Tankless reverse osmosis system

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A good reverse osmosis filter is the key to success in marijuana crops, because having soft water allows you to add more fertilizers to irrigation, something that these plants can appreciate by giving extra yield. In many places, tap or network water is too hard for this crop, since it is advisable to have a base water that does not exceed 0.4 EC. and this is impossible for many people because the mains water in their region has higher electric conductivity values. For those people the only solution is to install a good filter of reverse osmosis that can eliminate excess salts to be able to water properly. In this category you will find special osmosis filters to prepare for irrigation in indoor and outdoor cannabis crops.

Reverse osmosis filters for cultivation

Do you have soft or hard water at home? How can we know if the water is hard or soft? That is the first question you have to ask yourself to decide if you need to install a reverse osmosis device. For that, it is enough to measure the E.C. of the water that comes out of the taps in your house, and if it is greater than 0.4, it is best to irrigate with reverse osmosis water. When you irrigate with too hard water, a part of the salts that this water contains remains in the substrate, since they are not assimilated by the plants, and little by little they accumulate until there comes a time when they cause problems due to nutrient blockage, since it prevents the roots from absorbing food in a normal way.

Reverse osmosis equipment can reduce the level of dissolved salts in the water to a value close to zero, since they contain several membranes that trap the salts as the water passes through each one of them. During the osmosis process, it could be said that hard water becomes special soft water to add special fertilizers for watering the plants. The osmosis machine can have several stages, 2, 3, 5 or even more, and could also be considered as a water softener because osmosis also removes excess limescale that tap water usually contains.

Osmosis water for irrigation

A reverse osmosis system can be installed in any faucet at home, and in addition to allowing osmosis irrigation, so recommended for our favorite plants, it can also be seen as a domestic reverse osmosis, because in addition to watering it can be used for ironing, for the floor cleaning robot, and for many other missions. It does not hurt to have an osmosis tap at home because it can mean great savings in distilled water as well as being key to being able to irrigate optimally.

If you fill a tank with reverse osmosis water, then it is recommended to add calcium and magnesium up to 0.4 or 0.45 C.E. always twice as much calcium as magnesium, and this would be the base water for irrigation. From these E.C. Fertilizers can continue to be added depending on the phase of the crop that we are in. From Pevgrow we recommend following the indications of the cultivation tables provided by the fertilizer companies to avoid nutritional problems.

Buy reverse osmosis equipment for irrigation water at the best price online

The Growmax brand reverse osmosis equipment is manufactured specifically for marijuana crops, and undoubtedly represents the best choice for self-consumption cannabis growers and professionals. The price of osmosis depends on the model, but I assure you that it is one of the best investments you can make, since being able to add more fertilizers to irrigation results in a higher yield of buds.

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