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Rain barrel -flexitank are essential in indoor and outdoor marijuana crops because they serve as a container where we prepare the nutrient solution for watering the plants. There are different models of deposits or tanks for irrigation, with different sizes, shapes and capacities, flexible, portable, with a tap, etc. In this category you have at your disposal several tank models so that you can choose the one that perfectly suits the needs of your crop.

Rain barrel -flexitank for drip irrigation

The tank is the initial part of the drip irrigation circuit, in which a submerged water pump is inserted into the nutrient solution so that it drives it through the tubes and drippers to the plant substrate. In this case it would be a drip irrigation fertilizer deposit, the most used automatic irrigation method in indoor cannabis crops, but it is also very interesting in outdoor crops because it is better used water and products, because a large part of the nutrient solution is evaporated by surface watering or flooding due to evaporation.

Drip irrigation with a tank or water tank is also very interesting because it allows you to prepare the mixture of water and nutrients for several days, and the best thing is that it can be automated with an irrigation programmer or timer to manage irrigation without the need for be present in the crop. There are water tanks for irrigation with a capacity of more than 500 liters, enough to irrigate automatically for as long as you need.

Flexible, portable water tank with tap

It is the most versatile irrigation water tank, since it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, very light, and it is also flexible. With this product, the same tank can be used for indoor cultivation and for the outdoor season, and the best thing is that it contains 2 independent taps, one at the bottom to connect an automatic irrigation hose and another at a medium height to fill buckets and watering cans in a simpler way.

The VDL brand flexible water tank is very economical, and you can choose between different capacities depending on the size of your crop. This irrigation water tank is also valid for the outdoor garden, and thanks to its outer coating, it manages to maintain a more stable water temperature even if it is exposed to the sun. If you place it at a height, it can serve as a water storage tank for gravity irrigation, something very practical in outdoor crops where electricity is not available nearby.

Types of irrigation tanks for marijuana crops

If you need a portable water tank, the VDL flexible tank is perfect for you, but if you prefer a rigid plastic irrigation tank, I advise you to take a look at the rectangular black plastic ones, which also come at a spectacular price and you have them Available in 3 different sizes and capacities. These rectangular irrigation tanks or tanks for cannabis are ideal for building our own hydroponic system, since their shape is perfect for placing a growing tray with drainage on top, and since they are lower than other types of tanks, the plants remain at a height unbeatable.

Tanks for irrigation of 100 liters, 200 liters and up to 500 liters

What size tank or deposit do I need for the irrigation system in my crop? Before deciding on the ideal tank for your garden, you have to know the water needs of your plants, since not all of them consume the same. If you only need a storage tank to prepare the nutrient solution for each watering, you will have to calculate the total liters by adding the amount of water each plant needs.

I give you as an example a crop of 100 plants in 7-liter pots with soil as a substrate, each plant consumes around 700 ml of nutrient solution in each irrigation, therefore we need a tank of at least 70 liters to be able to prepare an irrigation for the whole crop. On the other hand, if we want to prepare automatic irrigation for a week in the same crop and we take into account that the plants need 3 weekly waterings, we will need a tank of at least 210 liters. It is also advisable to have a tank with a larger capacity than what we need to avoid overflow problems.

Sale of water tanks for automatic and manual marijuana irrigation

Regardless of your economic solvency, the price of the water and fertilizer tank is ridiculous compared to all the advantages it offers you, since it allows you to automate irrigation and forget about it for several days. I advise you to read the description of the products in this category so that you can choose the most appropriate for your crop, and if you have any questions, you already know that you can consult us without obligation.

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