Ranking of the best marijuana strains for sleep

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Image of a cannabis bud cocooning a baby to help it sleep.
Image of a cannabis bud cocooning a baby to help it sleep.



Many people use marijuana to fight insomnia, fall asleep faster, sleep with apnea problems, or rest for several hours without waking up. For this and other reasons, from time to time we are asked which are the best strains to rest better at night, so we thought it would be a good idea to create an article with the ranking of the best marijuana strains to sleep, both normal and rich in CBD.



🚀 Top 10 best cannabis strains for sleeping


Most cannabis genetics that improve the quality of sleep have always been indica or hybrids descended from this subspecies, but with the passage of time and all the breeding work that has been done around the world, now we have all kinds of varieties that help you sleep, and from our point of view these are the 10 best


1.Northern Lights

This variety is already more than 40 years old and still remains among the favorites of many consumers. Its genetics is unknown, but it is clear that it contains a large load of Afghan, and this can be seen in its morphology and especially in its narcotic effect like few others. It is clear that right now there are more powerful strains, but it is still difficult to finish a joint of Northern Lights without falling into the arms of morpheus.



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2.Grandaddy Purple

It is very possible that GDP is the most consumed variety in USA and Canada for insomnia problems. It was created by Ken Estes, and since its appearance it has attracted all the attention of the associations of medical marijuana consumers for the powerful mental and body relaxation it causes. Some of today’s most famous polyhybrids such as Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, or Purple Punch contain GrandaddyPurple among their genes, and that speaks of the quality of this plant.



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3.Hindu Kush

Pure variety of the Himalayas, very worked in origin for many generations for its ability to produce high quality hashish, and also for its narcotic and calming power, which improves the quality of sleep in people who have ease of wakefulness, apnea, and other breathing problems. The famous OG Kush is a direct descendant of this genetics, which set a quality standard in its day for its tight buds and concentration of giant trichomes



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The masterpiece of one of the best breeders in history, the great DJ Short. It is a hybrid mainly indica with a very special effect, since it starts out very euphoric but as time goes by it becomes more and more relaxing until it leaves you totally asleep. It is an ideal marijuana for people with psychological problems, or also for those who think a lot about things, because it makes you see everything from a more positive point of view and that helps you to fall asleep faster



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It is the perfect definition of sedative medical cannabis, because it is enough with a few puffs to feel a great general relaxation. It is supposed to descend from ancient Afghan cultivars, but it was first cultivated in the USA and later in Holland, where it was also crossed with other narcotic strains such as the potent G-13. It is not very psychoactive, in fact it has the particularity to slow down the speed of thoughts and pulses, so it leaves you ready to sleep 8 hours in a row without problems.



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6.Black Domina

This plant developed by SensiSeeds seems to have been created as a special variety to sleep better, since it is formulated from several Afghan genetics known for their ability to induce sleep. In many associations of Spain it is the most demanded variety by consumers who need therapeutic marijuana to relax, to escape, and to be able to sleep all night long without the risk of waking up for any reason. Its cultivation is very simple, and normally yields very well in any circumstance.



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7.Bubba Kush

Besides being one of the best marijuana strains for sleeping, BubbaKush has one of the most original flavors in history, with a unique touch of coffee. Its Pakistani ancestors give it a very powerful soporific power, and the concentrates of this strain could be considered as the most similar natural medicine to Diazepam. It is a special marijuana to end the day, to disconnect, to forget the problems, to calm the nerves, to relieve muscular pains, and thanks to all this to enjoy a night of placid sleep



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Despite being a phenotype of Skunk#1, the Afghan part of the cross is very dominant in general in this plant, showing its sweet and pungent flavor, and especially an effect that feels much more sedative than the typical psychoactivity and stimulation that usually cause the Skunk. If you tend to wake up easily, or you are one of those who turn 1000 times in bed before falling asleep, try this variety and you will sleep like a baby every night.



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9.White Rhino

It is undoubtedly the most indica variety of all the White family, a cross between White Widow and Afghan created by the famous Shantibaba. This same genetics is also known under the name of Medicine Man and it is not by chance, since it is one of the most medicinal varieties of marijuana from the narcotic point of view, to the point of causing the loss of consciousness even. Before the arrival of CBD-rich genetics, this was one of the most consumed weeds at therapeutic level.



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We could not finish this top 10 of the best marijuana strains to sleep without including the best Afghani of all time, because as you may have noticed, it is the genetics that provides the relaxing and sedative effect to several of the plants in this ranking. Until it appeared on the scene the vast majority of consumers preferred the effect of sativas, but today it can be said that it is the most used strain both to create new varieties and especially to treat problems associated with sleep.



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✨ Best CBD-rich marijuana strains to sleep with


Most people who have trouble sleeping are not marijuana users, or do not choose the right type of cannabis. Just as it is recommended not to do certain activities just before going to bed because they do not help to fall asleep, it is possible that consuming very psychoactive marijuana can be counterproductive in this regard. But luckily nowadays we have a lot of marijuana seeds rich in cannabidiol that can be special to sleep better and also have other medicinal properties, and here below you can see the 10 that we consider the best


1.Afghan Kush CBD

One of the best sleeping marijuana strains of all time, with a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1 and high amounts of beta caryophyllene. The combination between its Afghan genetics with cannabidiol facilitates and optimizes the rest, and the best thing is that the next day you wake up as new, without hangover or body burden of any kind.



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2.Black Domina CBD

If the normal Black Domina is already one of the most powerful strains from the sedative point of view, with the inclusion of CBD this quality has been reinforced to the point of not being able to give more than 3 or 4 puffs without noticing a body heaviness and an excessive sleepiness that forces you to sit or lie down, and before you know it you will be totally fried.



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3.CBD Time

This genetics has less than 1% of THC, but contains more than 20% of CBD, so you can get an idea of its potency, without psychoactive effects but with a great ability to cause quality sleep. Its aroma and flavor is delicious, and this added to its therapeutic effect is getting that CBD Time is one of the favorite bedside marijuana for many users.



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4.Medikit CBD

Variety created by BuddhaSeeds from the famous Harlequin, possibly the genetics rich in CBD most used all over the world to be able to sleep at night. Like CBD Time, Medikit CBD has less than 1% THC and a high content of cannabidiol, and thanks to this, in addition to improving rest, it inhibits pain, relaxes the body and calms the nerves.



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Élite Seeds is a seed bank specialized in medical marijuana, and among all the genetics they offer in their catalog, Solodiol is the best variety of all to sleep better. Its flavor is reminiscent of the Diesel family, it offers a great yield of buds and resin, and does not cause psychoactivity of any kind, it just relaxes you to such an extent that it leaves you asleep without even realizing it.



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6.CBD Blue Shark

With a 100% Indica chemotype and a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1, these Barney’s Farm seeds are the best solution for people with insomnia who cannot find a solution to their problem. It is a cross between Blue Cheese and CBD Shark, so in addition to its effect, it stands out for its extraordinary earthy and sweet taste.



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7.Pakistan Chitral CBD

Another variety that combines a 100% Indica genetics with high values of cannabidiol so that people with sleep problems can sleep like a dormouse every night. This cannabis is hypnotic for its effect, but also for the striking colors of the buds, a deep purple unmatched.



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8.CBD Chronic

The medicinal version of Chronic is one of the most consumed to escape from the problems of the day to day and to be able to sleep peacefully. Its genetics combines a great selection of Chronic of Serious Seeds with the miraculous Remedy of the CBD Crew, and the result is a type of therapeutic cannabis that produces a lot of sleep in just a few minutes after its consumption



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Blackdance was developed by Reggae Seeds, a bank specialized in CBD-rich genetics that has a catalog full of medicinal varieties. Among all of them, Blackdance stands out for its narcotic powers and its excellent sweet taste, a jewel that will make you dance in your sleep for hours, waking up fresh as a rose and without any kind of hangover.



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10.Recovery CBD

Medical Seeds has several strains of marijuana ideal for deep sleep, but if we had to choose only one, we would choose Recovery CBD without any doubt. Thanks to the combination of 2 plants that stand out for their high concentration of CBD, this bank has created a sedative medicine like few others, the best way to end the day and prepare for a night of pleasant lethargy.



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🎯 Conclusion


To be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep all night without waking up, it is important to reach the end of the day as relaxed as possible, both mentally and physically, and for that there is nothing better than a variety of cannabis as you have seen in this ranking.



📲 Frequently asked questions


Is marijuana good for sleep?

In principle yes, because among the most important general effects of cannabis are relaxation and sleep induction. But not all strains produce the same effects, and sativa strains can create the opposite effect because they accelerate thoughts, produce euphoria, and in some cases even cause tachycardia.


What is the best marijuana for sleeping?

Until a few years ago the best marijuana for better sleep was indica, and they are still very good today, but right now CBD-rich strains have proven to be better in this regard when it comes to enhancing sleep without feeling stimulation or other psychotropic effects.


Can marijuana make you sleep for a long time?

Yes, especially CBD-rich genetics, and there are many people who have told us that they had never been able to sleep for such a long time until they started taking cannabidiol. Many people take melatonin or doxylamine to sleep better, but these drugs are short-acting, and although they help people fall asleep, they often wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep, something that does not happen with cannabis.


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