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Auto Mimosa Punch Dutch Passion

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Auto Mimosa Punch by Dutch Passion are autoflowering marijuana seeds that, according to this bank in the Netherlands, is the most aromatic and tasty automatic variety that has passed through their hands. If you were looking for a fast genetic, with good production of buds and trichomes, with a powerful effect and an intense flavor, I think you are facing a great candidate.

What is the genetics of these Dutch Passion seeds?

They could be considered a backcross of Purple Punch, because their genetics are made up of a cross between Mimosa and Purple Punch Auto, and let's not forget that Mimosa is a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch. The resulting genotype is mainly indica, and its ancestors include some champion strains such as OG Kush or Skunk.

How is Auto Mimosa Punch morphologically speaking?

They are very manageable plants thanks to their height, since they do not usually exceed 90 cm in many cases, which makes them ideal for growing in small spaces. It is curious because during growth it maintains a sativa pattern, with many branches, a wide distance between nodes, and a fairly rapid development. On the other hand, during the flowering phase it is more similar to indicas, forming buds of good thickness and really hard in the shortest possible time. Although all phenotypes are green, they often show purple tones inherited from the beautiful Purple Punch.

How do you grow these seeds indoors and outdoors?

To get the best possible harvest, you should try to reach the maximum size during the vegetative growth phase, since these plants begin to flower naturally from the third week of life. For this task, the ideal is to plant in the final pot, which is at least 11 liters, and it is highly advisable to use specific substrate for cannabis and add beneficial fungi and bacteria. As with all autos, the more hours of light the better, and from our point of view we think that the best photoperiod is 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness each day from the beginning of the crop to the end.

In outdoor crops, they are perfect plants for small terraces, balconies, urban gardens, or even guerrillas thanks to their short stature and speed. Thanks to the light power of the sun, they can yield much more than indoors, but for this it is also necessary to increase the capacity of the pot, which in this case is better than at least 20 liters. Although they can be done several successive crops of Mimosa Punch Auto each year outdoors, plants grown in spring or summer will always give a better yield.

When are Auto Mimosa Punch normally harvested?

They need between 10 and 12 weeks of cultivation in total, counting from the moment the seedlings sprout until they are harvested. This is so because not all plants behave in the same way, and there may be faster individuals and others that require a few more days to fully mature.

How much do these autoflowering seeds produce?

The production is high, perhaps not as much as the Auto XXL, but it can reach 15,8 oz per 3x3ft (450 grams/m2)  indoors, and from 1,4 oz/plant and 4 oz/plant (from 40 to 120 grams/plant)  in outdoor crops. However, the resin production is one of the highest we have seen in autoflowering plants, making Mimosa Punch Auto an excellent choice for growers who use part of the harvest to make cannabis concentrates and extractions.

How is the aroma and taste of Auto Mimosa Punch?

As I was telling you, according to Dutch Passion testers it is the automatic variety with the highest terpene content, and this is reflected in a powerful sweet and fruity aroma that increases as flowering progresses. The taste is a mix between citrus, grape, red berries, and the typical fuel background that many descendants of the Chem family show.

What kind of effect does this marijuana have?

Thanks to the powerful entourage effect achieved by its very special chemotype, this variety is special for relaxing body and mind. It has a percentage of THC close to 20%, and this added to its 3% CBG and the great amount of terpenes it contains, it gives you more than 2 hours of peace and tranquility, with good analgesic and narcotic power.

Buy Dutch Passion Auto Mimosa Punch seeds at the best price online

Purple Punch hybrids are causing a sensation all over the world, and we are sure that this autoflowering version is not going to be less. Order your seeds at Pevgrow and get the best quality/price ratio and a satisfaction guarantee that you won't get anywhere else.

Video: Auto Mimosa Punch Dutch Passion

Video:  Auto Mimosa Punch Dutch Passion

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks Dutch Passion
Genetics: Genetics Kush
Mimosa x Purple Punch Auto
Phenotype: Phenotype Indica 65%/ Sativa 30%/ Ruderalis 5%
Indoor production: Indoor production 15,8 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 1,5 oz-4 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 70-85 days
Features: Features Indica seeds
Very resinous
Weather: Weather Sunny / Mediterranean
Temperate / continental
Effects: Effects Narcotic
THC: THC 16-18%
CBD: CBD 0,34%
CBG: CBG 3,13%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Citrus
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