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Devil's Harvest Seeds: Feminized Flavored Seeds

Dear cannagrowers ... welcome to PEV Grow!

From PEV Grow, we keep advancing in the implementation of a marijuana seeds catalog as complete as possible, which is why we present you one of the most charismatic Dutch seed banks as is currently The Devil's Harvest Seed Company.

At PEV Grow, we pride ourselves on marketing and selling high-flavor, strong and high-yield cannabis varieties. All the cannabis genetics that this seed bank presents are robust and suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation (depending on the location, as you already know), in addition to providing a wide variety of flavors and effects very much in accordance with the typical Dutch hybrid of the last 20 years.

Each variety has been developed selectively from the extensive experience that The Devil's Harvest Seed Company provides in the selection of unique cannabis genotypes, to give rise to a cast of incredibly powerful varieties.

Devil's Harvest Seed Company was founded by committed breeders after several years of success. During this time, they worked with many of the strongest breeders within the cannabis industry.

After years of smoking and tasting the best products that Amsterdam's famous Coffeeshops had in their pantries, Paul decided to create The Devil's Harvest Seed Company. The goal was to showcase their cannabis varieties and distribute their cannabis seeds around the world.

Devil's Harvest Seeds Feminized Seeds Catalogue:

The hallucinatory combination of old-school genetics with new varieties of extraordinary prestige has resulted in some of the most exclusive and sought-after cannabis phenotypes in the current cannabis industry. This has led to phenomenal recognition and international success for this bank.

We at PEV Grow want you to make the best possible decision to grow your favorite cannabis, encouraging you to buy cannabis seeds based solely on your tastes and needs, always recommending the best.

In PEV Grow we offer a wide selection of high-quality cannabis seeds, with different properties in order to ensure superior qualities, and adapted to each type of grower, only providing plants with a strong genetic structure. This is why we strongly recommend the varieties of The Devil's Harvest Seeds.

On our PEV Grow website you have the tools and the right knowledge for a successful crop, there you can use our cannabis dictionary and description of varieties to choose the plant that suits your needs the best.

Will you be left out of tasting them?

Devil's Harvest Seeds Regular, demonically good seed bank - try them!


Welcome PevGrow Lover! As always at PevGrow, we don't rest to bring you the best cannabis seeds on the market, and that's why we've added Devils Harvest Seeds to our catalogue, a real treat for your senses!

This seed bank arose in Holland about 20 years ago, and today is one of the most reputable seed banks in the market, and whose creations triumph in the Coffee Shops, where believe me that not everyone triumphs, because if anything the Dutch know is Cannabis.


The selection of our experts



Result of a really spectacular crossing of cannabis, on the one hand, Cheese, queen of the United Kingdom, and on the other hand SFV of the valley of San Fernando, the best of the United States, The result? Obviously, a real success that is characterized by having some organoleptic properties of crazy, marked by a flavor and aroma of spectacular cured cheese, but it differs in that it has some very intense Kush nuances.

Its effects are typically Indian, with a very dense high and physical character, which provides a very intense relaxation, perfect for climbing to the seventh sky without scales.


Devil's Dawg

This weed is a real pass, fruit of the marriage between Chemdawg and Devil's Haze, gives rise to a plant with an aroma and flavor is fresh and intense, with spicy notes and some clear Haze reminiscences, which will charm all lovers of this type of genetics, with an experience that will hardly be able to forget.

Its effects are powerful and instantaneous, you perceive them from the first puff, and are characterized by a bestial rise, which will elevate you to the very stars, get ready for the trip!



One of the members of the cut of the most outstanding varieties of the regular catalogue of Devils Harvest Seeds, originated with the combination between New York City Diesel and Big Buddha Cheese, with which each puff becomes a mix of sensations that is very difficult to describe. Its aroma and flavor are characterized by a mixture of citrus tones, sweet, spicy and fruity in combination with hints of cured cheese, which is catalogued as a wonder by the most exquisite palates.

From the first puff, you will notice an intense high, which will provide a very powerful effect perfect for lovers of strong sensations.


Devils Harvest Seeds, arrives at your trusted online Growshop and does so with the strength of a cyclone and with its wonderful catalogue of regular varieties, productivity, genetics selected to the millimeter, in short, why don't we stop talking and discover their wonderful properties? They are waiting for you!

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