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Bulk Seed Bank, very reliable and productive cheap seeds


Bulk Seed Bank comes to our Growshop online and does so with the force of a cyclone with its catalog of seeds, characterized by its impressive genetic stability, productivity and impressive quality.

Despite their youth, since their activity is relatively recent, they have already opened an important gap within the market, and are considered as one of the seed banks with more future projection within the world.


The selection of our breeders


OG Kush

A weed that comes from the USA, where it triumphs in most dispensaries for its impressive levels of THC, because as you well know Americans take it all to the extreme, and are lovers of strong sensations. Born from the marriage between Lemon Thai x Chemdog, the result is a strain with truly great organoleptic properties, characterized by a lemon flavor with touches of Diesel strain.

Its effects, as you can imagine, are really psychoactive, marked by its THC level of 24%, giving you a direct trip to the most hidden corners of your mind. Are you ready?



A true champion, 1st prize in the High Life Cup in Barcelona, and which stands out above all for its aroma and taste. In indoor crops, you should use a good odor filter to avoid alerting your neighbors and receive an unexpected visit. Its productivity is magnificent, and reacts very well with a SOG type crop, I to get the most out of it, I use pots of 5.5 liters, to be able to place 20 units per m2.


Outdoors, you have to watch it because it shows a certain weakness to the attack of fungi, so, although its flowering is very short and the loss is not very significant, it is better to prevent than cure, so I use a good fungicide as Agrobeta Fungitotal, keeping your weed safe.

Amnesia Haze

One of the stars of Bulk Seed Bank, one of the most awarded, and one of the most chosen by growers as one of the best Sativas that exist. Its organoleptic properties are marked by an impressive taste, in which you can perceive lemon notes with hints of pepper, which give it a strong touch and lots of personality.

Its effects are potent, very psychoactive and energetic, and if you are not an expert smoker you can get to stagger Who warns is not a traitor!


Blueberry Berry

A predominant Indica that comes from a cross with Original Blueberry, one of the most outstanding strains of marijuana in the world, for its impressive beauty, as well as for its taste of forest fruits, which drags hundreds of thousands of followers around the globe.

Blueberry Berry, leaves a blueberry flavor in the mouth impressive, accompanied by a fruity aroma that brings much freshness, and will become an indispensable part of your private dispensary.

Its effects are energizing and cheerful, perfect for a good laugh with friends.


Buy now in your trusted online Growshop, these and many other varieties that make up the catalogue of feminized seeds from Bulk Seed Bank, are you going to miss it?

Bulk Seed Bank, the best quality-price ratio on the market


It' s here! PevGrow, the catalogue of autoflowering varieties from Bulk Seed Bank, is now available, characterised by being considered the best value for money in the cannabis market. In their creations, they use combinations with the best genetics of the planet, which guarantees their productivity and reliability, are synonymous with guaranteed success.


Our expert growers recommend


Critical Auto

Critical Auto is one of the most revered seeds in Bulk Seed Bank catalogue, especially for its intense aroma and fruity taste, which falls in love from the first puff. Its effects, are a pleasant cerebral combination and perfect body relaxant, you will live an experience that has no comparison and that you will not be able to forget easily.


AK Auto

AK will be ready in just 75 days after germination, and can be grown both in crops under the sun and in crops under the shelter of a good growing wardrobe. In indoor crops, to obtain its maximum potential, I always use 7 litre pots, with which I place 14 plants per m2, placing them in a 20/4 photoperiod with a 315 w LEC lighting system.

In outdoor crops, I like very much to cultivate it on land, in a place where it receives a good dose of sunlight the positive results are a matter of time.


Auto Blueberry

It will be ready for harvest in just 10 weeks, and is characterized by a plant that grows vigorously, with a medium size and blue/purple flowers that are a real spectacle. It is a plant that gives off a very intense aroma very early on, so if you grow it indoors, you need a good odor filter, to avoid raising suspicion among neighbors.

In mouth its flavor is an authentic enjoyed one, blueberries in combination with sweet touches, that make without any doubt, that your taste buds submerge in a world of pleasure, to which you will want to return again and again.

Its effects are characterized by its balance, which makes it the perfect weed to enjoy every day.


Mazar Extra Auto

This weed is a robust plant of premium quality, with very good resistance to pests and diseases, which makes it an excellent piece to be grown outdoors. You will be able to collect between 50 and 250 gr per plant, impressive buds of high quality, for which I recommend you use a pot of 20 liters, with many hours of sun and the use of a good fertilizer for flowering, such as Canna Flores de Canna.

You can also opt for an indoor crop if you prefer, since its behavior is still flawless, for which I always use pots of 11 liters, with which I can put up to 9 units per m2.


Live one of the most exclusive cannabis experiences that you have lived so far thanks to the autoflowering varieties of Bulk Seed Bank, now available in your trusted online Growshop!

Bulk Seed Bank has made thousands of smokers fall in love with its high quality varieties, genetic stability and high germination rate. Added to all that, prices that make them affordable for all audiences. 

Undoubtedly Bulk Seed Bank CBD, has much future ahead, as breeders are in full development of new genetics rich in cannabidiol, to make their catalog more attractive and increase the supply of varieties they offer. 


CBD Rich Marijuana Seeds from Bulk Seed Bank


CBD Good Wild Shark 

The great white shark is transformed with this new version that offers a high CBD content, which greatly soften the bite of the great white shark, making it a much more pleasant and clean smoke, oriented more towards a medicinal side, very relaxing and perfect for a good night's sleep after a hard day's work and much stress. 

Indoors, it is a plant of strong and branched structure, of moderate height, so it is manageable and does not usually present too many difficulties. Put it in 11 litre pots, with a LEC spotlight with 315w of power and a smooth stucco reflector. Its production is between 500 and 600 grams per m2. Outdoors, with a 40 litre pot, many hours of sunshine and a not too humid climate, you can cut about 500 grams per plant at the end of September. 

Its flavour mixes fruity and sweet notes with excellent acidic touches. Gourmet tasting! 


CBD Nepal Gold 

CBD Nepal Gold is my favorite without a doubt, a perfect balance between THC and CBD with levels of 6% and 7% respectively, which will allow you to enjoy a very balanced effect, which will allow you to smoke it during the day, a great choice if you want to simply smoke recreationally or enjoy its medicinal properties. The users of medical marijuana, look for its antidepressant effects, reduces pain and nausea, and so on. 

Indoors, you have to have a little more patience than usual, as its flowering is 10 weeks, but it will be worth it. Put it in 11 litre pots and you will be able to place up to 9 specimens per m2. To do your math, more or less you will need 100 liters of substrate per m2. Outdoors, put it directly on the ground and give it a good program of stimulants, you can add Top Veg from Top Crop and in flowering Top Bloom works perfectly. 

Its flavor is spicy and earthy, each puff is more special than the previous one. 

They say short and intense... Twice as good! Buy CBD-rich varieties from Bulk Seed Bank now at PEV Grow.

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