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Mr Hide Seeds is a newly created seed bank, more specifically they have been operating since 2015 and since then growth and success have been relentless.

His work is dedicated and with a business model where quality prevails over the excessive sale of seeds, the 5 fundamental values on which Mr Hide Seeds is based when elaborating his magnificent varieties are:


- Quality

- Homogeneity

- Organoleptic properties

- Germination rate

- Spectacular hybrid vigour


Mr Hide Seeds' early and recognized prestige is not the result of chance, his constant investment in R&D and his creations of Premium quality, it is what has earned them the confidence of the end customer as well as his recognized awards in various cannabis competitions that augur well for a successful present but best of all, a very promising future.


Discover in PevGrow the different varieties from the Mr Hide Seeds catalogue, which offers autoflowering, feminized and CBD Rich seeds.

Mr Hide Seeds, one of the most promising seed banks on the market


Burst with the force of a cyclone in our Growshop online, Mr Hide Seeds, with its impressive catalogue of autoflowering seeds. And is that, despite its recent creation in 2015, this seed bank has opened a very large gap in the national cannabis market, and all thanks to his conscientious way of working, in which quality is the only possible way, and all guaranteed by a rigorous procedure of genetic selection, where we try to make each strain more perfect than the previous one.

Mr Hide Seeds follows 5 fundamental and unalterable values when creating his own varieties: Quality, homogeneity, flavour and aroma, germination rate above 90% and a spectacular hybrid vigour.


Within the catalogue of Mr Hide Seeds the most important varieties are:


Auto Mazar Blue

A true icon of Mr Hide Seeds, whose genetic origin comes from nothing less than the marriage between Blueberry and Mazar Blue, and characterized by bestial production levels and a flowering period of only 70 days. But what really falls in love with everyone who tries Auto Mazar Blue, are its organoleptic properties, and is that they are characterized by a sweet flavor and aroma, with notes of exotic fruits, which gives a fresh combination, which causes each puff necessarily want to be followed by another, you can not resist!


Auto Amnesia

Another of Mr Hide Seeds' creations that has burst onto the market with great force is Auto Amnesia. A weed of clear predominance Sativa, that when it grows is replete of a good quantity of buds and resin, reason why it is a very good option to realize extractions.

In interior, you will be able to collect between 400 and 500 gr per m2, I recommend you to use pots of 11 liters placing 9 plants per m2, under a HPS light of 600w, and giving a photoperiod 20/4 in the phase of growth and flowering. Remember that the autoflowering do not depend on the photoperiod.

Outdoors, works a good substrate of quality, I work great worm humus and also put it in a pot of 18 liters, with which I avoid making later transplants, and thus be able to damage the roots.


This is just an aperitif of what Mr Hide Seeds is capable of, I invite you to dive into the wide sea of autoflowering varieties offered by Mr Hide Seeds, and of course, already available in PevGrow!

Mr Hide Seeds, who said being a newcomer was a problem? These guys know what they're doing! Enjoy their amazing varieties!


Dear grower, this time, I'm going to announce a bomb signing! Comes our Growshop online, the catalog of varieties rich in CBD Mr Hide Seeds. Despite their youth, as they officially started their activity in 2015, their business model based on offering a quality product has turned out to be a total success, and their team of breeders have a few years of experience behind them and without a doubt it has been noticed. Ah! I forgot, do you know that some of their creations have some cannabic cup in their possession? Crazy!


Catalogue of varieties rich in CBD Mr Hide Seeds


Auto Winweed CBD

A weed whose origin is a mystery, but which will dazzle smokers looking for an organoleptic experience, which immerses their senses in a wave of pleasure, and no doubt with Auto Winweed CBD you will succeed, because its sweet taste is addictive, and its aroma of exotic fruits are the perfect combination. Ready to travel to the island of pleasure?

Its effects are marked by its CBD level of 11%, which makes it a perfect choice for use as medical marijuana, ideal for treating states of anxiety, arthritis pain, reduction of seizures in epileptic seizures, and so on.


Full Moon CBD

In about 70 days from germination, I will be able to deliver a wonderful reward of 500-550 gr per m2 in indoor crops, for which I like to use 7 litre pots, placing up to 14 plants per m2, under the intensity of an HPS focus of 600w.

In outdoor crops, will give you an astronomical figure, 800 gr per plant, but for this you must pamper it, such as using a good fertilizer for flowering as Canna Flores, in combination with a bud stimulator like Brutal Buds, so that that wonderful amount of buds, are well loaded with flavor and have larger size.


Piaya Haze CBD

This marvellous vine has really exceptional organoleptic properties, marked by a fresh aroma with incense notes, with a citrus flavour that remains very pleasant in the mouth. The solution? Smoke it over and over again!

From the first puff, you will be invaded by an active and energizing mental effect, which gives you creativity, accompanied by a very pleasant relaxation, but not prevent you from developing your daily activities, so it is highly recommended for people suffering from depressive states, as it invites you to do things.


Quality, price, productivity, stability, what else can I say? I'm running out of praise for these wonders! What you must do is click on each of them and choose the one you like the most, easy, safe and with the confidence to buy here, in your trusted online Growshop!

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