Make your own homemade hydroponic system and enjoy its advantages

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Crop experts ensure that the hydroponic system allows plants to live with less stress, and result in plants that grow faster and stronger and do not need to make much effort to get the nutrients necessary for its development, as water, which already contains these nutrients, easily penetrates through them.

They say that most of us is water and so do plants. Therefore, it is not surprising that if they grow in water, feel at home, even though the normal cultures are always given on soil, which is where they really absorb water, but with an expensive job which are saved when grown in water. The marijuana plant is no exception and, in addition, experts say that in hydroponic culture systems grow with less stress, stronger and result in a higher quality plants. Then, why not try it?


It is true that, like everything else, has its advantages and disadvantages, but prioritize the first over the second and, for this reason, we have decided to explain how you can build a home hipodrónico system, so if you wish, you too you can enjoy it and its fruits.

What is a hydroponic system?

Before proceeding to explain how this system is constructed, it is1115_medidor-ph-wassertech-piensaenverde best to explain what it is, right? Quite simply, it is a way of culture in which the plants grow in a solution of water and nutrients and without land, although some people do often employ an inert medium, such as a little sand or rock. A system that allows easily control the PH of plants and nutrient levels and temperature.

In hydroponic systems there are several versions:

  • Aquatic cutlure: is the simplest and least expensive. Plants are suspended in a Styrofoam platform to which is added water and nutrients needed for your plant.
  • Multiple Flow: based on gravity, is not that complex to perform, but is not as simple as the first and the cost is little higher. It is based on the gravity and trays are filled water and nutrients. Allowing more cultivating plants while than in the first case.
  • Fill and drain: Easy and reduced cost. The container in which the plants are, must be deposited in a water reservoir, and that this, in turn, be connected to a pipe system where a pump is responsible for filling the container with water and nutrients, and drain the excess.


What do you need to make yourself at home?

In this case we would like to explain the hydroponic system called aquatic culture, being the simplest and least expensive of the three mentioned above. For the same, the steps are:

  1. Find a suitable container: an old fish tank can perfectly serve and also very comfortable to use, but if you do not have it, a large tupperware or bucket, also serve you. 670px-Grow-Hydroponic-Strawberries-Step-2This container is the water reservoir. Once you’ve chosen, paint it or cover it with black garbage bags, so that light can not penetrate and thus do not generate unwanted algae.
  2. Measure your container: and adapts the measures of the same to polystyrene (have to cut this material, a quarter smaller the size of the container).
  3. Place the pots in the place where you want to locate them: and paints its outline, so that you can cut the necessary holes of the pots.
  4. Choose lighting that you need based on the size of the water garden you go to build.5716_bomba-syncra-piensaenverde
  5. Choose the oxygen pump according to the size of your garden
  6. Connect the system pump air: and adjust it to the airstone extreme. Most water pumps come with an air line the same size or appropriately sized to the pump, so that oxygen can easily reach the plants.
  7. Fill the water tank and a nutrient solution
  8. Place the polystyrene dish in the tank
  9. Place a plant in each pot and put them in your network
  10. Plug the pump

cultivo_hidroponico_marihuanaYou can start using your hydroponic aquatic farming system!

By Noelia Jiménez, Piensa En Verde Team

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