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Starter Kit Advanced Nutrients

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The brand of fertilizers Advanced Nutrients has presented its new package of nutrients for growing cannabis plants, called Starter Kit. Now you will no longer have to worry about thinking about the products you need to feed your favorite plants in indoor or outdoor crops. Read on and discover why this brand of fertilizers has already conquered more than 100 countries around the world.

What is the Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit?

It is a really complete set of liquid fertilizers, because it contains all the nutrients that a cannabis plant may need in each of its phases of cultivation, from germination to harvest.

It is designed to facilitate the tasks of the grower, whether inexperienced or professional, since it is only necessary to follow the instructions for use to achieve an extraordinary harvest , in addition to reducing the cost of the products in general when buying them in groups.

What does this pack of Advanced Nutrients fertilizers contain?

  • Voodoo Juice : The most effective Root Stimulator on the market, with a formula that has proven its effectiveness over more than 15 years. Get a healthy, strong root system, and developed to the maximum in the shortest possible time.
  • B-52 : Product based on vitamin B1 and other components that help plants from the first stages of life, reinforcing them against stress, and promoting strong stem development.
  • Sensi Grow : Basic growth fertilizer, separated into 2 parts so that the nutrients remain in perfect condition until the moment of application. It is used in combination with growth cycle stimulators.
  • Sensi Bloom : This is the base fertilizer indicated to nourish the plants during the flowering phase. It is also separated into 2 parts to enhance its absorption by the roots, and must be combined with the rest of products of this phase.
  • Big Bud : It could be considered a magic additive, it promotes the formation of new buds, as well as their subsequent fattening. With this product you will get to increase the harvest to exponentially, without losing an iota of quality.
  • Bud Candy : The perfect complement to increase the sugar content in your buds, and in this way they gain hardness and density, at the same time that the terpenes and flavonoids responsible for aroma and flavor are enhanced.
  • Overdrive : Stimulant for the second part of flowering, that is, the one that has to do with the fattening and maturation of the buds. It has to be combined with the rest of the products in this phase to achieve the best results.

How is this fertilizer kit used?

Its use is very simple, since you only have to follow the instructions indicated in the cultivation table that it contains. Each week of the plant life cycle must be adapted to the calendar that the manufacturer has prepared with the doses of each of its products.

What are the advantages of using the Advanced Nutrients Starter kit compared to other brands?

  1. Quality: Each of the products of this brand has been behind many years of research, testing, and subsequent improvement, to the point of reaching an unsurpassed level of quality.
  1. Efficacy: The results obtained are obvious, and not only does it improve the yield of buds in general, you will see an increase in resin and essential oils that greatly improve the harvest.
  1. Savings: When you buy all the products together, the price of each one goes down considerably. You no longer have to spend a fortune to get production and quality.
  1. Facility: Contains all the fertilizers, stimulators, and additives that your plants need throughout their life. This kit also includes a growing table, pipette, measuring jug, and magnifying glass, to make your tasks as easy as possible.
  1. Convenience: Thanks to its “PH perfect” technology, with these Advanced Nutrients products you will no longer waste time adjusting the PH of the nutrient solution, with the great advantage that this implies, especially for beginners.

Package content:

  • 250ml Voodoo Juice
  • Sensi Grow 500 ml
  • Sensi bloom 500 ml
  • 250ml Bud Candy
  • 250 ml big bud
  • 250ml overdrive
  • 250 ml B-52
  • Cultivation table
  • Measuring jug
  • Measuring pipette
  • Magnifying glass
  • Gloves
  • Stickers

Buy Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit at the best price

You have already seen everything you can achieve by growing your cannabis plants with this pack of fertilizers from the Advanced Nutrients brand. It is the most important manufacturer of nutrients for marijuana in the world, so if you have not tried them I still recommend that you do it. do, because you may not want to try another brand anymore.

Data sheet and characteristics

Cultivation phase: Cultivation phase Flowering
Stimulating germination
Properties: Properties Kit format
Regulators pH
Type of crop: Type of crop Coco
Brands: Brands Advanced Nutrients
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