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Storz & Bickel arises in 1996, when its founder was Markus Storz began to develop vaporizers, getting only two years later, patent the Globe detachable valve, becoming today in its star product and the symbol of the brand.

When geniuses can make their dreams come true, the result is an authentic work of art, since in 2000 he was able to found the company Vapormed Inhalatoren with which he manufactures and distributes the vaporizer Volcano Storz & Bickel, the first in a series of vaporizers that have led the way for other companies.

The current Storz & Bickel, arises from the association of Markus Storz with Jürgen Bickel in 2002, after a restructuring of the company to meet the enormous demand they had to meet. Storz & Bickel has its operating centre in Tuttlingen, known worldwide as the world centre of medical engineering, as more than 400 companies are concentrated in this activity.

Storz & Bickel is a brand characterised by the production of extremely high quality products, manufactured to the highest standards, all of which has been corroborated by the obtaining of the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality certification, being the first manufacturer of vaporisers to achieve this.


Storz & Bickel vaporizers catalogue:

- Storz & Bickel Volcano Steamer:

This is the flagship of Storz & Bickel, the real responsible for the relentless growth of a brand that has very clear ideas and their way of working. The Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer is a table-top vaporizer, with a characteristic globe filled with dense steam, which is suitable for herbs, resins, oils or liquids.

There are two types of Volcano vaporizer, the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit, the first is a more economical version with a manual temperature regulator, while the second is composed of a large Digital display, which informs the operating status of the vaporizer as well as its electronic temperature regulation, accurate and reliable.

On the other hand we have the Solid Valve and the Easy Valve, both compatible with the two types of vaporizer Volcano Storz & Bickel. The Solid Valve has the original valve and comes with a 3 meter tube with which you can determine the size of your bags.

The Easy Valve, comes with the balloon attached for easy and simple installation, and is composed of 5 bags. The Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer comes with a 3 year warranty.

- Storz & Bickel Crafty Steamer:

The Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer, is a small vaporizer and very lightweight, but do not be fooled by its often appearance, as its power as a vaporizer is really amazing. It also has two rechargeable lithium batteries that provide incredible durability. As if that weren't enough, it comes with an integrated digital display with which we can know the state of the battery, and also has a manual regulation of the vapeo temperature. It comes with a two-year warranty.

- Mighty steamer from Storz & Bickel:

The Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer is the smallest of the Storz & Bickel family, weighing only 135 grams. It comes with a built-in lithium battery that gives it an extremely long life.

Its mode of use is the simplest of the entire range of vaporizers Storz & Bickel, just load the bowl with your favorite grass and press the click, in a matter of seconds will reach a temperature of 180 º, and if we press double click activates the temperature of acceleration and when it vibrates means it is ready.


Mobile App by Storz & Bickel:

To put the icing on the cake, and in line with the adaptation to the times and innovation of Storz & Bickel, the Mighty vaporizer Storz & Bickel has available a mobile App, which you can download for free and with which you can set the maximum vaporization temperature, if you want to vibrate or not to reach it, see the state of the battery, and so on.


Discover at Pevgrow, all the vaporizers that make up the Storz & Bickel catalogue, such as the Storz & Bickel Plenty fashion vaporizer, as well as all the original spare parts you need for your Storz & Bickel vaporizers, at the best price and under the security offered by buying in your trusted Growshop.

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