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Dr Underground 

Dear cannagrowers ... welcome to PEV Grow!

At PEV Grow, we are proud to present you Dr. Underground Seeds as a bank of Spanish feminized marijuana seeds, created in 2008 with the goal of offering to the market original hybrids from the best varieties already consolidated in Europe, many of which also have a purely American character.

Dr. Underground Seeds has selected clones of first quality genetics, such as Bubblegum and Chronic from Serious Seeds, as well as the more prestigious Lavender from Soma Sacred Seeds or even the Destroyer genetics from Cannabiogen.

The new crosses that this prolific seed bank has developed provide new hybrids with formidable features, obtaining almost 100% indica phenotypes such as Melon Gum (Bubblegum x Lavender) or very powerful and psychoactive Sativa hybrids such as Crystal METH (a Destroyer hybrid), from King Kong and a meeting between Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and Chronic.

Other very interesting varieties we are able to find in this marijuana seeds bank are as splendid as American Beauty (a hybrid sativa/indica 50/50 American crossing provided by Space Queen x Black Cherry soda), Black Jesus OG (an OG Kush of pure Tahoe OG style), Brooklyn mango (a New York city Diesel very well worked) and Pain Killer, a medicinal hybrid, of very narcotic character THC-rich but with high levels of CBD in its chemotype.

The Dr Underground seeds are produced via STS application, preserving the quality and genetic purity by its expert breeders, and they are packaged in formats of 2, 4 and 8 seeds.

An extraordinary selection and breeding of genetics for all lovers of indoor and outdoor marijuana growing!

And in PEV Grow we work to place it at your fingertips ...

Are you being left out of tasting these sweet sweet sensations?