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White Prussian

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From the hand of Bulk Seed Bank is born White Prussian. The breeders have put all their knowledge and much affection in this new weed, whose parents are undoubtedly bet on winning horse: a White Widow and an AK-47. What can go wrong? Spectacular flavor, unusual power and organoleptic properties that dazzle the most sybaritic palate. Buy it here at the best price!.

What's White Prussian marijuana plant like?

It is a predominant indica hybrid almost in its entirety, fast growing, ready between 8 and 9 weeks of flowering indoors, with a structure very similar to that of a Christmas tree, with the base very branched and tendency to shorten as they reach the tip. Its leaves are thick and the distance between knots is short, so ventilation in indoor areas is often poor if not tutored and opened a little.

What does White Prussian marijuana taste like?

From the first puff you'll know that this weed is not just any one, not one more of the bunch but a very special one. Its flavor perfectly combines a touch of citrus lemon, with traces of exotic fruits and an intense incensed finish. A real wonder!

What effect does White Prussian variety have?

From the beginning you will start to feel how your mind rises to the top, a psychoactive experience and very funny for those who like to travel often to other worlds, but beware because everything that goes up has to go down and with each puff you will feel very relaxed on the sofa.

How do you plant White Prussian?

Indoors, it is important that you keep the cabinet well ventilated, so the extraction must be plugged in also in periods of darkness, more specifically, 15 minutes for each hour of darkness growing and 30 minutes for each hour of darkness in flowering. Its aroma is very intense and penetrating, you will need to install a carbon filter to not attract attention.

Outdoors, it likes the sun very much and the climates not too humid, since it is certainly sensitive to the attack of fungi, although if you protect it with Botryprot or Propolix and you use growth tutors so that the branches open and the light can enter better, you shouldn't have problems. I place it directly from seed in a definitive pot of 13,2 US gal (50 liters), with a substrate with at least 30% coconut fiber and red worm humus, so that the roots will have all the space they need to grow wide.

What is White Prussian's production?

Indoors, production can reach 22,9 oz per 3x3ft (650 grams per m2), while outdoors, if the conditions are right and the fertilizer is the right one, you can collect up to 31,7 oz/plant (900 grams per plant).

If you're looking for exclusivity and quality at a good price, Bulk Seed Bank White Prussian. Bet on a winning horse!

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Bulk Seed Bank
Genetics: Genetics AK 47
White Widow
White Widow x AK-47
Phenotype: Phenotype Indica 90% - 10% Sativa hybrid
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Early October
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Early April
Indoor production: Indoor production 22,9 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 31,7 oz/plant
Indoor height: Indoor height Short
Outdoor height: Outdoor height Medium
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 8-9 weeks
THC: THC 18-22%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Fruity
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Leave us your opinion or ask us any questions you have about this seed and participate in the raffle!
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