11 Liter Planters

PEVGrow offers 11-liter pots, perfect for growing cannabis. Available in plastic and fabric, these pots ensure optimal root development and are designed to maximize space and plant health.

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At PEVGrow, your favorite grow shop, we offer a wide selection of 11-liter pots designed to maximize the potential of your cannabis plants. Whether you're looking to optimize your indoor growing space or strengthen your outdoor plants, we have the perfect solution for you.

11 Liter Planters for Sale

11-liter pots are one of the most popular choices among cannabis growers due to their versatility and suitable size. At PEVGrow, you will find high-quality outdoor and indoor pots that ensure good aeration and drainage, key factors for a healthy root development.

We have a variety of materials, including durable plastic, breathable fabric, and innovative designs that make handling and moving your plants easier. Explore our collection and choose the pots that best suit your growing needs.

11 Liter Pots for Indoor and Outdoor Use

11-liter pots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Their size allows plants to develop a robust root system without taking up too much space, which is essential in limited areas like balconies or small gardens.

For indoor growers, these pots facilitate the control of plant growth and nutrition, while outdoors, they protect the roots from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations. At PEVGrow, we offer options that adapt to any growing environment.

White and Black 11 Liter Planters

In our store, you'll find 11-liter pots in white and black, each with its own advantages. Black pots are great for absorbing more heat, which is beneficial during the colder months. On the other hand, white pots reflect sunlight, keeping the roots cool in warm climates.

Choose the color according to your climatic conditions and the specific needs of your plants. Both options are made with durable materials that ensure a long lifespan and excellent performance.

How Many 11 Liter Planters Per Square Meter?

Calculating the number of 11-liter pots per square meter is crucial to optimize your space and resources. We recommend using approximately 9 pots per square meter when growing from seeds, and up to 16 with cuttings, allowing enough space for each plant's growth and facilitating the management and care of the crop.

This arrangement ensures proper distribution of light and aeration, essential elements for a healthy cultivation. Adjust the quantity according to the specific characteristics of your space and plant type.

11 Liter Pot Production

Using 11-liter pots can positively influence the production of your cannabis plants. This size allows for optimal root system development, which translates into larger, healthier plants capable of producing a greater quantity of quality flowers. In indoor cultivation, more than 800 grams/m2 can be exceeded with 11-liter pots and 1000w LED grow lights. Outdoors, more than 100 grams per pot can easily be exceeded.

At PEVGrow, our pots are designed to maximize cultivation efficiency, ensuring that each plant reaches its maximum productive potential. With the right practices and proper care, your plants will bloom abundantly.

Cheap 11 Liter Square Pots

If you are looking for economy without sacrificing quality, our 11-liter square pots are the perfect option. These pots make the most of the space, allowing a tighter and more efficient fit, ideal for small grow rooms or greenhouses.

They are also economical, robust, and durable. Visit PEVGrow regularly to discover our timely offers and special promotions that will help you get the most value for your money.

Fabric and Plastic 11 Liter Planters

We offer 11-liter pots in fabric and plastic, each with specific features that adapt to different types of cultivation. Fabric pots allow excellent aeration and drainage, preventing overwatering and root diseases.

The plastic pots, on the other hand, are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Both options are available at PEVGrow, allowing you to choose the best according to your needs and cultivation preferences.

11 Liter Pot Dimensions

The typical dimensions of an 11-liter round pot are approximately 25 cm in diameter by 22 cm in height. In the case of square pots, they usually measure 22 x 22 cm on the side and about 30 cm in height, although this can vary depending on the model. This size is ideal for growing medium-sized cannabis plants, providing enough space for healthy development without taking up too much physical space.

These dimensions may vary slightly depending on the material and design of the pot. At PEVGrow, we provide all the necessary specifications so you can make the best purchase decision.

Buy 11 Liter Planters at the Best Online Price at Pevgrow

At PEVGrow, we are committed to offering you the highest quality 11-liter pots at the best market price. Our online store makes purchasing from the comfort of your home easy, with secure payment options and fast, reliable shipping.

Explore our catalog, compare prices, and read reviews from other growers to find the perfect pot for your cannabis cultivation. Buy now and start growing like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does an 11-liter pot need?
An 11-liter pot generally needs between 1 and 1.3 liters of water per watering, depending on the climate and the growth stage of the plant.
What are the dimensions of an 11-liter pot?
The standard dimensions for an 11-liter round pot are approximately 25 cm in diameter by 22 cm in height. The square ones measure 22 x 22 x 30 cm in height.
Are there saucers for 11-liter pots?
Yes, at PEVGrow we offer plant saucers specifically designed to fit 11-liter pots, ensuring proper drainage collection and surface protection.
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