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Victory Seeds: powerful and innovative feminized seeds

At PevGrow we have many varieties from the Victory Seeds marijuana seed bank. But would you be interested to know a little more about where the seeds that make you so happy come from? If yes, we invite you to learn more about Victory Seeds, the history of the bank and its main varieties.

Victory Seeds: the famous genetic seed bank

Victory Seeds defines itself as specialists in feminized cannabis seeds, is an emerging bank, founded by a group of Dutch friends who are marijuana fanatics. Despite his short time in the market (relative to other banks), his activity has made him a key player in the industry. In fact, in recent years has been one of the banks that has won more competitions and marijuana prizes.

Its activity focuses on Europe: it currently has distributors in Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Of course, you can also find Victory Seeds products in Spain.

In their work philosophy they feel that they carry the spirit of cannabis. According to the information available on their website, those who work at Victory Seeds believe that growing cannabis is more than just a matter of time and money. It involves passion, patience, love, care and years of experience that have become knowledge.

The best varieties from the Victory Seeds 2019 catalogue:

In this bank they boast of having the most reliable, potent and satisfying strains on the market. All their seeds give plants of the highest quality with optimum potencies and aromas.

Victory Seeds aims to take award-winning genetics and improve them in the best possible way, focusing on THC and CBD levels, medicinal values, visual appearance, taste, aroma and potency.

In this section of their catalogue you will find around 25 feminized seeds.

Below, we briefly present the most outstanding according to our tastes and those of our customers:

Amnesia Haze

One of the most popular varieties of the bank, noted for its simple cultivation resulting in a plant of medium height. This feminized seed reaches a large size, mostly sativa phenotype its effect and aroma is really powerful.

For its creation were crossed genetics of Southeast Asia (Thai, Cambodian and Laotian), Jamaican varieties characterized by its high THC and Afghan-Hawaiian strains. The combination has resulted in a strain that won first place in 3 Cannabis competitions in Holland, including the High Times Cannabis Cup 2004.

Og Kush

Another variety with more than favorable opinions from our customers, mostly indica phenotype causes a high in the demolishing body. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation and is characterized by a large production of buds. Don't miss this American legend.


The sweetest marijuana par excellence, this hybrid sativa and indica can reach a height of up to 2 meters and will give you a lot of buds to treasure for a long time in your pantry.

It can be very good for guerrilla crops and also has a great resistance to foul air and mold. Quite an old school myth.  

Undoubtedly, Victory Seeds is one of the most prolific and innovative banks. In PevGrow we have all its varieties and we invite you to read all the opinions about them.

You'll see how it's a safe bet, my friend.

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