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Growing cannabis indoors requires dedication, patience and the use of specialized tools to obtain top quality harvests. At Pevgrow, we understand the importance of creating the perfect environment for your plants, which is why we offer a wide range of air extractors designed to maintain an optimal environment for your indoor growing. Discover how our extractors can improve the control of temperature, humidity and air renewal in your grow room or grow tent

Sale of Powerful and Silent Extractors for Indoor Growing

At Pevgrow, we offer you a selection of high quality soundproof extractors to suit your needs. Our extractors work by means of a powerful motor capable of sucking or pressing the air, extracting it to the outside. With a variety of sizes and capacities, you can choose the extractor that best suits your growing space and required air volume. Below are a few examples of the best-selling air extractors for indoor cannabis growing:

Helical Extractors and their Utility

Within our selection, you will find helicoidal extractors, whose blades are shaped like a helix. These devices are ideal as auxiliary elements in larger crops, supporting the main extractor if greater extraction power is needed. Although they tend to be noisier, they are an affordable option for small, dedicated grow tents.

Helical In-Line Extractor: Quality and Performance

One of our highlights is the helicoidal in line extractor, recognized for its excellent quality and competitive price. Perfect for greenhouses and installations with long ventilation circuits, this extractor is capable of moving large volumes of air efficiently. Its structure has a 100 mm, 125 mm or 150 mm diameter inlet and outlet to choose from, making it easy to connect to flexible tubes and active carbon odor filters.

Improve Temperature and Air Renewal with the TT Exhaust Fan

Another highly efficient option is the TT extractor, known for its quiet operation and suction capacity. This extractor, made of durable PVC, offers two speeds and an optimal flow rate for most grow tents. Its design allows for easy installation and cleaning, and its internal structure prevents the generation of annoying noises.

Choose your RVK Extractor: Efficiency and Power

RVK extractors are widely recognized as the best for indoor growing. With power ranging from 220m³/h to 1836m³/h, these extractors stand out for their efficiency, quietness and great suction capacity. They are ideal for maintaining the optimum temperature both in the aerial zone and in the root system of your plants.

Choosing the Right Extractor for your grow

Choosing the right extractor fan depends on the size of your grow room or tent, the lighting used and the temperature both inside and outside. Consider all these factors when selecting from our wide range of extractor fans for indoor marijuana growing, ensuring you provide the ideal environment for the healthy development of your plants.

Proper ventilation is essential to the success of your indoor cannabis grow. It not only controls the temperature and humidity in the growing area, but also ensures continuous air renewal for the photosynthesis process. A well-ventilated environment promotes the growth of strong, healthy and tasty leaves and flowers. Also, in addition to the benefits for your plants, proper extraction also contributes to your well-being. A well-ventilated grow room prevents the accumulation of stale air that can cause unwanted physical discomfort for you as a grower.

Calculate the right size of your extractor fan

To determine the required power of your extractor fan, you must calculate the volume of your grow room or tent. Multiply the width, height and depth in meters to obtain the volume in cubic meters (m³). Then multiply this value by 60 to get the minimum desired flow rate per hour. Here is an example to show you how easy it is:

Cultivation volume: 1.5m x 2.5m x 2m x 2m = 7.5m³

Minimum required flow rate: 7.5m³ x 60 = 450m³/h

In this way, you will be able to choose the extractor fan with the right power to ensure optimal ventilation in your indoor cannabis cultivation. It is recommended to choose an extractor with a slightly higher power than calculated to ensure optimal ventilation, as the anti-odor filter, the curves of the duct, and other factors may decrease the extraction capacity.

Buy air extractors for indoor marijuana growing at the best price online at Pevgrow

At Pevgrow, we have everything you need to optimize your indoor growing. Our air extractors, together with a complete ventilation system, guarantee you quality harvests and happy plants. Feel free to explore our air extraction category and find the perfect product to renew the air in your crop. And remember, ventilation is key to a successful indoor cannabis cultivation, buy here the extractors you need for your crop at the best price on the market!

Frequently asked questions related to air extractors for indoor cultivation

Why is it important to use an exhaust fan in indoor cultivation?

Answer: The exhaust fan is essential in indoor growing to ensure proper air circulation, control temperature and humidity, eliminate odors and provide an optimal environment for healthy plant growth.

How do I calculate the necessary flow rate of the extractor fan for my indoor cultivation?

Answer: To calculate the required extractor flow rate, multiply the volume of your grow room in cubic meters (width x height x depth) by 60. This will give you the minimum flow rate required per hour for good air extraction.

What is a soundproof pipe and why is it important in the ventilation system?

Answer: A soundproof tube is a special duct that helps to significantly reduce the noise generated by the exhaust fan. Its use is important to avoid noise nuisance and to keep the grow discreet.

When should I turn the exhaust fan on and off?

Ideally, it should be kept on 24 hours a day for perfect air renewal, but in some cases growers prefer to activate it at 15-minute intervals, especially when the light is off.

What are the advantages of using an activated carbon filter with the exhaust fan?

Answer: The activated carbon filter is essential for eliminating odors generated by cannabis cultivation. The air passes through the filter, where the activated carbon absorbs the unwanted odors before being expelled to the outside.

Which is the lifetime of an activated carbon filter and how do I know when to replace it?

Answer: The life of the activated carbon filter is usually about 1 to 2 years, depending on the use and quality of the filter. You should replace it when you notice odors starting to seep through or after its estimated lifespan.

Is it normal for my exhaust fan to make noise?

Answer: Some exhaust fans may generate a certain level of noise, but there are models that are specially designed to be quieter. If the noise is excessive, consider investing in a quieter exhaust fan or using a soundproof tube.

Can I use a more powerful extractor than necessary for my indoor cultivation?

Answer: It is recommended to use an extractor that adjusts to the necessary flow for your crop. If you use a more powerful extractor than necessary, you can generate sudden changes in temperature and humidity, which could affect the development of the plants.

Do I need an intractor in addition to the extractor in my indoor cultivation?

Answer: Yes, the intractor is equally important for indoor growing. While the extractor extracts stale and hot air, the intractor introduces fresh, CO2-rich air into the grow room, ensuring a proper balance in ventilation.

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