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Can Lite Carbon Filter

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The Can-Lite anti-odour filter is the best solution for the problem of odors in indoor marijuana crops. This model is disposable, that is, it cannot be refilled with activated carbon nor does it need to be, because it has a durability of up to 1 year with maximum efficiency. You have different models available with different measurements, ideal for all kinds of powers and mouth sizes of extractors and ventilation ducts.

What is the Can-Lite carbon filter like?

It is a lighter anti-odour filter than most models available on the market, something that is appreciated at the time of installation. It is a tube that contains 5.1 kilos of CKV-4 type virgin granulated activated carbon, the most effective at present. On the outside it has a jacket pre-filter that prevents dust from penetrating into the micropores to prevent it from clogging.

How is the Can-Lite anti-odour filter installed? 

It is connected to the air extraction system of the indoor crop through the ventilation ducts. You have to choose the Can-Lite model based on the power of the extractor, taking into account that it is advisable to go overboard in this sense, that is, if the extractor is 1000m3/h it would be good to install an anti-odour filter of more than 1000m3 /h, in this case it could be the Can-Lite 1000 or Can-Lite 1500 models.

The filter is placed at the end of the air extraction circuit, it can be hung on the bars that the grow tent has on the ceiling of the grow tent or also to the ceiling of the room in the event that it is not grown in a tent. The filter has 2 ends, one is covered but in the other you will see a mouth that is the connection for the ventilation duct, you have to put this open end facing the air outlet and with the help of a clamp, a metal flange or special adhesive tape for this purpose. The other side of the ventilation duct is connected to the extractor that removes the air from the crop, and at the other exit of the extractor another ventilation duct is connected that has to be taken to a window or exit to the outside.

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With the Can-Lite filter you will never have odor problems when growing marijuana, and discretion is very important because you never know... Order this product or anything else you need for your grow at Pevgrow and you will get a satisfaction guarantee that no other grow shop will give you, and as always the best quality/price ratio on the market.

What sizes of Can Lite Carbon Filter are available?

- 100 x 250 mm (150 m3/h)
- 100 x 450 mm (300 m3/h)
- 125 x 600 mm (425 m3/h)
- 150 x 350 mm (425 m3/h)
- 150 x 475 mm (600 m3/h)
- 200 x 410 mm (800 m3/h)
- 220 x 330 mm (800 m3/h)
- 250 x 500 mm (1000 m3/h)
- 250 x 750 mm (1500 m3/h)
- 250 x 1000 mm (2000 m3/h)
- 250 x 1000 mm (2500 m3/h)
- 315 x 1000 mm (3000 m3/h)
- 355 x 1000 mm (3500 m3/h)
- 355 x 1000 mm (4500 m3/h)

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