovers! I have the great pleasure to present to you, the catalogue of regulars of the seed bank Soma Seeds. This bank does not need presentation anywhere in the globe, but like everything in this life, before reaching success there has been a process of learning and development that is moved to more than 40 years ago, when a rastafari called Soma, decided to create his own seed bank, in which he offered his own creations, which he had hybridized with a genetic selection from his travels around the world.

His obsession was none other than to create a product of very good quality, which was also respectful of the environment, which is why from then until today, the crops of Soma Seeds are organic and this is directly reflected in the quality of their varieties.


Soma Seeds Catalogue


As a loyal follower of Soma Seeds since I was a teenager eager for new experiences, I have taken the liberty of making public my favorite regular varieties of Soma Seeds:


G13 Haze Somango

A weed that is already a classic in the market and attracts thousands of smokers, thanks to its impressive organoleptic properties that are highlighted by a tropical mango aroma and flavor, which is a real scandal!

Its effect is clearly stimulating, and you will be able to notice it very soon, perfect to have a good laugh with friends.


G13 Haze Lavender

This weed was born from the cross between the genetics Landrace Afgana x Hawaiian and Korean, resulting in one of the most prominent strains in the catalog of regular seeds of Soma Seeds.

In indoor crops, it behaves great under Sea Of Green cultivation technique, obtaining a good number of well loaded buds. If you have never practiced this cultivation technique, in our blog Think Green, you have an article that explains step by step what needs to be done so you can practice it without problems. Ah! For the most professional growers, you can use it as a mother plant turning it into a marijuana Bonsai and use a reduced space to conserve it.

In outdoor crops, if you have the possibility to cultivate it on land will show you its full potential.


G13 Haze White Willow

You are in front of one of the tastiest and most distinguished vines of Soma Seeds, and that its home-made dessert flavour with sweet notes, is an authentic past. The effects it causes are very relaxing at body level, perfect for smoking before going to sleep, and very useful as medicinal marijuana against anxiety attacks and insomnia.


Discover now in your trusted online Growshop what Soma Seeds is capable of doing, whether you decide to use them as mother plants to make your own hybrids, or to smoke them and enjoy their organoleptic properties. At PevGrow, you can find the Soma Seeds regular seed catalogue at an incredible price and with permanent offers on many of them, Welcome.

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