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Submersible water pumps are the main engine of automatic drip irrigation systems. They are pumps to remove water from the tank that we prepare with the necessary nutrient solution for the development of the plants, and there are many types, sizes and powers, from water pressure pumps that help to gain strength to achieve a greater flow, very practical water recirculation in ebb and flow systems, and even mini submersible water pumps that are used in small indoor or outdoor crops. In this category you have available a large selection of submersible irrigation pumps for marijuana plant crops.

Electric water pumps for automatic irrigation systems

If you are already clear about the power you need to mount your automatic irrigation system, all you have to do is choose the water pump that best suits the needs of your crop. Then I advise you to go through the categories of our store where we have the tubes and droppers that will take the nutrient solution to your plants, the water tank to prepare the mixture, the air pump with the diffuser stone that oxygenates the water, and in the If you do not have soft water at home, you will also have to set up a reverse osmosis unit.

On the other hand, if you do not want to complicate too much, or you are not very clear about the accessories you need to assemble your automatic irrigation system, you can also choose a drip irrigation kit with a pump, one of those that come prepared with everything you need. The irrigation distribution kits with a water pump are designed for standard size crops intended for self-consumption of the harvest, and you can find them in our category of Drip irrigation kits.

Small submersible water pumps

At Pevgrow we have a large catalog of irrigation pumps, from the smallest that only consume 10w and have a flow rate of 600 liters/hour to the most powerful that can take up to 11,000 liters per hour. The ones with the highest flow are used in industrial crops, but the smallest ones can be considered domestic water pumps because they are used in indoor grow cabinets or not very large rooms.

What pump do I need for drip irrigation in my crop? This depends on several factors, such as the number of plants to be irrigated, their size, the size of the pots or containers, the distance between the tank and the plants, the temperature and humidity of the crop, and of course the water needs specific to the cannabis plants we grow, as there are varieties that consume more water than others.

Pumps for drip and agricultural irrigation

The water extractor pumps can be used to assemble drip irrigation systems through tubes, hoses and drippers that are introduced into the plant substrate, or also to take the nutrient solution to crop fields that distribute it between ridges. or small ditches. Electric water pumps for agricultural irrigation are usually very powerful, since they have to move a large flow of water over a distance that can be very long.

As you can see, there are automatic water pumps for all types of crops, whether they are special recirculation pumps for hydroponic crops with an ebb and flow system, small water pumps ideal for drip irrigation systems on land or coconut fiber, and large pumps used in professional grow rooms and farm fields of all sizes.

Water pump price

There are water pumps for automatic irrigation at all prices and for all budgets. If you have a normal crop for self-consumption, I recommend you take a look at the submersible pumps from Neptune Hydroponics, which you can get for less than €30, but if you have an industrial crop, whether indoors or outdoors, you need a large water pump. flow rate, but don't worry because its price is also very low.

Installing an automatic irrigation with a pump can mean great savings in water, fertilizers, additives, etc. With respect to watering manually, since all the resources are used much better. Take a look at the products in this category and choose your drip irrigation pump at the best market price.

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