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Seed Makers: discover its amazing autoflowering varieties

Seedsmakers autoflowering varieties are a real delight for the senses, as each and every one of them has organoleptic properties that make them one of the wonders of the cannabic panorama.

Seed Makers is a Spanish seed bank, which has established itself among the best in the country thanks to the value for money of all its varieties. Their team of breeders has extensive experience, and some of them have worked in other seed banks before, and others are breeders who have been selecting their own varieties for a good handful of years. For this reason, they make up a very special team that creates absolutely unique varieties that give rise to specimens they have never seen before.


Discover the 2019 catalogue of Seed Makers cars:

Seed Makers Auto Critical

In our catalogue, you can find auto-flowering Seed Makers varieties as magnificent as Seed Makers Auto Critical. This variety grows indiscriminately from the first moment, giving rise to vigorous plants, which will result in a huge production of buds, becoming the largest auto production Seed Makers. In indoor crops, if you use a 315w LEC lighting system you will be able to harvest up to 450 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, if the plants low in hot climates you will have a perfect plant that will give you a good dose of buds.


The Seed Makers Automax is another of the works of art created by the Seed Makers team. One of the main characteristics of Automax, is that it is one of the fastest automatic on the market, since in just 55 days you will be able to harvest it. In indoor crops, you will have one of the varieties with the best central truncheon in the car market, being able to obtain up to 450 gr per m2. For it I have always used, 11 flowerpots of 9 liters, with a system of illumination LEC of 315 W that obtains its better yield. In outdoor crops, if you're lucky enough to live in a climate like the Mediterranean to get the best version, and get in plants of about 80 cm and with a productivity of up to 80 gr per plant.


Auto Blue

For lovers of classic varieties, Seedsmakers has created the Auto Blue, derived from the mythical Blueberry, maintaining all its bonanzas. It is characterised by very short harvest times and spectacular beauty. In Indoor crops, we will have it ready to be harvested after 55 days after germination, producing up to 45 gr per plant. If you grow outdoors, it can withstand the attacks of fungi very well, but it is certainly delicate with over-fertilization, so be careful with that. If you keep your balance, you can collect a lot of buds.


AK Auto

Without a doubt one of the stars of Seed Makers catalogue of auto-flowering varieties is the AK auto. This is the strain of Seed Makers, which has marked a before and after in the world of cannabis. AK Auto is characterized by a very productive genetics, and impressive organoleptic properties, characterized by a citrus and earthy aroma, which causes an unequalled sensation of pleasure to each puff. If you grow it indoors, with a 20/4 photoperiod and using 18-litre pots, you will be able to obtain very large harvests. If, on the other hand, you opt for outdoor cultivation, I recommend that you use a quality substrate such as bat guano, and that you place it in the terrace area with more hours of light, so you can get up to 80 gr per plant.


Discover at Pevgrow, the wide range of autoflowering varieties from the Seed Makers catalogue, and enjoy their experience and good work, which is reflected in the incredible properties of all their creations. Remember that you can give us your opinion about the experience you have had with any of Seed Makers autoflowering varieties, to help us improve and choose the products that we make available to you in our online store, because remember that, for us, your opinion comes first.

Enjoy Seed Makers autoflowering varieties now, or not, already available in your trusted Growshop, enjoy them!

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