What is Live Rosin?

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Image with the words Live Rosin written with this same extract
Image with the words Live Rosin written with this same extract


Live Rosin is synonymous with purity, aroma, flavor and potency, an extract of the highest quality that has revolutionized the cannabis market over the last 5 years, and this type of marijuana concentrate has many advantages over other classic methods, as we will see. a.a continuation In this post we are going to see what Live Rosin is, how it is made and consumed, and we are going to try to resolve some doubts that different people have asked us about it.



✅ What is Live Rosin?



Rosin is a type of marijuana resin concentrate that is made by pressing buds, and in this other article on our blog you can see all the information about Rosin. Live Rosin means something like live rosin, that is, rosin processed from fresh cannabis, freshly cut or undried buds. When doing the extraction with live or fresh flowers, the final product comes out very similar to the vegetable material used but concentrating its essential oils, that is why it has a lighter color, it is so aromatic, tasty and powerful, and for this reason it can also come out purple live rosin and diamonds can be made from live rosin. The greatest advantage of this method is safety, since solvents such as gas or alcohol are not needed for its preparation, as is the case with other methods such as BHO or QWISO.

Another advantage is the speed, since it takes no more than 15 minutes to complete the entire process, although many people continue to work the extract into live rosin jam or cold-cured live rosin. However, the total time to make plain live rosin is much less than it takes to make bubble hash or other extractions, and it’s even cheaper because you only need a rosin press, parchment or oven OCB paper, rosin filters, and more. There is also another way to make live rosin from Fresh Frozen, but this method is more laborious and requires more tools, although we will also see it in this article.



🚀 How to make Live Rosin?


How is live rosin made or extracted? As I was saying, there are several ways to do it, but first we are going to see the simple and quick method, for which you only need fresh marijuana buds, a rosin press, rosin filters and silicone or oven paper. To be more specific, I will tell you that the buds can have a couple of days of drying at most, the rosin press is better if it is more than 5 tons, the filters can be 120 microns, and the paper is better if it is special for rosin, but normal silicone baking paper can also be used.

Nylon Filters for Rosin

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Process for making Live Rosin

  • We fill the rosin filters with the fresh buds, you can squeeze the content quite a bit or help yourself with a rosin pressing mold to be able to put more quantity in the same mesh. Remember that you have to leave a couple of centimeters unfilled on the open side of the filters, since this part has to be folded so that the buds do not come out.
Fill the rosin filters with fresh buds.
Fill the rosin filters with fresh buds.
  • Cut a piece of parchment paper about twice the size or slightly larger than the rosin filter, and make a kind of envelope to put the filter with the buds inside. Once inside, we fold the baking paper so that only one part remains open, where our precious live rosin will come out.
Steps with the baking paper
Steps with the baking paper
  • Plug in the rosin press and set it to a temperature of 90º C, and once the plates reach that temperature, place the envelope with the filter in the center of the bottom plate, with the open side facing us. We activate the press or in the case of being manual we activate the hydraulic jack to bring the plates closer, until they begin to squeeze the envelope with all the content. At that time we wait approximately half a minute before continuing to press, to heat the flowers before pressing them.
Activate the press
Activate the press
  • After that half minute, we continue activating the press to exert the greatest possible pressure. You will see that the resin begins to come out of the open side of the envelope, you have to leave it like that with all the pressure until we see that it no longer comes out, and it can take between 2 and 4 minutes approximately.
We continue activating the press to exert as much pressure as possible.
We continue activating the press to exert as much pressure as possible.
  • Once the resin stops coming out, we separate the plates from the press and take out the envelope being careful not to burn ourselves. We open the envelope and take out the filter that contains the buds, and the paper with all the resin stuck to it, we put it in the fridge for a few minutes so that our live rosin cools down and in this way it is easier to separate it from the paper.
Separate the plates of the press
Separate the plates of the press
  • To collect the resin from the paper, the ideal is to use a dab, with which we scratch a little live rosin, and later we continue passing it through all the resin so that it adheres. When we have enough accumulated we will put it in another piece of baking paper or in a silicone nogo, until we collect everything.
Collect the resin from the paper with a dab
Collect the resin from the paper with a dab


Rosin Press Mold

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Making Live Rosin from Fresh Frozen

Although the big difference is that in this case fresh frozen bubble hash is used instead of buds, there are other details that must be taken into account to do it well, so we are going to see it step by step:


  1. We make bubble hash with undried and frozen vegetable matter to obtain top quality fresh frozen. It is important to thoroughly dry the hash before proceeding with the process, so it may take a week or so before proceeding.
  2. In this case we will use 25 or 30 micron rosin filters to put the fresh frozen, and we will wrap it in the baking paper in the same way as before, but we will make an envelope exactly the same as the one we have seen before.
  3. Heat the press until the plates reach a temperature of 85º C, place the envelope in the center of the lower plate and activate the press until it begins to squeeze the envelope. In this case we will leave it like this for about one minute before continuing to tighten.
  4. After one minute, we activate the press to exert the maximum possible pressure. You will see that more live rosin comes out than when buds are used, and we will leave it like that for approximately 3 or 4 minutes so that all the resin comes out.
  5. When we see that it no longer comes out, we separate the plates from the press and remove the envelope. The rest is done the same, we remove the filter and put the envelope with the resin in the fridge for a few minutes so that it costs less to separate the live rosin.



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👾 How to smoke Live Rosin?


This is the best part of the whole process, right? And surely for this part you do not need much information, but we are going to see the best way to consume our cannabis concentrate. Although it can be rolled into a joint like other extractions, it is a shame to separate the resin from the marijuana and then mix it with tobacco, so it is best to dab the live rosin with the help of a bong or bubbler special for this type of extraction. Once we have our live rosin collected in a nogo or wrapped in paper, with the tip of a dab we take a small sample and place it in the previously heated bowl of the bubbler or bong, and inhale the smoke to feel its flavor and effect. a purer form.

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These pure concentrates are best enjoyed with short puffs at a low temperature, around 220º C can be perfect for volatilizing all the active compounds without degrading them. Keep in mind that a dab of live rosin can have the same effect as smoking half a joint in one go, so it is recommended to wait several minutes before redosing to avoid a bad trip. Another way to consume this product is with a good extraction vaporizer, it is like using live rosin with a bong but adjusting the established degrees better, since modern vaporizers maintain the temperature in a much better stable way.



🧐 Best Vaporizer Pen for Live Rosin


From our point of view the Pax vaporizer is the best for live rosin, especially the Pax 3 model that we currently have. This device has a coupling specially designed for the consumption of concentrates such as live rosin, and allows you to adjust the temperature perfectly from 182º C to 215º C, the most appropriate range to enjoy vaporization to the fullest. Next in terms of vaporizing quality would be the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer, which you can also control from its App for ease of use.

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DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer
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Other good pen-type vaporizer options for consuming live rosin are the XMax V3 Pro model, the X Max V2 Pro, or the Starry – Xmax vaporizer, which also offer great value for money. In the event that you prefer a desktop vaporizer to consume your live rosin, we love the Arizer V-Tower model for its versatility, but if you can spend a little more money, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer may be the best in its category for its great benefits.

volcano hybrid
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🎬 Live Rosin Vs Hash Rosin Vs Live Resin


Hash Rosin is the term by which rosin is also known, and the main difference between rosin and live rosin is simply that the material used to make regular rosin is dry and to make live rosin it has to be fresh, either buds or Fresh Frozen hash. There are also slight differences in the method, such as press pressure times and temperatures, and in the final product the difference between the two is that the live rosin is lighter in color and more transparent, and is much more aromatic and flavorful.

The difference between live rosin and live resin is greater, since live resin is a cannabis concentrate where the resin is extracted with the help of solvent products, especially refined butane gas. Live resin is a type of BHO finish that is made with fresh and frozen vegetable matter, and that is the only point in common with live rosin, but you can see that the method is completely different. The final product is similar in terms of texture and organoleptic properties, as long as the BHO has been correctly purged, since the remains of gas must be removed so that it is completely clean. The color of live resin is usually stronger and brighter, almost always turning to red, orange or yellow tones, while live rosin is usually lighter in color and less bright. Regarding the effect, normally the live resin is a little more powerful but the live rosin is cleaner.



✨ Conclusion


Live rosin is one of the best cannabis concentrates today because the most intense flavor and the most powerful effect are achieved, thanks to the use of undried buds that still retain most of the terpenes and flavonoids. To get the best final product, it is important to follow the steps that we have seen in this article well, especially the temperatures and pressure times, since it is key so that the most volatile compounds are not lost



⭐ Frequent questions


What is the THC in Live Rosin?

This depends on the THC content of the plant material used and the method used, but as a general rule it could be said that the percentage of THC in live rosin ranges between 70% and 90%. The power of this concentrate also has to do with the entourage effect it achieves, because by containing the large amount of terpenes and other compounds that remain, the effect is multiplied.


Can you eat Live Rosin?

It can be eaten but for it to take effect when ingested, the extract must be decarboxylated, and in this process part of the aromatic molecules can be lost, which is why it is not the most widely used form of consumption. However, in some countries, live rosin edibles or foods are sold that are very successful among cannabis lovers due to their powerful and long-lasting effect, so much so that we have seen live rosin gummies that exceed 25% THC.

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