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Anti-odor carbon filters  

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  • 100/250 (237 m3/h)59,97 €
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  • 100*150mm58,00 €
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  • 100x250mm ( 150m3/h)39,00 €
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  • 150x650 m3/h150,00 €
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  • 100 X 150mm (180 m3)3,00 €
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If you want to hop culture Indoor cannabis for your own consumption it is vitally important that you use some kind of odor filter to avoid disturbing the neighbors and discretion thereof, since in flowering stage the smell of your crop may be relatively intense.
In Piensa En Verde we recommend coal anti-odor filters in any sizes and brands for its high efficiency, since they can reduce to zero the smell of exhaust outlet.
These filters are placed, as mentioned, on the output air extraction cabinet or room and its size or m3 / h depending on the size of your culture room.
To calculate the size or m3 / h you need in your cultivation of cannabis you need to know the calculations of the size of the room and the extractor used to find the most suitable filter that you can find in the catalog of our Grow Shop.
To calculate the m3 (cubic meters) of the room where our culture is and use the most suitable carbon filter must perform a simple formula that you set forth below:
Example: I have a wardrobe of 2 meters high, 1.2 wide and 1.2 long its volume would be:
Height 2 m. X width 1.2m. X 1.2 m long. = 2.88 m³.
The next step is to calculate the total air we need to move per hour. If we wish to renew the air every two minutes apply the following calculation:
60 min./ 2 min. = 30 times per hour.
30 times/hour X 2.88 m³ culture closet = 86.4 m³ per hour.
We apply these two formulas depending on the size of our Indoor Cultivation.
For this example we have different products, being a small crop we'd go to the smaller versions of each brand that exceed the needs to cover, such as:
Koalair 100x 150mm anti - odor filter (180 m3 / h)
Carbon Filter Can-Filters metal diameter 150 (650 m3 / hour)
Carbon Filter Can-Filters Plastic mod. 2600 of 45 cm x 14.5 cm (156m3)
Personally we recommend that the filter anti - odor carbon is slightly higher than the result of the formula, as if the crop emerges much smell could eliminate "part" of it but still continue to smell a little "thing we do not want", so the result end could add between 20% or 40% to ensure good purification of the exhaust air.  
In your Grow Shop trusted we have different sizes and brands that you can buy, as well as different conduit pipes of different qualities and adapters for proper installation and removal correct odors out of growing room, thus avoiding drawing attention neighbors by a major cause of external detection Indoor Crop.
Remember that it is advisable to change shirts felt lining the filter, because of its deterioration and filling activated carbon filters, each approximately one year of use, saturating odor pores, and eventually, go limiting its efficiency.