Irrigation pipe

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Drippers, tubes, pipes and conduits are used to install a drip irrigation system in indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis plants. They are essential for many growers because they allow the automation of irrigation, and they are very interesting because you can save a lot of money on fertilizers, additives, stimulators and water, because all the resources are used much better. In this category you will find drippers and pipes for drip irrigation and all the necessary accessories for assembly.

Irrigation tubes and drippers

The irrigation pipe is a circuit that is placed throughout the crop to carry the water and the nutrient solution to our plants. It consists of a tube or hose and droppers for drip irrigation that are inserted into this tube and facilitate drop-by-drop wetting of the substrate, be it earth, coconut fiber, expanded clay, rock wool, perlite, or any other. By installing an automatic irrigation tube, you can prepare the nutrient solution necessary to feed our favorite plants for several days in a tank, and in this way you can forget about watering by hand during that time.

Types of drippers and tubes for irrigation

In this category you have at your disposal different types of tubes or conduits for irrigation, with different diameters of drip irrigation tubes so that you can connect them to the water pump to extract the water and fertilizers that will feed the plants. Regarding the drippers, you can choose between individual 4 liters/hour drippers for irrigation, or install groups of drippers for pot irrigation such as those from the Octopussy brand, since one is only enough to irrigate up to 6 pots.

Passive automatic irrigation systems such as Big Drippa Watering incorporate both the irrigation drippers and the tank, and are very practical for outdoor crops where we do not have a plug because they do not need electricity. For these outdoor cases, and in small indoor crops, the Wassertech irrigation bag can also be very interesting, which comes with its own tank and 6 adjustable drippers so that you can adjust the irrigation flow independently in each pot.

How to clean drippers and irrigation tubes

Cleaning the irrigation pipes and drippers is an essential action so that the flow of water is always ideal and they are not clogged due to limescale or fertilizing products. How to remove lime from irrigation drippers? It's very easy, because luckily we have products to unclog drippers, ducts, and irrigation tubes in general.

From our point of view, both Drip Clean from the House Garden brand and ATA Clean from Atami are the best products for cleaning irrigation drippers and the entire circuit from the pump filter to the end of the circuit. The ideal is to irrigate with one of these products adding the recommended dose, and the ideal moment can be halfway through flowering, since that is when we add more fertilizers to the irrigation and when there is more risk of clogging in the irrigation tubes and drippers. This moment is also interesting because these products are based on phosphorus and potassium, especially to fatten our precious buds.

Buy drippers and tubes for irrigation

The price of tubes and drippers for drip irrigation is derisory compared to the advantages of having an automatic irrigation system for our plants. In this category you have for sale different drippers, tubes and conduits for drip irrigation, take a look at all the products and choose the ones that may be most useful for your crop.

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