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Various substrates surrounding a square simulating different types of plantations
Various substrates surrounding a square simulating different types of plantations


In this article, we will explore the best soils for growing weed indoors and outdoors, in pots or directly in the ground, optimal options to ensure healthy and vigorous growth of your cannabis plants, addressing everything from soil types and brands to specific tips for indoor and outdoor cultivation. In another article on this blog, we looked at what Super Soil is as you can see here, but today we’re going to look at all the ideal substrates for marijuana. Take a seat and get comfortable because we’re starting now.



Types of Soil and Brands for Marijuana Cultivation



First of all, it’s crucial to understand that the quality of the soil can make a difference in the final outcome of your cultivation. Here we will explore the best soil options for cannabis cultivation, highlighting their benefits and unique characteristics.


Potting Soil

Ideal for Indoor Marijuana Plants: Potting soil is an excellent option for those growing indoors. It is designed to provide an ideal balance between drainage and moisture retention, key factors for healthy growth of cannabis plants. Most grow shop specific brands produce special potting soil for marijuana cultivation, it comes ready to use and there is no need to add anything else.

Advantages: This soil facilitates aeration, which is essential for the rapid development of roots, something crucial for achieving the best results both indoors and outdoors. In addition, its composition prevents compaction, allowing for better development of the plant’s root system. For pot cultivation, it is recommended to put a layer of expanded clay balls or coconut fiber to improve drainage.


Organic Soil

Natural and Sustainable Growth: When looking for the best soil for growing cannabis, organic soil stands out as a preferred option. This soil is composed of natural materials, such as compost, guano, and humus, which enrich the soil with essential nutrients.

Benefits for Cannabis: Organic soil supports the healthy growth of cannabis plants, improving soil structure and increasing its capacity to retain nutrients and water. Additionally, it encourages soil biological activity, resulting in a more robust and resistant crop.

Super Soil

Specific Nutrients for Cannabis: Super Soil is a soil mix that has been enriched with all the nutrients that cannabis plants need for their complete life cycle. This eliminates the need for additional fertilizers, simplifying the cultivation process.

How It Works: This type of soil works by creating an ecosystem in the soil that mimics the natural conditions of marijuana growth. It contains ingredients like bone meal, micro-life, compost, bat guano, and other organic elements that slowly release nutrients as the plant needs them.




Highlighted Brands in Soils for Marijuana Cultivation


When selecting the right soil for your cannabis cultivation, it is essential to consider not only the type of soil but also the brand. Each brand offers unique features that can significantly influence the growth and development of your plants. Below, we explore some of the most recognized brands in the industry.



Market Recognition: Canna is a pioneering brand in the field of cannabis cultivation and is highly respected by experienced growers. Their soils are specifically designed for marijuana cultivation, ensuring a proper balance of nutrients.

Star Products: Canna offers a very complete range of soils, from organic options like Bio Terra Plus to more controlled mixes like Canna Terra Professional Plus to maximize plant performance.



Organic Option: Biobizz stands out for its completely organic products, ideal for those looking for organic soil for marijuana plants. Their soils promote natural growth and are environmentally friendly.

Variety of Products: They offer from basic soils like Light Mix to nutrient-enriched mixes like the famous Biobizz All Mix, suitable for all types of growers.


Top Crop

Quality and Performance: Top Crop is known for its high-quality soils that enhance the performance and health of marijuana plants. Their products are enriched with beneficial microorganisms that favor root development and nutrient absorption.

Cannabis Specialization: Their soils are specially formulated for cannabis cultivation, addressing the specific needs of this plant. You can choose between Complete Mix, or the powerful Heavy Mix that comes with more food.



Versatility: Plagron offers a wide range of soils, from options for beginners to professional mixes. Their versatility makes them a popular choice among cannabis growers looking for a balance between quality and good price.

Innovation in Products: They continuously develop new mixes to improve the health and performance of cannabis plants. Like other cannabis brands, this company offers a very airy soil like Plagron Light Mix, and another with more nutrients called All Mix.



Focus on Quality: Cannabiogen is known for its commitment to quality and innovation, something they demonstrated with their seeds and with the famous Delta 9 fertilizer. Their soils are designed to maximize the genetic potential of cannabis plants.

Specific Products: They offer specific soils for growing autoflowering strains in soil, such as AutoMix 2.0, which in our opinion is the best substrate for automatic flowering plants. If you prefer ready-to-use substrates from this brand, Janeco Light Mix offers an unbeatable quality/price ratio.



Technology and Science: Atami combines science and technology to produce soils that guarantee optimal marijuana growth. Their focus is on creating a balanced environment that favors the healthy development of plants.

Variety for All Growers: From the amateur to the professional, Atami has soil options for all levels of experience. Kilomix is a kind of Super Soil, an organic amendment that serves to enrich any substrate.


Monkey Soil

Innovation and Sustainability: Monkey Soil is making a name for itself in the market for its innovative and sustainable approach. Their soils are designed to be environmentally friendly while providing all the necessary nutrients for cannabis cultivation. Right now, it is the brand in the sector with the largest catalog of special soils for cannabis cultivation.

Guaranteed Quality: With strict quality control, they guarantee consistent and high-performance soils. We highlight their 80-liter format Big Monkey and their original formula Holland Mix, as well as other products we will see later.



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Specific Cultivation (Indoor/Outdoor)


The success of marijuana cultivation, both indoors and outdoors, largely depends on the right choice of soil. This section focuses on the key differences and specific needs of each cultivation environment, addressing the best soils for indoor weed crops, and the best substrates for outdoor cultivation.


Indoor Cultivation

Nutrient and Moisture Control: In indoor environments, where control of the environment is crucial, choosing the best soil is fundamental. Soils for indoor cultivation are usually designed to provide more precise control over nutrients and moisture, essential for plant growth in controlled conditions. This is the case with Monkey Ecosoil Indoor, which contains just enough to promote the healthiest and most vigorous development in indoor cultivation.

Benefits of Specific Soils: Some soil mixes specific for indoors are enriched with mycorrhizae and other additives that favor root growth and efficient nutrient absorption, crucial factors in the limited space of an indoor grow.


Outdoor Cultivation

Complementing Natural Conditions: Outdoors, the soil must complement and adapt to natural conditions. Looking for the best substrate for outdoor cultivation or in outdoor greenhouses will lead you to soils that offer greater resistance to climate variations and changing environmental conditions. If you are looking for something like this, Monkey Ecosoil Outdoor is the solution you need to harvest the best quality weed outdoors.

Adaptability and Resistance: Soils for outdoor cultivation usually have a higher density and capacity to retain water, which is vital in warmer climates or in areas with less rainfall. In addition, these soils are prepared to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity, providing a stable environment for cannabis plants.




PH and Nutrients


Importance of PH: The ideal pH range for marijuana is between 6.0 and 7.0 to ensure optimal nutrient absorption. If the pH is more acidic or more alkaline than these parameters, the plants may have difficulty assimilating the available nutrients.

Key Nutrients: Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are essential for the healthy growth of marijuana. Intermediate elements like calcium, magnesium, or sulfur are very good for preventing deficiencies, and trace elements like iron, zinc, manganese, or boron will give an extra boost of energy to the plants.



Specific Use and Preparation

The proper preparation of the soil is fundamental for a successful marijuana cultivation. This process involves not only selecting the right soil for growing weed, but also enriching it and adjusting it to meet the specific needs of the plants at each stage of their development.


Soil Preparation

Enrichment with Compost: Compost is an excellent additive for improving the quality of any soil, providing essential organic nutrients. Incorporating compost can help improve soil structure, increasing its fertility and promoting a healthy environment for plant roots.

Texture Adjustment for Drainage: Good drainage is key to preventing problems like root waterlogging. Adding components like perlite or sand can improve soil texture, ensuring proper drainage and preventing soil compaction.


Recommended Mixes

Use of Peat, Perlite, and Vermiculite: The combination of peat, perlite, and vermiculite is ideal for creating an aerated and light soil mix, which is especially important for improving composition and texture. Peat helps retain moisture, while perlite and vermiculite improve aeration and drainage, creating an ideal environment for root growth.

Appropriate Proportions for Each Stage: The proportions of these components can vary depending on the growth stage of the plants. For example, for young plants or in the germination stage, a lighter mix may be more beneficial, while for plants in the flowering stage, a soil with greater nutrient retention capacity may be required.





Choosing the right soil is a fundamental step in the successful cultivation of marijuana. By considering soil types, brands, pH, nutrients, and proper preparation techniques, you can ensure an optimal environment for your cannabis plants. Now that you know what might be the best types of soil for weed, I recommend you take a look at this other article where we talk about how to germinate marijuana seeds directly in soil.






What type of soil is best for indoor cultivation?

A light and airy mix, rich in organic nutrients, is ideal for indoor cultivation.


Can I use the same soil for different stages of cultivation?

Yes, if it’s from a specific cannabis sector brand, you won’t have any problems using the same soil for the entire cycle.


What is the best soil for growing marijuana in general?

The best soil for growing marijuana is one that offers good drainage, adequate aeration, and a correct balance of nutrients. Organic soil mixes, specific marijuana soils like “super soil,” and products from recognized brands like Fox Farm or Mother Earth are excellent choices.


Can I use any soil for marijuana?

It is not advisable to use just any soil. To achieve the best results, you should use soil designed for cannabis cultivation, with the correct balance of pH, nutrients, and a structure that allows for good drainage and aeration.


How much soil do I need for a marijuana plant?

The amount of soil needed depends on the size of the plant and the pot. A typical indoor marijuana plant may require between 7 and 20 liters of soil. For larger plants, or for outdoor cultivation, more than 40 liters per pot is recommended.


How to make good soil for marijuana?

To make good soil for marijuana, mix equal parts peat, perlite, and organic compost. Adjust the pH to a range of 6.0 to 7.0. You can also add vermiculite to improve aeration and moisture retention.

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