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At Pevgrow, we know how important it is to have advanced and efficient growing systems to get the best results in marijuana growing. That's why we introduce Autopot, an innovative line of growing systems that simplify the growing process and maximize the performance of your plants. From Aquavalve to FlexiTank, we offer all the models and components needed for a successful grow. In this category, we'll introduce you to the advantages of growing with Autopot, how these systems are used and the reasons to choose Autopot for your grow. Discover a smarter way to grow marijuana with Autopot!

Advantages of Growing with Autopot Systems

Growing with Autopot systems offers numerous advantages for marijuana growers of all experience levels. Some of the most outstanding advantages are:

  • Automatic Irrigation: Autopot systems feature the innovative Aquavalve, a valve that automatically regulates plant irrigation. This allows for a constant supply of water and nutrients without the need for complicated irrigation systems.
  •  Water and Nutrient Savings: Thanks to automated irrigation, significant water and nutrient wastage is reduced, resulting in more efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation.
  • Uniform Growth: Autopot systems distribute water and nutrients evenly among all plants, promoting uniform and healthy growth.
  • Freedom and Flexibility: Since they don't require electricity or pumps, Autopot systems are highly portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This provides greater freedom and flexibility for growers.
  • Easy to Use: These systems are easy to set up and use, making them an ideal choice for both novice and experienced growers.
  • Versatility: Autopot offers a wide range of systems and modules that adapt to different crop sizes and specific needs. From beginner kits to customized solutions for professional growers.
  • Reduced Risk of Pests and Diseases: By maintaining a constant moisture level in the substrate, Autopot systems help reduce water stress in plants and, as a result, decrease the risk of associated pests and diseases.
  • More Sustainable Cultivation: With more efficient use of water and nutrients, Autopot systems promote more sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation practices.
  • Less Effort and Maintenance Time: Automatic irrigation and even distribution of nutrients reduce the need for constant supervision and maintenance, allowing growers to enjoy a more relaxed cultivation process.

How Autopot Systems Work

Autopot systems are known for their simplicity and efficiency in plant irrigation. The heart of the system is the Aquavalve, a valve that is activated when the water level in the tank decreases. The Aquavalve allows the passage of water and nutrients to the cultivation tray, where the roots of the plants absorb what is necessary.

The key to the system lies in the tension of the Aquavalve, which is regulated by a lower float. When the Aquavalve detects a low water level, it activates and allows water to flow into the pots. Once the proper water level is restored, the valve automatically closes, preventing overwatering and maintaining the plants in optimal conditions.

Reasons to Buy Autopot at Pevgrow

When you buy Autopot at Pevgrow, you ensure that you are getting original and high-quality products. Our wide selection of Autopot systems includes all available models, as well as the necessary replacements and components to keep your systems in optimal conditions.

  • Wide Range of Products: At Pevgrow, we offer a wide variety of Autopot systems, from the Easy2Grow System to the 1 Pot modules, to meet the needs of all growers.
  • Professional Advice: Our team of experts is always ready to provide you with advice and guidance so that you can make the most of your experience with Autopot.
  • Fast and Secure Shipping: We provide fast and secure shipping so that you can receive your Autopot products in the comfort of your home.
  • Quality Guarantee: All our Autopot products are backed by Pevgrow's quality guarantee, ensuring that you receive genuine and durable products.

Sale of Autopot systems and all products and replacements of this brand at the best online price at Pevgrow.

Autopot cultivation systems are the perfect choice for growers looking for a simpler and more efficient way to cultivate marijuana. With its automatic irrigation and even distribution of nutrients, Autopot offers numerous advantages to optimize your cultivation. At Pevgrow, you will find all the Autopot models and components you need, along with the advice from our team of experts. Don't wait any longer to improve your cultivation, choose Autopot, and discover the path to more abundant and healthier harvests!

Frequently Asked Questions about Autopot Systems

What is the difference between the different Autopot systems?

Each Autopot system is designed to suit different growing needs. For example, the Easy2Grow System is ideal for novice growers, while the 1 Pot modules allow for more personalized and scalable cultivation.

How is the Aquavalve installed in the Autopot system?

The Aquavalve is easily installed in the water reservoir of the Autopot system. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and regularly check its operation..

How long do Autopot system replacements last?

The duration of replacements depends on the use and care of the system. In general, it is recommended to replace replacements such as the Aquavalve and Lower Floats each season to ensure optimal operation.

Do Autopot systems work with any type of plant, besides marijuana?

Yes, Autopot systems are suitable for a wide variety of plants and crops, including vegetables, flowers, and other herbs.

Is it necessary to use special nutrients with Autopot systems?

It is not necessary to use special nutrients, but it is recommended to use high-quality nutrients specific to each stage of your plants' growth.

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