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Strain Hunters: Feminized seeds with very special genetics.

PEV Grow is proud to introduce another of Arjan's jewels, produced by the king of cannabis, and founder of the seed bank that you all know, Green House Seeds.

Strain Hunters' project was initially conceived as a kind of travel magazine, in which both Arjan and the now-defunct Franco Loja publish images and videos of their travels through Jamaica, Malawi, India, Morocco, Swaziland, Trinidad, San Vicente and Colombia, one of the countries that most recently visited these great breeders, in search of the true variety of marijuana original Punto Rojo. It's not surprising that they found special genetics such as Colombian Punto Rojo, being these, the main varieties of marijuana as a starting point for the development of Strain Hunters genetics.

Green House Seeds is known for the quality of its seeds, and also for its coffeeshops, which have been leaving tourists happy for years, from the heart of Amsterdam, let's not forget that this whole cannabis market began to set up there.

Although many of the strains created by Green House already have a hybridization that arises from a pure landrace, such as sativa strains as Arjan's Haze series, Strain Hunters has wanted to complete a whole range of pure exotic strains, many of them brought from underdeveloped countries, but with a supreme natural richness. Undoubtedly a complimentary tribute to the cannabiculturists who have made proliferate all these genetics not too well known today. Arjan and his boys were very well received by the local growers, which quickly led to the strengthening of alliances and corporate collaborations, providing the best varieties of marijuana seeds in the different areas visited.

Strain Hunters Seed Company also entrusted the seed stock to these growers so that they could discover new cultivars and observe their development, production and potency, according to the growing environment where those strains had to proliferate.

Strain Hunters, thus, represent the union between the cannabic business world and the most advanced marijuana cultivation methods, something that is now traditional among the best Dutch seed banks, in addition to Strain Hunters' experience gained from its cultural interaction with all types of marijuana growers around the world, whose vocation is to exchange and spread this passion for indigenous cannabis plants, as a symbol of the diversity that nature share with us. 

Discover the Strain Hunters feminized catalogue:

In PEV Grow we offer you the complete catalogue of Strain Hunters marijuana seeds that represent all the cultivars related to this project, whether pure landraces, and their hybrids later developed by Franco and later tested by his international collaborators.

You will be able to enjoy, therefore, of all this delicacy brought from the most remote places on earth, where the marijuana grows almost wild, with an incomparable quality, having at hand feminized strains to discover in multitude of cannabic palates like Damnesia Auto, Flowerbomb Kush, Skunk Auto, White Lemon, White Strawberry Skunk, Big Tooth, Money Maker, Afgooey, Caboose...

An authentic "high" of pure cannabic landraces! Don't miss the DVD they promote in each pack of their seeds... It will make you want to become another real Strain Hunter, or marijuana genetics hunter from all over the world. Don't miss it out!

Strain Hunters, a seed bank that makes a difference


Strain Hunters is a seed bank promoted by Green House Seeds, whose purpose is to recover landrace genetics that until now were thought forgotten. Their investigations have allowed them to recover and us to enjoy, true legends of cannabis, coming from India, Africa and South America, and in spite of their young age, since it was founded in 2013, since then it has won numerous cannabic prizes that recognize their impressive works.

In PevGrow, we always have the latest news that the seed banks are incorporating every year, so in our Growshop online you can learn first hand, all the news from the Strain Hunters catalog, you can not miss!


The autoflowering of the Strain Hunters catalogue


Strain Hunters' catalogue of autoflowering varieties is not very extensive, as it is made up of two varieties at the moment, but the Strain Hunters team has assured us that they are working on new creations and that they will soon be available. I am of the opinion that quality is better than quantity and I firmly believe that Strain Hunters does not need more, because you are going to be amazed with the quality of these genetics.


Auto Damnesia

Its genetic origin is the result of the fusion between Damnesia and a Ruderalis, giving rise to a weed with a very branched structure, and is characterized by a magnificent productivity, which in outdoor crops can reach up to 70-80 gr per plant, for which I recommend you use a pot of about 18 liters, to provide space for root growth, which affects of course to a greater growth and productivity.

In indoor crops, I always use 7 litre pots, as with them I can place 14 plants per m2, and in just 10 weeks you can collect a good handful of buds.


Auto Skunk

The second variety that makes up Strain Hunters' catalogue of autoflowering seeds, and which is an authentic spectacle. From the first puff, you'll be enchanted by its impressive organoleptic properties, marked by a taste and aroma with floral notes, which give it a freshness that will make your taste buds dance in ecstasy! Its effects are powerful and psychoactive, perfect for those looking for interstellar travel from their sofa!


Discover Strain Hunters' catalogue of autoflowering varieties in your trusted online Growshop, wait no longer!

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