Hydroponic and Aeroponic Systems


If you were looking for a more comfortable and clean way to grow cannabis, you are a lucky man, here are the best aero and hydro growing systems available nowadays.

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Hydroponics vs. aeroponics

Let us tell you about the differences between these cultivation systems, although both are good options for growing cannabis:

Hydroponics: in this case, you will have to grow in pots with arlite, rock wool or mop. With the hydroponic system, water is pumped from a reservoir into the pot itself, thus providing the plant with the necessary nutrients to grow quickly and strongly.

Aeroponics: when we talk about this system, you have to know that in this case the roots of the plant are totally in the air. This way they do not touch with any kind of substrate. The absorption of nutrients in this method is pulverized.

These are the main differences that you will be able to find if you compare the two types of farming systems we are presenting to you today.

Hydroponic system for cannabis

Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the hydroponic cannabis system:

Water saving: decide to buy your hydroponic kit at Pevgrow and you will notice a very considerable water saving. All the water you use for the plant will be reused and not a single drop will be wasted.

Cleaning: by not having to move sacks of soil from one place to another, your growing area will be much cleaner. This advantage, in the end, will save you a lot of time.

Nutrition: you will be able to choose how many nutrients and of what type you want to give to your plant. This is one of the great advantages of this system, since you will be able to correct all the deficiencies that the plant suffers.

Production: by fully controlling the nutrients, you can also control part of the production, thus improving it and making it much faster.

Hydroponic cultivation kits

In Pevgrow you can find the best prices to buy your hydroponic crop and all the products you need to carry it out. Don't hesitate and buy it now.

There are some items that you will need for the hydroponic system to work perfectly and get the best conditions for growing your plants:

Pots: having enough pots for all your plants is important when thinking about setting up your crop. In our shop you can find them of 18 liters.

Tank: you need a tank for the water to do its job in the plants. Even if the initial investment is a little higher, you only have to make it once every few months.

Products: you need the necessary products for the plant to have sufficient nutrients and an optimal production. You can find everything you need in our online shop.

Lighting: Thinking about lighting is very important, but you will also have no problem finding the right lamps for this system.

Cannabis aeroponic culture

This cultivation system will help you to get strong plants of a good size. We already told you that the difference with hydroponics is in the way it absorbs nutrients.

If you want a system with a good quality, you can opt for those with two tanks. One is responsible for spraying all the water needed and the other for collecting the water that is left over. What you will achieve in this way is to further improve the control you have over your cannabis cultivation.

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