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If you are a passionate grower, you know how crucial it is to keep a precise control of several factors in your cannabis cultivation. Also, in addition to the pH of the irrigation water, there is another equally important parameter: the EC. During the cultivation process, it is essential to periodically measure the EC and control it, especially in indoor cultivation, but also outdoors. This will determine the amount of nutrients your plants are receiving, avoiding deficiencies or over-fertilization, which is why EC meters are so important.

What are EC meters?

EC Meters are indispensable devices for every cannabis grower, as they measure the electroconductivity of the irrigation water, that is to say, the amount of dissolved salts found in it. These salts are essential nutrients for plant development.

In our online store, you will find a wide range of EC meters, including some that also measure pH. These devices give you detailed information about the electrical conductivity of your irrigation water and allow you to make precise adjustments according to the meter's readings.

Types of EC Meters

  • Continuous electroconductivity meters: These devices allow continuous measurement of electroconductivity. Well-known brands such as Hanna, Milwuakee and Adwa offer continuous meter models. They can be permanently installed in the place where you store irrigation water and constantly send detailed information on electroconductivity and pH through a probe connected to a data cable.
  • Portable EC meters: These meters are easier to use and carry, as their name suggests. They are also less expensive compared to continuous meters. They are digital devices that take up little space and are very easy to operate. The measuring probe is attached to the measuring console in one piece. By diving the base of the device into the irrigation water, they provide accurate EC data. Many of these devices also indicate water temperature and pH, providing more detailed information.

Why are EC Meters important for growing marijuana?

EC is a fundamental parameter, as it measures the electroconductivity of the water, which indicates the presence of nutrients in the water. The higher the presence of salts and nutrients, the higher the electrical conductivity of the water. This parameter helps us determine the amount of nutrients our plants need for healthy growth.

However, it is important to avoid an excess of nutrients, as this can be harmful to plants. An excessive level of nutrients can hinder absorption through the roots, causing damage to the plants.

Benefits of using EC Meters

  • Precise nutrient control: EC meters allow you to measure the electroconductivity of irrigation water, which indicates the amount of salts and nutrients present. With this information, you can adjust and balance the concentration of nutrients in the water, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount at each stage of growth.
  • Avoid deficiencies and excesses: Regular measurement of EC helps you prevent nutrient deficiencies and excess fertilizer. By knowing the conductivity of your irrigation water, you can ensure that your plants are receiving the optimal amount of nutrients, avoiding deficiencies that affect their development or excesses that can damage them.
  • Irrigation optimization: EC is an important indicator to determine the frequency and amount of irrigation needed. By maintaining a proper balance of nutrients and adjusting the EC according to the needs of your plants, you can optimize irrigation and avoid wasting water.
  • Better quality and performance: Accurate EC control allows you to provide your plants with ideal nutrient conditions. This translates into healthy growth, vigorous development, denser buds and higher resin production. Ultimately, this will be reflected in the quality and performance of your harvest.
  • Diagnosing problems: EC meters can also help you diagnose problems in your grow. If you notice unexpected changes in the conductivity of your irrigation water, you may be able to detect salinity problems, nutrient build-up or substrate imbalances. This allows you to take corrective measures in time and keep your plants in optimal condition.

EC Meter Calibration

It is essential to periodically and correctly calibrate EC Meters before use. Otherwise, you will not get accurate measurements and may cause nutritional problems. To calibrate, you will need calibrating liquid, but don't worry, it is very inexpensive and can be used several times. Dip the base of the meter in this liquid until it reads 1.41 m/s. If the measurement does not match, you can adjust it using a small screwdriver included with the device. Other models do not calibrate in the same way, there are some that have a specific button for this function. Performing this calibration task at least once a month will ensure optimal performance of the meter.

How to adjust the EC of irrigation water

As a grower, you know that just watering your plants with tap water is not enough to get good results. It is necessary to pay attention to the EC of the irrigation water. Tap water, with its high EC level and the presence of unwanted elements, requires adjustments to provide your plants with the right nutrients. Pevgrow strongly recommends using osmosis water to avoid problems.

During the vegetative growth phase, start with a low EC, and increase the amount of nutrients as the plants grow. During flowering the plants eat more, so continue to increase the EC until the roots are washed. In hydroponics and aeroponics the EC of irrigation is higher than in soil, this is because the soil already contains nutrients that must be taken into account.

In conclusion, measuring and controlling the EC of the irrigation water is essential to ensure the proper supply of nutrients to your marijuana plants. Using EC Meters gives you the information you need to adjust fertilization and prevent over-fertilization problems or nutrient deficiencies. This way you can ensure that your plants grow healthy and get the nutrients they need at every stage of their development. In our online store, we offer a wide variety of EC Meters, including some "combo" models that also measure pH.

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Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your cannabis cultivation to the fullest! EC Meters are essential tools for any serious grower. With them, you can measure and control the electrical conductivity of your irrigation water, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nutrients in the right amount. In our online store, you will find a wide range of EC Meters, including portable and continuous options from well-known brands such as Hanna, Milwaukee and Adwa. Don't let lack of information limit you, improve the quality and performance of your growing with our EC Meters!

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