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Qnubu is a leading company in the development, manufacture and distribution of specialized products for the extraction, packaging, vaping and smoking of cannabis. With a wide range of high quality products, Qnubu is a brand that stands out for its commitment to innovation and its constant updating of the latest trends in the sector. Through its own brands and a global distribution network, Qnubu has become a benchmark for cannabis culture enthusiasts in more than 20 countries. 

Discover the range of Qnubu products

Below you will see the varied range of cannabis products of the brand Qnubu, a large selection where stand out those intended for the extraction of rosin, but have many other things as you can see here:

Qnubu Extraction Paper: Specialized paper for extractions

The Qnubu Extraction Paper is an essential tool for those looking to obtain high-quality extracts. This specialized Rosin Paper offers a non-stick surface that eases the removal process and minimizes material loss. With its resistance to heat and its ability to retain liquids, the Qnubu Extraction Paper guarantees optimal results with each extraction.

Qnubu Colorado Stoner Tools: Tools for the discerning smoker

Qnubu Colorado Stoner Tools are essential accessories for cannabis smokers. With a careful selection of tools designed to enhance the smoking experience, Qnubu offers a variety of products such as pipes, grinders and cleaning accessories. Made of durable and ergonomic materials, Qnubu’s Colorado Stoner Tools combine functionality and style.

Qnubu Stash Bags: Safe and discreet packaging

Qnubu Stash Bags are the perfect solution to keep your cannabis flowers fresh, safe and discreet. These odor-resistant, airtight containers are designed to preserve the quality of your buds, avoiding exposure to light and moisture. With different sizes available, Qnubu Stash Bags offer maximum protection and privacy for your products.

Qnubu Press: High quality rosin presses

Rosin presses are essential tools for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts. Qnubu Press offers a selection of high quality rosin presses that allow you to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from your flowers safely and efficiently. With their robust design and ability to apply the right amount of pressure, Qnubu presses ensure exceptional results at every extraction.

Bunch Vapers: Quality vaping solutions

For those who prefer vaping, Qnubu offers the Bunch Vapers product line. With a wide range of devices and accessories, Bunch Vapers stands out for its quality and performance. From compact and discreet devices to powerful mods, you’ll find the perfect option to enjoy your cannabis concentrates comfortably and safely.

Qnubu Bags: Silicone containers for your concentrates

Qnubu Bags are silicone containers designed specifically to store your cannabis concentrates safely and conveniently. These containers do not adhere to terpenes, ensuring they retain their original aroma and flavor. With different capacities and designs, the Qnubu Bags are ideal to carry your extracts with you discreetly and practically.

Farm to Vape: Turn your concentrate into liquid for vaping

With Qnubu's Farm to Vape Kit, you can easily turn your cannabis concentrates into liquid for vaping. This innovative system allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors in the form of a vape, providing an exceptional flavor experience. Farm to Vape is the perfect solution for those who want to customize their vaping experience.

Qnubu California Safe Pack: Safety packaging for marijuana

Qnubu California Safe Pack is a line of safety containers specially designed for marijuana storage. These containers meet the highest standards in terms of safety and regulatory compliance. With hermetic closures and resistant materials, the Qnubu California Safe Pack protects your products safely and reliably.

Qnubu Silicone: Versatile and durable packaging

Qnubu silicone containers are known for their versatility and durability. Made with high quality silicone, these containers are ideal for storing and transporting your cannabis concentrates safely. Its flexible, non-stick design facilitates extraction and ensures optimal conservation of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Expand your possibilities with Qnubu

At Pevgrow, we understand the importance of quality and reliable products. That is why we have carefully selected the Qnubu product line to offer you the best in terms of extraction, packaging, vaping and smoking. Whether you’re looking for a rosin press, rosin paper, silicone packaging or other accessories, Qnubu has everything you need to boost your cannabis experience.

What are the best-selling Qnubu products?

Qnubu Press Pro Hydraulic Press 6 Tons

The 6-ton Qnubu Press Pro Hydraulics  is a must-have for rosin extraction enthusiasts. With its robust design and high quality, this press provides the power needed to obtain first class extractions. Its hydraulic system guarantees a uniform and controlled pressure, which allows to obtain consistent results and high quality in each pressing. With the Qnubu Press Pro, you can make the most of your flowers and get rosin concentrates of excellent flavor and power. ¡ Elevate your cannabis experiences with this powerful and efficient Qnubu press!

Qnubu Skull silicone jar:

The silicone bottle Qnubu Skull is a container specially designed for lovers of cannabis extractions. With its funny skull shape, this nogo silicone container has become an object of worship among extraction fans. Its design is not only striking, but also highly functional. The Qnubu Skull silicone bottle offers a safe and airtight storage for your rosin, BHO, hash and other concentrates extractions.

Its food grade silicone material ensures the preservation of the flavors and properties of your extracts, while its tight cap prevents any unwanted leakage or spillage. Take your extractions to the next level and add a touch of unique style with the Qnubu Skull silicone jar. ¡ Show off your extractions with this practical and attractive packaging!

Buy Qnubu products at the best market price in Pevgrow

¡Discover the innovation and quality of Qnubu today! Explore our wide selection of Qnubu products and find the perfect solution for your needs. Don’t wait any longer and take your cannabis experience to the next level with Qnubu and Pevgrow.If you have any questions or need additional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you find the ideal Qnubu product for you.

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