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Mr Nice 

The marijuana seeds bank Mr Nice, owned by Shantibaba, a prestigious breeder with expertise in the cannabis world, is pioneer in the production of some of the most important cannabis genetics in the world, working for the biggest seeds banks around the world in a professional level as Sensi Seeds Bank, Ducth passion Seeds Bank and lastly performing special natural crossbreds with genetics CBD-rich for CBD Crew Seeds Bank.

The work of this seeds bank also incorporates the quality touch of great European and American breeders, and the invaluable collaboration of Howard Marks, our dear friend Mr. Nice.

The history of Shantibaba and Mr. Nice is somewhat troubled.

Mr. Nice and Shantibaba met in the late 1990s, the time when Shantibaba lived in Holland, as he was previously one of the founders of the Green House Seeds Bank.

At that time Mr. Nice was released from a long period of time in prison in the USA, became close friends and with the unparalleled collaboration of Neville Schoenmaker (one of the parents of the majority of the greatest Dutch seed banks), began to mark a golden age for the development of the cannabis strains we grow and consume today.

These great breeders of the world’s cannabis landscape created legendary genetics such as

  • Mr. Nice Northern Lights # 5
  • Mr.Nice NL5 x Haze
  • Mr.Nice Super Silver Haze
  • Mr. Nice White Widow
  • Mr. Nice White Rhino
  • Mr. Nice Critical Mass
  • Mr. Nice Afghan Haze
  • Mr.Nice Critical Skunk
  • And the exultantly Mr.Nice G13 x Hash Plant

A genetic also offered by Sensi Seeds Bank and very appreciated by its followers. 

Howard Marks, commonly known as Mr.Nice in the cannabis world, has always been a fervent supporter of the therapeutic value of marijuana, showing himself as a breeder of the old school, and betting on the genetic inception for each cultivar from its growing as regular seeds basis point of view.

Strains such as Mr.Nice Early Skunk, Mr. Nice La Niña, Mr.Nice G13 x Skunk, Mr. Nice G13 Widow, Mr.Nice Black Widow, and Mr.Nice Mango Haze are the result of a high range of Indica-Sativa hybridization, due to the finest crop of homogeneous strains for generations, and the selection of unique traits, among which we can enjoy special ratios of cannabinoids adjusted for specific medicinal uses, with the imprint of unmistakable terpene notes.

Although Mr. Nice does not offer a typical product on the market, such as feminised or autoflowering seeds, his work is focused more on the genetic reserve of supreme quality, which delights indoor and outdoor growers, distinguishing his strains for their flavor and blunt medical effects, a work emerged from love for marijuana and activism along decades.

Mr. Nice is our winning bet ... Would you live his legend with us?