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Outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Relaxing marijuana seeds

Relaxing marijuana seeds

Indica marijuana seeds

Indica marijuana seeds

Feminized seeds marijuana

Feminized seeds marijuana
Reduced price! Widow Seed Maker


You can now find at our online store a new variety that will improve your lifestyle, Widow from the Seed Makers seed bank. It is the result of the cloning of White Widow Original, which, due to its powerful genetics, will offer you wonderful effects with which you will be very satisfied.



This weed is a feminized and hybrid seed, that presents a genome with a 50/50 balance between Sativa and Indica, which makes it grow with an aspect similar to a Christmas tree, with a height that oscillates 1.4 meters indoors and 1.2 meters outdoors, characteristic of the indica, which makes them quite attractive, also due to the large amount of resin and unique smell in its production.



Widow offers you a very efficient and fast production, with 60 days of flowering its internal production can reach 500 g per square meter.

Its production outdoors is not short either, as this weed grows very strong and robust and can triple in size, covering itself with robust buds and reaching its greatest splendor at the beginning of October and collecting about 500 grams per plant.


Aroma and Flavor

This strain offers a peculiar contrast of strong and critical flavors with sweet touches that will make you stay with a dry mouth, but with great satisfaction. For this reason, we recommend that every time you go to consume Widow, have a bottle of water nearby, otherwise do not hesitate, try this flavor and do not want to taste another.



Are you a nervous person? Having trouble falling asleep? Widow is the solution, due to its heritage of Original White Widow and with a 50/50 balance of indica and sativa, it produces relaxing effects that will make you feel as if you were in paradise. And with just a few puffs, you'll be completely satisfied without consuming large quantities - don't miss this opportunity!



This weed is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation and is characterized by its easy planting.

In indoor cultivation, our professional breeders recommend the use of 11 litre pots with a suitable lighting system, in this case LEC lighting due to its gr/w ratio.

In outdoor crops, it is advisable to use a quality substrate such as Canna's Bio Terra Plus and use good quality water to provide the necessary nutrients and therefore boost better results.


Do you want to significantly improve your quality of life? Don't hesitate to trust us and try this strain. You won't regret it!

More info

Technical data sheet:

Bank: Seed Makers
Type: Feminized
Genetics: White Widow Original
Flowering: 60 days indoors.
Height: 0.7/1.4 indoors 1.2 outdoors
Phenotype: 50/50 Indica-Sativa
NH Outdoor Harvest: Early October
Indoor Harvest SH: Early April
Outdoor Production: 500 g per plant
Production indoor: 500 g per m2

Data Sheet

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