Hydraulic Press Qnubu Pro-Lion 20 Tons
Hydraulic Press Qnubu Pro-Lion 20 Tons
Hydraulic Press Qnubu Pro-Lion 20 Tons
Hydraulic Press Qnubu Pro-Lion 20 Tons

Hydraulic Press Qnubu Pro-Lion 20 Tons

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The 20-ton Qnubu Pro Lion press is a professional rosin press that achieves a great balance between quality and quantity thanks to the enormous pressure exerted and the double temperature control of the large heated plates it contains, 7.6 x 25 cm that can be exchanged for others of 12 x 12 cm. It measures 35.5 x 18 x 49 cm and weighs 60 kilos, with an energy consumption of 2,000w and reinforced structure to withstand the 20 tons of pressure exerted. The 20-ton Qnubu Pro Lion press allows you to choose the pressure, temperature and tread time, so you can get top quality results.

How do I use the Qnubu Pro Lion 20 Ton Rosin Press?

It is a manual press that is activated by the arm that in this case is separate, with a longer lever so that it is less difficult for us to exert all the pressure. First of all, you have to plug in the power cable, and once it is active, you have to set the extraction temperature that you want. This rosin press model contains 2 small independent management panels, and each of them is used to set the temperature that each of the heating plates will have.

Once the desired degrees are marked, in less than 2 minutes the plates will reach the marked temperature, and we can take advantage of that time to prepare the cannabis that is going to be stepped on. They can be buds or hashish, with "fresh frozen" bubblehash you can get a very aromatic and powerful live rosin, but with flowers you can also get excellent quality. In the event that flowers are going to be stepped on, they can be agglutinated with the help of a pre-press to optimize the method and save time, but in all cases it is advisable to introduce the cannabis in a rosin filter so that the final result be free of plant matter. Then all that remains is to make a kind of envelope with rosin paper and insert the filter with the cannabis inside.

At the time of pressing, wait until the heating plates have the established temperature, and place the envelope with the cannabis on top of the lower plate as centered as possible. We begin to close the plates by operating the lever until the upper plate begins to squeeze the paper, and we leave it like that for about a minute before continuing to press. From there we continue pressing little by little and we will see how our precious resin begins to come out, when it stops coming out we can separate the plates and remove the paper to take off the rosin.

Technical specifications

  • CONSUMPTION: 2000W/h
  • WEIGHT: 60KG
  • DIMENSIONS: 35.5x18x49cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • POWER: 2000W
  • CURRENT: 8.5A
  • VOLTAGE: 220V

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If you have tried to make rosin and have not achieved great results, it may not be due to the method used or the quality of the cannabis used, because in many cases the problem is in the strength of the press itself. With the 20-ton Qnubu Pro Lion press you will not have these problems thanks to its great tread power, and the best thing is that now you can get it at Pevgrow with the best quality/price ratio.

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